10 thoughts on “Understanding Chinese Nationalism: Historical Memory in Chinese Politics and Foreign Relations

  1. This kind of nationalism is everywhere, for example, South Koreans are even more nationalistic than China (they even cut off their fingers in protest of some Japan) and won't accept foreigners' criticism of them (especially from the Japanese); however, it is China that attracts the most attention and criticism.

  2. Ben Fong: How about "No dogs and Chinese allowed in this Park" and the Shanghai city's western concession areas.

  3. China is still a colonialist and call them *ethnic", where else the westerner imperialist left those invaded coumtries. China still keepts occupied: Tibet, Uighur and Inner Mongolia.

  4. Anglo-Saxon Nationalism has always been the biggest threat to world peace – whether as part of the British empire or the US empire.

  5. @The505Guys Tibetan is one of 56 ethic groups in china. Tibet has been a part of china from 14 century, read some history books in a public library, and you will get it. If Tibet should be separated from china, then USA should leave their country, and give back the land to Hawaii native people and Indians

  6. No…they just expanded into countries like Tibet, just because there isn't a sea to cross doesn't make it any less colonial.

  7. The problem when people analyse China is that they think China is like any other nation. China has NEVER been a colonial power that expanded overseas.

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