Understanding the Primaries: Delegates, Democracy, and America's Nonstop Political Party

Understanding the Primaries: Delegates, Democracy, and America's Nonstop Political Party

49 thoughts on “Understanding the Primaries: Delegates, Democracy, and America's Nonstop Political Party

  1. Can you speak a bit slower? Didn't "understand the primaries" as a result of how fast you spoke. I get you're trying to keep the videos short but c'mon

  2. When you register to vote do you have to state which party – democrat, republican, independent or none – that you align to?

  3. damn, 63 years old and I know squat about our political machinery. this video would have helped if I could have slowed it down to first gear. why cant we just have a election where the one with the most votes gets the job. anyways , since this was produced in March I know the outcome of the election and let me say I may not know politics but I knew enough not to cast my vote for that pompous , gaudy , lying  circus clown.   I suspect in 90 days or less he will be out on his ass for obstruction , then later after he's back in the Tower for awhile the Feds will get him for money laundering. but I digress. what got me here was a article in Politico on Manafort. I had no idea Stone and him played such a huge part in politics in their younger days. Both of those S.O.B's are going to get what they deserve . So F'n stupid that they both would get in the spotlight with all those skeletons in their closets. God Bless America. And I am watching this video again.

  4. I was just in a walk with a friend, and she said that whenever she's reading something about american elections, she finds herself scratching her head. So I took it upon my self to explain it to her.

    Neither of us are americans, I just happened to have some idea about how degenarete the system is, and as we were covering how there was no way for russians to influence anything, no matter what, and if they had done anything trying to influence elections, and how you can literally believe that russians did influence something, if you have no idea how it works, she kept interrupting me, literally yelling in the street, how non e of it makes any sense.

    Her final thought was "so, why do they act as if they are the greatest democracy in the world if this is how their elections work?"

    Compared to our system: bunch of candidates are like "vote for me", you vote for whomever you like, then if one candidate has more than 50% he wins, which is almost never the case, so second round is given, where two candidates with most votes compete. Typically you know who's gonna win after the first round, cause people who voted for smaller candidates typically stay home for the second round, so the guy with "simple majority" wins.

    That's it. That's what democracy looks like. Enjoy.

  5. Ironic that the party that complains about the electoral college is the same one that has way more superdelegates

  6. I'm a little unsure why he's dwelling on the topic of gerrymandering. Sure it's a flaw in the American political system, but what does it have to do with the primaries? No matter how many republican districts there are, this doesn't affect what candidate their party will pick.

  7. I just wanted to add to this conversation, that in Germany we can't choose the nominee of any party neither for chancelor nor for president. They are determined by the leadership of each individual party. And I've got to admit this does not seem to make our system less democratic, but it does make the process of electing a new government substantially less painfully long

  8. Just WHY? Why have delegates at all? Party members vote for a leader and that leader is chosen why have conventions and caucuses and primaries? Why? Keep it simple, members vote on a leader that leader is elected and that leader leads the party to power, why make things over complicated?

  9. Delegates are supposed to represent their constituency, NOT their own personal prefaces. That is why we voted them into government positions for in the first place. They are SUPPOSED to be the voice of the people. Is this too hard for politicians to understand? Come on, it is NOT rocket science!

  10. They stole it from sanders, they tried despretly to steal it from trump. Its a broken system that cheeted us out of getting to choose between a socialist and a capitalist. Needs to change.

  11. What do you mean when you say "for the last 10 election cycles in both parties the person with the most primary and caucus support has also been the eventual nominee"? I'm not sure whether that's supposed to be referring to the popular vote, in which case it's debatable who won more votes in the 2008 Democratic Primary. But perhaps you're phrasing it weirdly to specifically avoid this case.

  12. Now I understand why democratic super delagetes exist, because although they seem a counter to our democratic process they exist out of the chaos that was the 1980 democratic primary convention and the fight that between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy presidential committees, and how it tore the Democratic Party chances for years to come. And yes the pieces where eventually picked up by Bill Clinton and his third way approch put not only new life in the Democratic Party of USA, but also gave new lives of Tony Blair's labor party and however briefly Hit shak Rabin and Shimon Peres labor party and also in Russia. Truly Bill Clinton was a political genius and as history tends to echo brought down by his sexual appetite truly Camelot is no more. What where only musings in the Kennedy administration, braght down Bill Clinton and killed the baby John Edwards in his cradle.

  13. So I watched hanks video saying that out votes totally matter, but if our choices for president are out of our control, our votes don't matter. I'm probably going to write in, but I really don't see how thats any different from not voting at all.

  14. I fucking understand it alright: Hillary's 15 is greater than Bernie Sander's 26…… week after week……. you know the Superdelegate math thing. Oh yeah!

  15. I just got my ballot and I've been sitting in front of it for an hour without filling in any bubbles HELP ME JOHN

  16. Question.

    If a party's nominee is chosen by delegates and not the people, what does the people's vote affect? Where and how do nominees get their delegates? Because my current understanding of the process sounds to me like nominees are just grabbing delegates on their own and that to me sounds like the people's vote doesn't make any difference whatsoever.

  17. So what's the problem with one person. one vote? It's simple. quick, inexpensive and irrefutable. It's been working in UK for decades.

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