20 thoughts on “Understanding Deep Politics featuring Michael Parenti

  1. Sometimes,Parenti's use of the term " victory" without saying whose vicctory is somewhat ambiguous,otherwise he speaks the truth and does it well

  2. Michael Parenti is so good a speaker. Thanks. I cannot get enough information and wisdom from him. I keep learning so much from him. He is a national treasure. Bless you, Michael!

  3. Enjoy him very much. But to bring to his speech a made up quote without fact checking it is pretty bad

  4. we must go back to paper ballots . Everyone has video camera on their mobile phones and if someone is burning, not counting , etc ballots somebody gonna can catch it on video . This electronic, computer, internet, digital voting nobody knows what the hell is going on . Sure you got a lot of techies out their but they come from all sides of the political spectrum and you may say well they can catch vote rigging . well they would more likely to be involved in vote rigging . elections should be 24 hours around the clock or two days a sunday and on monday or tuesday . I mean many people are working many hours a day now, and very exhausted so how the hell do you expect them to get to the polls to vote between 8am – 8pm ? This is total bullshit which is conducive to the jerk off upper middle class and higher . And there are too few voting stations in working class and poor areas . you got these mother fuckers in the suburbs double parking their suvs and they are in and out in 5 minutes . But in the city and working poor neighborhoods people are lined up for blocks waiting hours to get to vote .

  5. Demos is the greek root for the word Democracy . demos means the people , not just a few, but all the people . we have no democracy because corporate interests and a few super wealthy people choose and pay our elected and non elected representatives . Elections are just "shadow plays "

  6. One of the finest men who walk the earth . And very down to earth . i like him because he is old school . He makes some funny politically incorrect comments who these progressives today get a wedgie over . where is the mark when he says he likes watching Sarah Palin but not listening to her lol ? And then this person corrects him and Dr P says what are you some kind of puritan or something, lol

  7. Does anyone know the John Foster Dulles' reference he quotes at 46:45 – 47:35 ? I couldn't find that autobiography

  8. It's a statist Hegelian Dialectic paradigm. It doesn't matter, you loose when you vote. They control the money, military, religions, and the media. Even Shittube and their algorithms.

  9. This is kind of the introduction. All of this lecture led to the comment at the end …

    54:37 – we know what the answer is … democracy, kick-em in the ass democracy.

    That is the start of the lecture, and poof … it just ends there. What is "kick-em in the ass democracy" … what is it, how do we vote for it?

  10. 38:20 Ugh… I was enthralled with what this man had to say until he said 9/11 was an inside job. It isn't wrong because it is classified as a "conspiracy theory", it's wrong because it is a theory without basis or probability.

    The real 9/11 conspiracy by our government is the way they hid the Saudi involvement, because it was embarassing to them. But there isn't a shred of evidence to say it was an inside job. I hope he has since retracted this line of rheteric.

  11. And remember, peeps… the CIA is just the American branch of the MOSSAD! It is, and always has been, all about protecting the (Zionist-owned) CORPORATIONS and their interests against the interests of 'We the People'.

  12. If Americans who are so brainwashed and divided knew the truth about the deep state and their plans and designs there would be a revolution tomorrow . These people have no care and value for American lives they only care about $$$ , market , resources and control

  13. Intel-Gence black-ops, and one-Party parody, are the system of tyranny that uses NSDU-238 (1973 thru 2013) not-so-depleted ur-238! This tRuth is 'social-Democracy'…

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