30 thoughts on “Understanding Poetry – Dead poets society

  1. 1:58 The awkward moment when your teacher wants you to rip out the pages, but you're a broke ass student, and were hoping to sell the book after the term.

  2. I recall this film well. This past fall I did just that. I ripped up my 2018 Government "Book of Drugs". Excrement! Be gone USA book of drugs! I'll tell the government the same thing if they ask.
    "This isn't the Bible" I won't go to hell for it.
    Felt pretty good too. Thanks for posting.
    R.I.P O Captain, My Captain

  3. People praise this pretend professor without knowing or appreciating the works of Prichard. He was beloved by his students more so than this pretend and pompous dipshit. Make poetry interesting, not stupid.

  4. Pritchard was a left brainer. He had an analytical approach to something that is expressive!

    That itself deserved his pages to be ripped out!

  5. I love how unapologetic he is. And he's not hesitant for the students to continue ripping once a colleague comes through the door.

  6. A movie that did not age well. Bad dialogue, cheesy impressions, zero diversity and histrionics. Hard to believe this was once considered great. Yikes.

  7. Charlie/Nuwanda is so underrated. He understood free thinking better than all of them, especially at the start.

  8. So much of what's been presented in the introduction on the description of poetry was actually correct , that was a very interesting reaction 😀

  9. it's awesome to see how when they ripped the intro out, you see the chapter "poetry part 1", almost as if to say the introduction is needlessly confunding, obscuring the true body of poetry

  10. Here's a poem I wrote. It's about the guy in Lord of the Flies. It's called Piggy.
    Piggy deserved to die.
    He was fat and he had the assmar.
    Also, he wore glasses.
    Which is like, totally gay.

  11. This scene is excrement. It’s ironic, he’s forced students to view poetry HIS way because he doesn’t like the science behind art. I always hated this scene because it’s message is about “fuck progress”. Had he been a good prof. He wouldn’t have found that intro threatening and therefore needing it silenced, instead he should have let the students read it and form their own opinion.

  12. if you wanna see some poetry about the links between creativity and mental health go here: theunsweetenedalmond.blogspot.com

  13. Does art need objective measures ? I mean you see modern paintings and I don't get shit, I think a some measure are needed.

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