18 thoughts on “Universal Newsreel – Gen. Butler bares plot by fascists

  1. No it isn't. Fascism is the working of government and private business together. In other words, businesses collude with politicians to keep profits high and keep their competitors regulated out of the market so that only the wealthy can afford to own businesses. Capitalism has nothing to do with government. It is only through expansion of government power that they can maintain their hold on power. Just look at how hard it has been for Tesla to establish business in America.

  2. Capitalism, as he is represented by people, does not look like what he really is. The high level of income, the existence of a human rights – all this forced temporary deviation from the objectives of the western oligarchy. In fact, capitalism is a social and economic order for a society based on social Darwinism, which has all the strong oppress the weak, and the weak gets him in thrall. It is based on Protestantism and the Anglo-Saxon tradition of colonial exploitation.

  3. and one person must impose its will on others, because it more representative of the "right" group. If we discard the mask, it is fascism, the modern form of the slave-owning society. This is contrary to the idea of โ€‹โ€‹Orthodox Christianity where a person should love the person as an equal. The peoples of the Soviet Union on the basis of the ideas of Orthodox Christianity built the state with the main principle of equal opportunities for all – socialism.

  4. Therefore, the Anglo-Saxons brought to power in Germany of Hitler and forced him to attack the USSR, and after the war themselves to continue the war with the Soviet Union, the Cold War, taking the lead in their ideological allies of Germany. Unfortunately the people of the West does not understand what fate he prepares western oligarchy, and that if Russia as a counterweight will be destroyed, the western oligarchy reset mask.

  5. Oligarchs do away with the carve-up of the wealth of the people and the game of human rights and peoples of Western civilization know what slavery on himself.

  6. Shouldn't he be a household name for showing great courage and saving our country from fascism? Or… those in power don't want his name to be remembered.

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