University Challenge S46E06 Emmanuel-Cambridge vs Nottingham

University Challenge S46E06 Emmanuel-Cambridge vs Nottingham

member University challenge asking the questions Jeremy Paxman hello time again to rattle the cage of the student mind an ancient college is playing a more modern University with a place in the second round of state both teams will be aware or certain he should be the tonight’s losers could earn the right to play again – if their school’s good enough now the team from emmanuel college cambridge are representing an institution which won the championship in 2010 it was founded in 1584 by sir walter mild may who would later become Chancellor of the Exchequer – Elizabeth the first it now has around 630 students alumni include the 17th century clergyman John Harvard after whom Harvard University is named the novelist Sebastian folks and Maggie O’Farrell and Monty Python’s Graham Chapman with an average age of 22 let’s meet the Emanuel team hi I’m Tom Hill I’m from London and I’m reading history oh I’m Lea ward I’m from Oxfordshire and I’m reading rats this is their captain hello my name is Bobby Siegel I’m from Eastham the London borough of newham Bruno I’m from ones worth and southwest London and I’m studying physics now their opponents represent the University of Nottingham whom we saw in the second round of the last series it was endowed by Jesse boot of Boots the Chemist Fame in the 1920s and received University status in 1948 it now has a student body of nearly 32,000 and its alumni include the writer D H Lawrence the actors Hayden Wynn and Ruth Wilson and the former head of mi6 the John Sawers with an average age of 22 let’s meet for of a current drop hello my name is Joseph Nathan I’m originally from Plymouth and Devon and I’m doing a BA in Viking studies hello my name is Vesta Vera I’m from Kunwar Netherlands and I’m doing a PhD in mathematics and this is their captain hello my name is Hugh Smith I’m originally from Brighton and I’m studying for a master’s in international social policy hi I’m Isaac Cowen I’m from Ottawa Canada and I’m studying medicine while the rules are unchanging on this ten points for starters which have to be answered on the buzzer as an individual effort and 15 points the bonuses which are team efforts fingers on the buzzers here’s your first starter for ten what term for a type or flavor of quark is found in words or phrases mean Emanuel Barton singer color I’m afraid you lose five points meaning time off crushed by oppression decline in economic activity and the lower or business part of an urban area ah Nottingham Vaughn hook that down down is correct yes your bonuses are on euro coins using information from the website of the European Central Bank firstly for five points one of the more recent entrance to the euro zone which countries euro coins bearer geographical image of the country that includes two large islands and a large lake Oh guys everything stimula join yeah it is would be a bulletin yes Tony has Islands yeah ghost is yeah it’s got a dystonia Christine Estonia correct which countries one euro going bears a portraited the Protestant reformer pre-washed true bar the author of the first book printed in that country’s main language essentially you in probably hunger occur behind you yeah Hungary no it’s Slovenia and finally a stylized tree symbolizing life continuity and growth appears on which countries one and two euro coins it’s enclosed in a hexagon and encircled by the motto of the Republic Pat SunZia France France is correct ten points for this Daisy Dodie Davy trot and Trotwood our names variously given by his relatives and acquaintances to the narrator and protagonist of which novel by Charles Dickens Emmanuel Siegel Little Miss Dorrit no afraid you lose five points first published in book form in 1850 not again Mithen David Copperfield correct these verses are on the rocketry pioneer vana von Braun von Braun led the development of the rocket that launched both the Apollo Lunar Lander and Skylab give the two-word designation of this rocket Saturn 5 correct in 1958 von Browns team launched the first US satellite Explorer 1 this discovered the innermost of which radiation belts around the earth nominate count Van Allen belts correct 1960s saw the release of a film about von Braun entitled I aim at the Stars the looting to von Braun’s wartime development of the v2 rocket bomb the comedian Mort Sahl suggested the subtitle should be but sometimes I hit what people think of your limbs maybe it’s going to peep people looks London’s ten points for this who when asked in 1929 whether he considered himself the German or a Jew replied I look about myself as a man nationalism is an infantile disease it is the measles of mankind the speaker was a physicist who Emmanuel Siegel Albert Einstein correct your bonuses Emmanuel are on fictional works set in Shanghai Japanese spies and opium smuggling in Shanghai featuring the Blue Lotus published serially in the mid 1930s which fictional European reporter is its protagonist Tintin correct who wrote when we were orphans shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2000 it tells of an Englishman who returns to nineteen-thirties China to discover the truth about his Paris disappearance names mm oh nothing Johnson that was Kazuo Ishiguro and finally largely set in Shanghai which novel of 1984 by JG Ballard is based on his experiences in China during World War two yeah Empire of the Sun correct ten points to this crocus island in Northumberland south stack in angle C and papal West ray in Orkney are among the habitats at which bird of the orc family known binomially as Fratto Kula opteka it’s distinguished by its colorful parrot like nottingham ethan puffins puffin is correct yes you’re gonna say the bonuses on aquarium fish in each case give the common name of the following firstly the two-word common name of Perak I rode on NSE a small fish named in part after a noble gas it is strikingly colored iridescent blue on the upper body and bright red underneath her gone fish I’ve been neon actually I asked something to do with neon neon fish it’s neon tetra you were halfway there but not precise enough I’m afraid better splendens secondly a small perciform fish males behave aggressively towards one another and in Southeast Asia they’ve been bred with long flowing fins for use in contests or koi carp breeder Nona Cowen betta no it’s a Siamese fighting fish and finally per cilia reticulata a small prolific live baring fish the males are noted for their long ornamental caudal and dorsal fins let’s go to the car that’s a guppy or a million official mosquito fish we’re going to take our first picture round now for your picture starter you’ll see a map with a capital city marked for 10 points all you have to do S or identify the city Nottingham meetin Abuja Abuja the capital of Nigeria is correct right Mazzilli or Islamabad Abuja is a purpose-built capital city constructed in the 1970s and 80s in response both to the overcrowding of Lagos and a political desire for a more neutrally located national capital picture bonuses three more planned capital cities five points for each you can identify firstly for five beliefs yes the Omaha Elmo a deliverer Donovan Velma Pam Dawber Bannon believes is correct secondly no it does not return you are shot nominate Van Hook new Akshata it is new action in mauritania and finally say so the capital gun run Gaborone cabron is correct in Botswana right originalism and textualism our principals nottingham meet them there different ways of interpreting the US Constitution I’m afraid that wasn’t the question ah so you’re gonna lose five points our principles of interpretation associated with which US Supreme Court justice who died in February 2016 Emanuel Siegel Scalia Antonin Scalia is correct yes your bonuses are on the novels of Jane Austen in each case give the full name of the character and the novel in which she appears all three had the given name Mary firstly I hope I am as fond of my child as any mother but I do not know that I am of any more use in the sickroom than Charles for I cannot always be scolding and teasing a poor child when it’s ill I had not nerves for that sort of thing do we know did you know he marries it’s not part of I did there so it isn’t innocent that you give us a name for me can you give us a name Sense and Sensibility Smith no it’s Mary Musgrove in persuasion secondly there I will stake my last like a woman of spirit no cold prudence for me I am NOT born to sit still and do nothing if I lose the game it shall not be from not stride being for it give anything at all yeah look at it nothing no put it past Matt that’s Mary Crawford in Mansfield Park and finally and happy as the event must be for Lydia we may draw from it this useful lesson that loss of virtue in a female is irretrievable that one full step involves her in endless ruin yeah Mary Bennet Pride and Prejudice correct tempers what unit of measurement was defined in 2012 as being 149 million five hundred and ninety seven thousand eight hundred and seventy point seven kilometers in other words the average distance from the earth Emanuel Barton singer astronomical unit correct you’re gonna see the bonuses on biochemical separation techniques firstly for five points which technique uses an electric current to separate proteins and poly nucleotides in a gel such as agarose or poly acrylamide according to size and charge normally bouncing up electrophoresis correct which method uses a difference in diffusion rates across a semipermeable membrane to separate molecules from a solution so I was thinking people in sounds like we’re gonna be able to do this Moises osmotic something somatic do you have a word that’s what they say chromatography then chromatography no it’s dialysis and finally a technique for separating the components of a mixture which versatile method has a name from the Greek for colored writing canto Tom Tom Murphy correct same goes for this in a 1999 obituary who was described as a novelist and philosopher who used fiction to chart the progress of a metaphysical battle between evil and good her novels include the Bell the black prints and the sea the sea Emanuel Barton singer Iris Murdoch correct are on novelists music science and rivers in each case I want the novelist whose name corresponds to the following firstly the SI derived unit of magnetic inductance followed by the first name of the US sole performer whose hits include say it loud I’m black and I’m proud is it in fact Frank and we the Franklin’s Henry James Henry James that is again yeah Henry James correct secondly the surname of the US physicist who explained an effect or scattering that occurs when electromagnetic radiation is scattered by free electrons followed by the name of the longest river of Canada Compton come to McKenzie is everything yeah come to McKenzie is it because there looks for the brother scattering so just which one we’re scattering this is there another this is as varied as Rayleigh scattering does anyone know write it there’s various covering the sick continent over there that’s not content to actually engage sketching yeah confident it’s like come to me encanta McKenzie correct the given name of the usual lead guitarist of The Beatles followed by the name of the river that reaches the sea between hara-chan felixstowe the name of which novelist results is that the Thames would need an organized wait horse officially good lead guitarist on the Beatles how John Sean Lennon Joe nautical John is George Harrison George yeah George what force name of the river over the name felixstowe Georgetown that’s never that isn’t see it’s gonna be lighting you go down you know why donate all day John John done done no it’s George Orwell one is the river ten points for this now implying brutality and criminality what word derives from the Hindi term for a member of a traditional count of robbers and assassins that cannot I can meet them sug thank is correct yes your bonuses are on philosophy in the 1620s firstly in 1624 the Parliament of France passed a decree forbidding criticism of which Greek philosopher on pain of death Plato Socrates Plato Plato Plato no it’s Aristotle departing from Aristotle’s approach which English philosopher made an early expedition of the scientific method in the 16:20 work Novum organum bacon bacon it was Francis Bacon yes in the 1620s which French philosopher wrote rules for the direction of the mind a further contribution to the scientific method it was later published posthumously please Pascal died quite young thinking Pascal yes Pascal it’s Renny Descartes right we’re gonna take a music round now for your music starter you’re gonna hear an excerpt from an opera for 10 points I want you to give me the title of the opera Nottingham Smith The Marriage of Figaro it is indeed brother that was the ex read you wedding between Susanna and the countess for your music bonuses three more well-known operatic duets in each case I want the title of the opera from which each is taken first c-45 that is an op I know nothing about llamas Don Giovanni no that’s Rodolfo a Mimi in La Boheme secondly do you know anything Thank You Eugene Onegin no that’s the from the Pearl Fishers and finally cool Madame Butterfly it is the flower duet from a lad made all the Airways commercial ten points for this the architectural events of which decade include the introduction of Giles Gilbert Scott’s k2 red telephone box in Britain the completion of the Bauhaus at Dessau in Germany and in New York the start of the construction of the Chrysler Building Emmanuel Siegel 1920s correct your bonuses Emanuel are on Italian history which Italian nationalist leader founded the young Italy movement in 1831 Garibaldi Carmindy he’s on that ammonia Garibaldi notes medcine e once a member of young Italy which revolutionary led the army that occupied Sicily and Naples in 1860 as part of the Risorgimento movement yeah Garibaldi any other names yet cabal D that was Garibaldi and finally the founder of the political newspaper illa Risorgimento who became the first Prime Minister of Italy following the unification of the country in 1861 I don’t read we know every time not know um pasta smells Silvio Berlusconi no he’s not that old ten points for this first published in 1906 the man of property is the first of which series of novels tracing the story of an upper middle-class family their author won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932 Emanuel Barton singer rub it serious no not in one of you buzz it’s the Forsyte Saga ten points for this which four letters begin the names of the Hindu goddess of wisdom arts and learning a British defeat of 1777 often seen as the turning point at the American Revolution a state of Malaysia in Northwest Borneo and the capital of Bosnia Emanuel Ward SAR a correct the Emanuel your bonuses are on noble families in George RR Martin’s novel series of Song of Ice and Fire firstly the name of which noble family in the series means strong or powerful in German what’s up doc yeah Stark correct which noble family has a name similar to that of the Frankish leader who defeated the Moors at the Battle of Turin 7:32 Martel yeah yeah mato Martel correct the name of which noble house rhymes with the surname of the English athlete who ran the first sub four-minute mile Bannister London Lannister Lannister is correct yes give me the lead and becoming to our second picture round for your picture starter you’ll see us still from a film ten points if you can identify the actor you’ll see ah Nottingham Smith Christopher Lee correct if you are never playing again he died in 2015 having appeared in around 200 films spending nearly 70 years your bonuses you’re gonna see three more stills from films featuring Christopher leaf five points if you give me the title of the film and the name of the character he played firstly I’m assuming that’s the man with the golden girl yeah name of the character doctor no no no doctor knows each other it’s not Scarah my doctor manga look Scaramanga in the man with the Golden Gun correct secondly it’s the wicked man Jim Blake how’s his name mr. wicker uh mr. Jones in know it’s more summer Isle in the wicked man finally I want the character and the series of films he appeared in here sorry man Lord of the Rings correct thanks for this which scientist laboratory notebooks are so radioactive they’re kept in a leg line not again phone arc Curie very curious correct yes these services are on European football stadia firstly Estadio Vicente Calderon was built in the 1960s as the home of which Football Club mainly in response to their rivals new ground at his studio Santiago bernabéu have made a committed Atletico Madrid correct the largest stadium of Belgium where the national team plays most of its home matches is named after which former ruler of the country Leopold as king budva in which city is the Ernst Happel Stadium formerly known as the prat sustain it posted the final of Euro 2008 it’s a Switzer astron I think so straight burn burn that’s being a ten points for this the metallic element tantalum is closely associated with which other element found with it in ores and sharing its properties and named after the mythological dog food fabulous Immanuel Hill niobium IO BM is right yes like these bonuses are on a scientific term Emmanuel the Latin for liquid what word refers to a dispersion of polymer particles in water found in many plants it may also be manufactured synthetically notion Colin Lee we’d know what is clue no I’m not you just put your pasta sauce Ian I’m cold no it’s latex those with a latex allergy often use NBR gloves for what does the abbreviation n BR stand rating n BR electric bull rings si good um Nora Barton singer nitro borate reticulum no it’s nitrile butadiene rubber and finally what five letter comma name is given to the dry latex collected from the capsule of Papaver somniferum I’ve let her know we do not pass its opium four minutes to go ten points for this named after a dialect song the like wake war is a challenge walk across which natural fur Immanuel Hill in North Yorkshire Moors correct your bonuses are on words in other languages what four letters spell in English a word meaning familiar or casual talk and in French a particular domesticated animal chat correct the German word for a child or baby spells which common English adjectives kind kind correct the Spanish word for the number eleven spells which common English adverb once once what once once is correct you gotta leave sensitive means of what four-letter word include a fungal disease of plants especially cereals in which black spores cover the affected parts soot or city matter and Nottingham Cowan rust now I’m afraid you lose five points and something indecent or obscene Manuel Barton singer smut smut is correct yes your bonus is emanuel are on the author Ian McEwan in each case identify the novel from its description on the website of the publishers vintage books it is July 1962 Edward o Florence young innocence married that morning arrived at a hotel on the Dorset coast Chesil Beach I’m just Beecher on chesil beach indeed the year is 1970 to the Cold War is far from over Britain is being torn apart by industrial unrest and terrorism Syrena Froman her final year at Cambridge is being groomed for mi5 oh I knew it what was the summer snow attainment no ops the university was not injury I don’t know it’s solar I think there’s a solar no it’s sweet tooth on the hottest day of the summer of 1934 thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunges at the town’s Italian country house a toner moment is correct ten points for this which team in England with the son of Isabella of France and was merited Philippa of Hainault he was succeeded by his grandson who was later deposed and I’ve infective Emmanuel he’ll Edward the third correct you get a set of bonuses this time nineteenth-century British history in each case give the decade during which the three named Prime Minister’s all held office firstly the Earl of Liverpool George canning and by count dotage it could be tens or twenties Liverpool z20 I think I think tens tens young tender it intends us now I’m covered up tens those eighteen twenties the Earl of Derby secondly the Earl of Aberdeen and Vai count Palmerston fifteen some stores yet 50s at what the 1850s and finally the Marquess of Salisbury w/e Gladstone and the Earl of rosebery so no teeth hmm it’s a nineteenth nineteen thousand oh I mean it is I think it’s a six alarming ladies yeah Safety’s 80s no it’s the ninth ten points for this answer promptly name the three platonic solids whose faces are triangular Nottingham Cohen tetrahedron octahedron and icosahedron correct these bonuses are on dentistry Nottingham what greek-derived term describes animals possessing teeth that are differentiated into several forms Holly don’t know it’s hetero dot in mammals which teeth are known as cuspids or eye teeth in sizes notes canines in which bone are the sockets of the lower canines of located 175 well nauseam you were in the lead earlier what happened towards the end but thank you very much for playing you may come back as a higher score in losing team who knows but anyway thank you very much for joining us Emmanuel congratulations to you you had a terrible start but you came back strongly congratulations we look forward to seeing you in round 2 for sure I hope you can join us next time but until then it’s goodbye from nottingham university good bye bye it’s goodbye from Emmanuel College Cambridge alright and it’s goodbye for Rica bye you

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  1. Thanks for posting! Great match!! Sad that Cowan didn't get credit for a correct answer: he answered "Betta" but Paxman said no and that the "correct" answer was "Siamese Fighting Fish". However they are synonymous. I kept waiting in vain for Paxman or the producers to rectify their mistake. For shame, UC.

  2. +psimanjuntak You have to have plenty of maths/science students- there's just such a high component of those kinds of questions- particularly as starters. Although from my observations, this series has also included plenty of humanities-type bonuses in this first round so far so if it's any indication, these teams will need to brush up on an atlas.

  3. are you yaorito1? I wish UC had a bit more of maths/science questions. I feel literature/art dominates any other fields in this.

  4. Thank you for posting! Great match. Good score Emmanuel-Cambridge but would have been higher if the guys had listened to Ward.

  5. Oh whoa, are you by any means Indonesian? If so, I'm Indonesian as well! I noticed you have a Batak's family name.

    Cheers from your fellow University Challenge fan and thanks for uploading!

  6. 'Bobby Seagull'? Please. His real name is Jose. A 32-year-old man naming himself after a bird to 'prove' how high his ambitions fly… ridiculous. Also, it is obvious that he is not captain of that team on merit. Ever heard of 'positive discrimination'? Not enough Muslims from Newham on 'University Challenge', so the BBC appoints one as captain. This show, like all BBC output, is becoming a 'politically-correct' fix.

  7. Jesus I thought I knew a lot about Asoiaf but couldnt answer any of the bonuses on it. You had to know a lot more than just the noble houses.

  8. It was Tom Hill who got Emmanuel over the hill with 3 timely buzzes. They looked to be losing
    most of the time. Seagull seems to be full of spirit.

  9. Well Emmanuel won me over even tho Nottingham's my alma mater. Nottingham started well but over the whole match Emmanuel played better and just knew more.

  10. its sad that they said hungary for the 1 euro coin question when hungary hasnt even adopted the euro. should know better smh

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