Understand Socialism, Communism, Fascism, & Nazism in 15 Minutes (Part II)

Understand Socialism, Communism, Fascism, & Nazism in 15 Minutes (Part II)

so what’s fascism? this is tough because fascism is usually what people call almost any political opinion they don’t like even as far back as World War II people were calling Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain, and Imperial Japan fascist, not to mention all the other countries in Europe and South America which have been called fascist George Orwell, who wrote 1984, said in 1944 that if you examine the press you will find that there is almost no set of people certainly no political party or organized body of any kind which has not been denounced as fascist in the past ten years–I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, social credit, corporal punishment, fox hunting, bullfighting, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, youth hostels, astrology, women, dogs, and I do not know what else the bad British accent is a free bonus if you look at different descriptions of fascism you do see some common themes though they need explaining one, a huge focus on nationalism and standing for your country not just being patriotic but way beyond that to the point it is supposed to be the most important thing in people’s lives two, being really invested in the military and wanting to use it for foreign conquest and permanent war three, plus often organizing the party and government in a military looking way four, putting everyone beneath a strong leader who runs everything with absolute power and a lack of rights or civil liberties this is something you see in many kinds of political systems too but it’s definitely part of fascism five, using violence and politics though other types of dictatorships do this as well six, glorifying youth and strong masculinity seven, pushing people to conform to the National ideal way of living to build a single national identity not just a repressive society but a place where everyone is trying to be exactly the same or they get in trouble eight, being obsessed with tradition even if it’s a weird mash-up of traditions and rejecting modern life like really angry Amish people but since fascism is fuzzy and people argue about this let’s go straight to the horse’s mouth and quote Benito Mussolini’s Italian National Fascist Party they complained that socialists diminish the moral value of war they say that fascism is built around the fatherland, an idea that gives people a reason for existing and is the final outcome of all history they talk about the power of youth they talk about the need for violence and the creation of squads in a military fashion fashion might mean organized like soldiers or, since this is Italy, it might mean militantly fashionable the Italian fascists also talk about the freedom that comes from being conquered by the law and renouncing individualistic wasteful desires really they want to reject democracy and individualism itself as the source of modern problems they talk of the spiritual power of rejecting materialism and seeing life as a struggle and on a more practical level the Italian fascists wanted an eight-hour workday, a minimum wage expansion and improvement of the national railroads, lowering the retirement age from 65 to 55, a national militia, a national policy to further Italian culture, taxing the rich, and seizing all religious property in Italy where the Pope lives, seizing church property we get you a lot of moolah they also nationalized most of the economy under councils that included the government, supposed experts, and control of the labor unions so that’s fascism, what’s Nazism? first you should know that Nazi is actually an abbreviation for National Socialists which is short for National Socialist German Workers Party which is in German so it’s one word that’s like 6 miles long probably they shortened it because people kept passing out at rallies due to a lack of oxygen Nazism is easier to nail down because there was just one Nazi country, Germany the Nazis were really focused on racial superiority and purity particularly the idea that Jewish people needed to be removed from the German people and state because they were weakening and corrupting it the Nazis were also focused on undoing the defeat of World War I and collecting all Germans into one country not just getting their land and power back but expanding the German people into new territory and colonies, so that they could have more pure Germans, so they could take over more land, and so on all of this came from the idea of social Darwinism, which had started near the end of the 1900s and was popular all around the world including many places in the U.S. basically social Darwinism was the idea that natural selection affected people too and so weakness needed to be bred out of humanity poor people, mentally handicapped people, and criminals among others all needed to reproduce less so that healthy well-off people could reproduce more and keep strengthening the human gene pool some people, like the Nazis, didn’t just apply this to individuals but to races which they saw as being scientific categories good races needed to be made better and avoid being ruined by intermixing with bad races the Nazis were willing to end immigration and create a whole system of laws designed to give second-class status to any racial group they saw as inferior eventually, as you surely heard, they decided that second-class status and kicking people out wasn’t enough they also pushed for national government control over politics and the press as well as having more central control of the national government by one person: Hitler on the more practical side they wanted to ensure all jobs went to Germans first, that any welfare required work, that companies had profit sharing, that Germany created better old-age pensions, they wanted support for small businesses, land reform, rent reduction, the death penalty for more crimes, free public education into college, public support for mothers, making what colleges taught more practical, an end to child labor, mandatory sports and physical fitness, and communal ownership of large department stores if you don’t know what a department store is, ask your parents the Nazis also organized their economy into trusts that partnered companies in an industry with the government what’s the difference between fascism and Nazism? there are some differences but whether you think the two are totally different depends on how important you think those differences are you probably noticed a lot of similarities between what the fascists focused on and what the Nazis wanted neither group fully delivered on their promises but we’re focused on the version that came to power and had the most popularity because that’s what people chose when there were still elections you’ve got the same militarism, the same focus on conquest and national glory, the same lack of interest in individualism, and the same obsession with a strong leader at the top there are plenty of people who study this who don’t think fascism can be nailed down as tightly as Nazism but they generally agree that they have these things in common Nazism is like a supercharged and more specific version of fascism people also argue about whether fascism is inherently racist the way that Nazism is there are fascist laws about race though they are less severe than the Nazi ones fascist governments were also willing to speak out publicly against Jews and talked about the differences between superior and inferior races at the same time fascist governments were generally a lot less interested in helping kill Jews and so fewer Jews died there as opposed to in areas the Nazis controlled but they still killed tons of their own people based on political beliefs and membership in specific groups so you have to decide how much of a distinction you want to make between being racists and also killing people versus killing people because of your racism there are a lot of interesting connections between communism, fascism, and Nazism as well historians have serious academic arguments about whether you can say they’re sibling ideas–communism is older than the other two but they all hit their stride in the early 20th century after the changes in war that World War I brought about, the harm caused by the Great Depression and World War I’s death toll, and the creation of the first mass media it’s easy to forget now that before radio got big in the 1920s you couldn’t communicate out to everyone in real time and that was more than 70 years before the internet, which gave people widespread way to talk back and to each other in real time so draw your own conclusions about how similar you think these different philosophies are finally do people use these labels correctly when they’re talking about today’s politics? you can decide that for yourself but it doesn’t seem like many people day are pushing for the full enchilada of any of these philosophies just pieces of them… enchilada pieces this metaphor kind of got away from me plus you’ll notice that some of the things all these groups have pushed for are now common, like universal old-age pensions and a minimum wage, which makes it even more complicated as George Orwell said back in the 40s people just use these words to label anything they don’t like the closest you get to accuracy is that some people still call themselves socialists, though socialism is the fuzziest bucket of all man, “the fuzzy buckets” would be a great band name so this was mostly focused on the history of these ideas there’s an argument about whether a modern version of fascism is making a comeback I’ll cover that in a future video that tries to explain what the alt right is and what they believe in–it’ll mostly be focused on the USA because that’s what I’m best qualified to talk about but we’ll briefly touch on Europe and there you have it as always subscribe to be notified when new videos come out and sources are in the description the next video will be on what it means when people say China has unfair trading practices

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  1. Fascism was originally designed as the marriage of the powerful corporations and the government. The totalitarian dictatorship of corporate money buying the lawmakers' loyalty to make the laws in favor of corporate interests and using the government enforcement agencies like police, military and taxing bodies to quash any and all resisters to those laws. Socialism basically is the government control of commerce by removing private property rights and distributing all profits of labor among the workers. Communism is the government owns all major businesses and keeps the profits and intellectual rights of any advances and providing the basic needs of it's people. Capitalism is SUPPOSED to be the free market where government isn't involved other than interstate and international trade laws. The market itself determines the outcome of the business successes. The capitalist model alone paved way for the giant corporate powers to become the ruling oligarchy over the population which forced entire populations under them under horrible, slave wage working conditions. Any and all rebellion or unionized labor were met with guns, beatings, murders and vandalism. When the capitalist model was merged with some socialist policies of the government intervening to stop monopolies of corporate powers and to force corporations break them up when they got too large, the capitalist model seemed to be the most advantageous to the population and labor force.

  2. Nazism is still considered some of facism, become it promotes the national majority (race/culture), though is not purely Facism because facist dictatorships consider all people within a nation/society to be an integral part of the state who supported the nation and her interests.

  3. Since most people have views on race like the nazis in the 1930s and 1940s wouldn't they have different rave views if they existed today?

  4. its crazy how many people on the left call ones on the right while the man who created facism was literally a socialist

  5. Animateeducate… I am not looking for a 3 mike thread here but a big fight of opinion brought me here to think how I could better argue this. People are at each other about Nazis. May I ask you…what wing would you consider the Nazis came from and became? Right or Left? Thank you

  6. When is the modern version of facism coming back video going to be released? Another one on modern socialism (and explaining how far apart the two are now…) would be great!

  7. Good video, though you're wrong about the fact that both want Wars and Conquests. I know more Nazism than Fascism, since I have studied it in details Nazism at university, so I can tell you that Nazism wanted only their country as a whole, and that's it : they were not interested in France, Russia, or other country that is not culturally german, only their Germany (meaning, what was called the German Empire+Austria).

  8. Prussia was a city-state founded by the Order of Teutonic Knights. It is the foundation of the modern nation that would most accurately be called "United Germany". Germany is one of the younger nations on Earth, America is 100 years older than Germany. Prussia was the driving force behind the uniting of city states that is today called Germany. Prussia/United Germany is the political environment that produced Karl Marx and communism. Prussia and "United Germany" was the birthplace of communism, and the German Reich (which most people incorrectly call "Nazi Germany”) was a highly nationalist communist state. Although the Soviet Union emerged first, the German Reich was in many ways "true communism" because that political system had emerged from the original communist ideology that had emerged as the politics of "United Germany".

    This is history that is intentionally suppressed these days because American “educators” want to advance the anti-American propaganda that the German Reich was "right wing". In reality, what is today called the "right" refers those who trace their political heritage to the republics of Greece, Rome, and the United States. What is today called the "left" refers to those who trace their political heritage to communism… the Soviet Union, "United Germany"/German Reich, and modern China. The only other basic form of government known to man, other than a republic (“right”) or communism (“left”), is some type of king.

    This is the reason that Prussian and early German history are so confusing too people, because American “educators” intentionally teach lies about this aspect of history because they desperately want to brainwash their students into believing that Nazi Germany was "right wing". In reality, there has NEVER been a "fascist republic" or any type of "right wing evil empire". Such a thing has NEVER EXISTED!!! All such nations in modern history have been communist, or "left wing". What is taught of this history in schools is pure anti-American propaganda and is the source of confusion regarding Prussia… the birthplace of communism (“the left”)!

    The whole reason that the terms "right" and "left" are used is to obscure the true nature of their origins and who each side really represents. Almost nobody would support "communism", and the communists have known this for over 100 years. They never call communism by that name. They use other names for it… "socialism", "progressive", or the very nebulous "left v right". There have only ever been three basic forms of government known to humanity. Some type of king, a republic (“right"), or communism (“left”). This is what the communists desperately don't want you to know.

  9. Fascism is not a form of government, it is simply the belief that "If I don't like it, then you shouldn't be allowed to do it."

  10. You spread misinformation on fascism. National socialism is more like Fascisms autistic sperg lord of a brother.

  11. so if germany was lead by ghandi instead of hitler then it would be the best country in the world. especially no nukes.

  12. I think fascists were more agianst the jews after allying with the nazis more so then anything, there are accounts of Mousselini taking advice from jewish people i think (not 100% on that) but I guess he was scared shitless of hitler going back on him.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L–tIaau9o4&ab_channel=JosejuDeliveranceArmy

    Please watch this documentary after watching the above video.

  14. facism is a tool that socialist use.  Marxist taught people in colleges & teachers who became professors to teach that socialism is the best.  The left who did not go to Vietnam became Professors at many colleges.  they teach Marxist utopian ideas.  They teach that Socialism works so well too. So naturally just like Germany in the 1930s they became more socialist. (on the Left:  Communist is left, socialist is right and monarchs & democracy is in the middle  )  These ideologies have big governments and call equality neutrality & equal pay for their slaves all oppose capitalism, they all oppose small governments and free enterprise.   They like single payer healthcare and big government control and epa regulations and more taxes. The Left ( use of anything from communist, democracy, & socialist & anarchy) buys up the ownership to monopolize on news, comedy & media outlets. They realize that they tell people what to think and believe.   CNN & MSNBC TYT, NYT, The View, Comedy Central, ect, galvanize peoples moral compass and push people to the left further under socialism.  This my friends is what is called a use of a tool like.  Facism is a SOCIALIST or Left Biased structure (just like the national democrat socialist(NAZIs)) using control of 90 percent of the media to make people believe that jews are bad, aka also trump is bad & hate republicans Christians and religious people.   The Left controls what 80 percent of America believes because they own 90 percent of the media.   That is what facism is. The German Nazis (AKA national democrat socialist) also did the same. Even CNN & MSNBC take their manifesto from these groups to get people to hate the republic and re-lable it a democracy.

  15. You complicate it too much… Fascism is simply about treating the whole(nation) as one big family…

    Wouldnt you want your family.. To prosper… To be healthy… To be wealthy… To be strong… Sufficient… To be the best there is..

    To hell to any one who tries to harm your family or defames it…

    Now National Socialism is simply loving your family(race) above everything else

  16. Fascism gives the state a lot of power to channel national energy into various goals. I think its incredibly useful. The ideal state I would create would be fascist lol.

  17. You don’t think nazis (national Socialists) hated the Jews because they were acquiring a disproportionate level of wealth? Do not forget Hitler was a lefty it’s only the Nationalist bit that lefties were not in agreement with.

  18. Tradition is important for fascism cause like.. Totalitarian ideologies have an easier time gaining movement in worse off nations with more desperate people. I don't really consider this to relate to Trump, just a disclaimer. They wanna return to their last golden age, usually, when they last were thriving a prosperous. So, they bring tradition back for nostalgia and that also helps with the nationalist unity they need.

  19. Just peruse the comments here to see what a moving target the definition of 'fascists' is, and how Orwell's quotes sum it all up. Fascism has become just a swear word directed at someone you disagree with. Everyone ELSE is the 'fascist'!

    When the US President (who literally is the elected head of only the executive branch of a capitalist, democratic republic) is accused of being a fascist and a Nazi, its clear both words have been relegated to sticks and stones for the illiterate.

  20. If someone wants to discuss any of those; I look them all up first, so I'm sure I have them correct. I have however noted the Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary actually changes definitions depending on what's popular & what's not; they do that often. Which is not a legitimate reason for changing a definition.

  21. Facisms has always confused me because of those called fascist at various times and the only thing I can conclude, whatever is the opposition of someone's political opinion is fascist. Looking into Nazi and Italian fascist political policies, you might as well call them versions of communism.

  22. Fascism was the more moral and logical form of left wing politics.. Taking the best of capitalism and socialsm, putting the importance of the collective over the indavidual.

  23. Fascist Italy had an agenda to rebuild rome, but that was not a case of all fascists, it was just the historical relevance there. Fascism does not mean military conquest, Germany just wanted old German land back after WW1. Most fascist states have manifested around communist growth and near a growing soviet army, or China, so it felt its own militant strength was needed to fight it off as well as the capitalist invasions. Funny how none fascist capitalism states have invaded more so than fascist and started more wars, but are not as associated with militant ways. Odd.

  24. Fascism is worse than communism, though it seems like most people (at least in the United States) think the opposite way. Actually, they are both pretty close to equally as bad, or (at the very least) they haven't been done correctly. Though I'd ague that fascism can never be done correctly, since it's completely apposed to democracy and freedom. Of course, me saying that shows my bias for freedom over tyranny.

    Also, anyone who supports Nazism either needs to learn more about history or needs to examine themselves and why they prefer a government that promotes tyranny and propaganda over a government that promotes freedom of speech and the rights of individuals.

  25. To anyone who says, "(insert ideology) hasn't been done correctly.", you are only just telling yourself that "If I had power, I would do it right.".

  26. The developer of Fascism was a leftist and a Socialist named Giovanni Gentile. Much of the violence and militaristic attitudes associated with Fascism is more an aspect of the conditions of societies in the last century after WWI. Had Fascism arisen by a lrage number of people wanting to work together as a nation and be submissive to the state rather than seeking self gratification, Fascism would have come about with little violence and repression. As it was, it came about in the aftermath of WWI and Germany in particular was shattered because unlike France, who rsised taxes to pay for the war, Germany borrowed money to pay for a war it lost…

  27. It seems like your socialism and communism video focused a lot more on the theoretical, where as this is based more on what was said and done by these countries.
    When you say that Fascism believed in expansion, thats actually not true. Its true of what actually happened in history, but it directly contradicts what Musslini wrote in the Doctrine of Fascism.
    The Doctrine of Fascism claims that the idea of Fascism is an "Imperial Spirit" and they define "Imperial" as "either directly or indirectly the leader of nations", and furthermore they say they believe the "Imperial Spirit" is attainable without having to conquer a single piece of land.
    When talking about violence and warfare, Mussolini said he believed it to be a reality of history and not something that should be frowned upon but something that people should be proud of, just like in ancient Rome. He didn't literally mean that going to war was always good, or that a state of constant warfare is good.
    The similarities between National Socialism (Nazi is actually a slur for National Socialist not an abbreviation) and Italian Fascism are mostly the economics and the inner workings of the countries. The only real difference is that Hitler didn't answer to anyone and had complete control of Germany where as Mussolini still had the King above him, and the fact that the Nazi's focused on race and the jewish question. Its a little unfair the way you represent Italian Fascism in this video by saying they were also racist and killed people, you're implying a lot of things and skipping over the history. Musslini was originally opposed to biological racism and didn't believe it existed, he later read Julius Evola's "Doctrine of Race" or "Sintesi di Dottrina della Razza" which broke down the races into 3 categories; race of the body, race of the soul, race of the spirit. He claimed that the race of the body (biological race) was the least important. Mussolini met with Evola and congratulated him and agreed with him. It wasnt until much later when the Nazi's started to influence Italy that they began adopting anti-semitism and racism.
    The actual philosophy of fascism has nothing to do with biological race, or killing, or discrimination, or anything of that sort. Its actually a very sound and practical political theory, its nowhere near as spooky as you made it sound in this video lol.. Unfortunately Italy strayed from their ideals but it shouldnt disqualify the entire discussion around the ideology. I think there's a lot to talk about that everybody is way too afraid to talk about these days.

  28. All 12 POINTS Except the 8th Point EXIST and FORCED to OBEY in All EUROPEAN UNION NATIONs
    We Know Who WON…hahaha..
    Unfortunately NAZISM cannot SPREAD to USA,AUSTRALIA,CANADA,UK,NZealand because They are STOLEN LANDS and MUST be SHARED with Other RACES…
    Therefore ANTI-NAZISM Propaganda is SPREAD in ENGLISH SPHERE.

  29. What's this video got messed up is that many of these traits aren't unique to Fascism, you can find them in Communism, Socialism or Capitalism as well. What it needs to improve is to understand what's really unique about each of them. Focus on the difference is to distinguish them all.

  30. All I can see is all of these ideologies have a small powerful government with a lot of power and limited civilian liberties and arose because people decided to radically and drastically fix what was broken to them.

  31. See I’ve found your video after reading works by Oswald Mosley. He’s been deemed a fascist, yet in many of his works one of his main points were taking Britain into isolation as he didn’t want to lose more people to war. So that conflicts with your’s and many others summary of fascism. Could someone enlighten me?

  32. Communism, Nazism, Facism all have these traits in common:
    * led by a dictator
    * Individual is not recognized
    * no freedom of religion
    * no freedom of speech
    * No protection of private property
    * No freedom of choice for the individual
    * No Freedom to protest or disagree with the State
    * All watched and spied upon; no trust among individuals
    * Obedience is violently enforced.
    * All not equal before the law
    * govt. policies enforced by violence, intimidation, and murder
    * One man and his admirers force their ideas and laws on every one else
    * mass murders of state enemies

  33. My view is that Nazi and Communist beliefs are the same socialist religion of blaming another group for all of your problems. Hitler blamed the Jews, Stalin blamed the rich and Pol Pot in Cambodia blamed the well educated. Only difference is Nazis discriminate by race and Communists discriminate by tribe. Same MO, blame, spread propaganda demonising them, disenpower them then kill them. Notice how third wave feminism has done this with straight white men? Buzz feed and YouTube are full of kill all men and white people , just as Hitler supporters first joked about killing the Jews years before carring it out. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  34. Facism is based on the idea that together we are stronger. When it is said that a nation comes before the individual it's refering to the people. The people is the nation and the nation is it's people. This does not denie the existence of the individual only that the group comes before the individual. (The leader or dictator) is also a individual and should come before the group.(this is not always the case but NO system is safe from bad leaders and it is up to those who come after to learn from the past and move forward to avoid those same mistakes.) The reasoning for a dictator, a elected leader for life who CAN make all final decisions but also get removed from leadership threw the same method , is because it is believed and I believe that threw the current democratic system the people usually too busy with their lives ,justifyablly, to spend copious amounts of time pondering political theory can find them selves getting second hand information threw biased sources or even voting by party lines.(let alone all other forms of influencing political beliefs) add on top lobbying, political favors, the two party system, the constant undermining of each other the multiple levels of goverment that can take months to then get shut down and tried again later. There is no constant need for war that would in particular be bad for the group, but it is justified "when needed"( yes very objective I know) the strong militant order of the goverment is an analogy of for a direct hierarchy and meritocracy. The argument for nationalisation of industry does not mean that you do not own your business only that you are subject to the whims of the goverment at anytime. This is because its believed that even under a regulated economy company's or corporations cannot be trusted to make morally correct decisions. Example ( our health industry, our food industry, our telecommunication industry, our media industry, and our infrastructure.) Promoting masculinity and youth are obvious pluses and you left out promoting motherhood and womanly virtues. I could go on forever with this however for the glaring hole that I think many people see in facism I shall say this. On Giovanni gentiles origins and doctrines in laymen terms. "If it doesn't work then Fucken fix it" and too that I say constitutional facism. Freedom of speech the true right to bare equal arms. (The people are a nation a nation is the people, the state and military are part of the nation) and 2 years military training with paid labor work no actual military combat or work.

  35. Well if you want to understand nazism you'd know to call it national socialism and not the slang term used by national socialist enemies

  36. The argument that just because a political party mentions Socialism, Democratic or left wing ideology doesn't mean they are socialist or have anything in common with Nazi party policies is not panning out very well in 2019, in the UK we have the Labour party rife with ant-semitism, members including elected officials totaling over 600 cases of ant-semitism for 2018 and attempting to stamp it out by changing the rules with very little success, In the USA, very similier senario, that has seen elected officials with strong support also on the left side of politics promoting antisemetic rhetoric much the same as the 1930s Nazi party did prior to their election in 1933 and despite the low turnout in the election giving supporters a free pass after the war, 95.1% of voters in the 1933 German referendum that really gave power had a turnout of 96.3%, which was very much made up of socialists.

    My question is what makes a party socialist, its policies or its members actions, people 30 years ago, long after the war, appeared to really make the distinction very clear to avoid being accused of the unthinkable, being compared to supporters of the Nazi party, today people are less guarded, so was it just a big ruse to avoid the unwanted association with an ideology despite believing in many of its principle's…

  37. When I heard end to child labor, I wondered how the government would be able to enforce that. Then I realized they meant child workers.

  38. Well this is one way to teach people. Short sighted, illiterate, and wrong. Yet still one way to teach people. Better to read Mein Kampf, know the circumstances post World War I and the devastation caused by the treaty of Versailles. The land stolen from Germany. Rather than a blunder of moments. Nationalsozialismus is barely above hippopotamus. Perhaps the mental strain is more than you can endure. Nazi is furthermore a pejorative.

  39. Fascism, or National Socialism, which is far different from Socialism, is a far right ideology, and has 8 main tenants:

    Hyper-Nationalism – the idea of putting their country, or nationality first, and above all others. Usually believing that they are either culturally or racially superior. A sense of strong devotion to the fatherland.

    Militarism – the belief that a strong military is essential, and in a military solution to many major objectives, and the strong enforcement of borders. Military service is usually compulsory.

    Strong Central Leadership – the belief that power should be concentrated at the top, usually with power residing within a single individual, who has a cabinet of people reporting to them to further their agenda. A largely totalitarian government.

    Law & Order State – the belief that strong laws must be in place, and enforced in order to maintain order. In other words, a totalitarian or police state, where the police supervise citizen activities and have strong powers to arrest and/ or detain.

    Conformity – the idea that it is more important for people to conform to the ideal, than to have individual freedom of expression. The collective good is emphasized over the good of the individual. Differences are not appreciated and are looked down upon, if not outlawed or banned.

    Privatization of Industry – the idea that industry should be held firmly in the hands of private owners, and private ownership is preferred to public ownership. Private ownership of existing publicly held industries was usually sold to people loyal to the party, and there was some degree of control and regulation of industry due to the absolutist nature of the government, but preference was usually given to the free market economy, and the principles of economic liberalism. This is perhaps the biggest difference between communism or socialism.

    Single Party System – all other parties are banned, other than the ruling party. Other parties are viewed as dangerous and a threat to the state and the people.

    Censorship and control of the Press – The illusion of a free press with strong censorship and the heavy use of propaganda. An importance was placed on faithfulness to the fatherland, and any activity or opinions contrary to the national interest would be censored.

    If you were to add a ninth tenant it would be the opposition to Marxism and Anarchism.

  40. The National Socialists never ever used the term nazi. The word nazi is a )ew slur word coined by the )ew Konrad Heiden.

  41. I feel that Fascism at it's core is just about securing the existence of a nation and it's people. The only thing that separates different kinds of fascism (and Nazism) are what classifies someone as a member of the nation's people, and how that version of the ideology goes securing the people and the nation.

  42. Also you can add that part of the reason the national socialists didn't deliver everything it promised is that it was only in power for 6 years before war broke out and then stopped existing after another 6 years of war.

    Kind of hard to fix the country in that state. But up until the war they were certainly making a go of it.

  43. The list as to what fascist in general want, 1-8 describes the liberal, leftist or democrat party in the United States. However, anyone that disagrees with them are called a …. wait for it…. I am not kidding…. the MSM does it daily… a …. FASCIST. Now is this not the most ironic thing you have seen?

  44. Fascism and Nazism are not the same. Nazism is racial and also fascism is about nationality and mussolini even said that race is an idea not a reality. He wanted to unite all the people under the roman empires banner which included most europeans and west asians and northern africans. Italy even had a song called facceta nera which praised the beauty of absynianian black women in Ethiopia. Many italians say it was hitler that corrupted mussolini and thier were fascist jewish blackshirts that marched on rome. So classical fascism at first wasnt racist bit bc of a austrian painter with a toothbrush mustache fascism is now tainted.

  45. Nazi is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden during the 1920s, as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, whose mother was Jewish.

  46. Nazism, fascism, communism, socialism, they are all the same thing. They all stem from the idea of "the groupe over the individual". Every decade someone else come with their own spin and calls it something else with a "just name". Now its "democratic socialists. In 10 more years it will be "familyism" with the belief that we are all one family with one head of the nation to care for everyone or something stupid like that.

  47. how can you have a vid about nazism and not say the word holocaust? showing a pic of Auschwitz and saying nazis killed jews isn't enough info on a defining aspect of the system, esp for younger viewers who may not have even heard of the holocaust (it is happening).

  48. When I hear Fascism this is what pops into MY mind.
    – Traditional Gender Roles.
    – Men work women have kids
    – Sexuality is socially enforced through culture and some laws
    – Mixed economy
    – Private property allowed
    – Gun ownership allowed and promoted but not for everyone necessarily.
    – Masculinity and Femininity clearly defined
    – Reproduction
    – The individual is important as it makes up the collective.
    – State first then yourself .
    – Military culture and activities . Not only war. Though I think war harms the State . I'd think fascists would be more into shooting sports instead.
    – Anti Communist , most Liberalism and anti Egalitarianism
    – Acknowledging genetic, social and class differences
    – Sees discrimination as preferences
    – Association and Dissassociation allowed by law and culturally.
    – Uses religion as a method for ostracism, unity, common goal and reproduction.
    – Recognizes the profit motive but it's not #1. Maybe #2.
    – Nation, Family then the Individual
    – Historically it has been anti intellectual but I'm not sure it's inherently anti intellectual in itself . .
    – Abortion is illegal
    – Marriage is between man and woman only. Anything else is degenerate.
    – Sometimes men can have a mistress. But not get her pregnant.
    – Women cannot have lovers .
    – Men Build / Protect. Women Nurture/Birth
    -Anti Democracy. Acknowledge that everybody should not vote as everybody is not smart nor responsible enough to vote. Stake in society .
    – No Rights for women as they don't need them to raise kids plus rights would reduce cohesion..

    Just a few things that come to mind . I'm sure I missed alot

  49. @IskurBlast – I know its a year later but if you happen to see this, Big bankers and industrialists, including Krupp and I. G. Farben, had lobbied Hindenburg and schemed behind the scenes on behalf of Hitler because they were convinced he would be good for business. He promised to be for free enterprise and keep down Communism and the trade union movements. In the book Krupp Arms, author Wm. Manchester describes Alfred Krupp's reaction to a meeting with other industrialists of the nation in a chapter entitled 'We've Hired Hitler! (It) turns out that you couldn't be anymore wrong.

  50. I think a lot of people get totalitarianism mixed up with Fascism, It doesn't help that the original definition used for fascism is basically what totalitarianism is.

  51. Even we hate (real autocratic) Nazi (from Germany) like the past(1937~1945). But (maybe routinely) Nazism is very different from real Nazi like the past(1937~1945). For example, if Republic of Korea(=now South Korea)🇰🇷 absorb, collapse and unify North(🇰🇵) (with Republic of Korean🇰🇷 force), it's a sort of Republic of Korean🇰🇷 Nazism. East Asian communism🇰🇵🇨🇳 has given evil threats to not only our country🇰🇷 but also other true countries like Republic of China🇹🇼.

  52. Those points for fascism kind of match quite well to the German AFD.
    Fun fact; AFD is strong only in east Germany.
    I guess the reunion of Germany was a mistake.

  53. I'm confused again. Why was Fascist Mussolini so friendly with Soviet Russia? Why did he call himself the Lenin of Italy? "Author David Ramsey Steele painted Mussolini as “the Che Guevara of his day, a living saint of leftism. Handsome, courageous, charismatic, an erudite Marxist, a riveting speaker and writer, a dedicated class warrior to the core, he was the peerless duce of the Italian Left" He often also  boasted that fascism was the same as communism.

  54. My country loves tradition and history because we have it for a long time
    It's almost all white but we don't hate anyone, on the contrary anyone who comes to my country as a tourist talks about awesome hospitality. We're all very patriotic and patriotic songs believe it or not are more popular than any other type of genre (pop,rock,hip hop etc..) Homosexualism is medieval proportions, almost none, and if there is some they will get beaten by hooligans. Our parole is keep it for yourself, don't promote it, because we don't promote straight sexuality. Our women are 70% of the time doing housechores only and take care of the kids, and before you call it anti-feminism or some shit, they don't complain at all, if they wan't to work they work, they are happy. We don't even know what feminism is but we had two female presidents and some of our famous WW2 fighters were women, but after war they went back to housekeeping and never said "oh I'm a strong independent woman" even tho they could beat the shit out of these "strong" independent women today.
    We're stereotypical alcoholics,football(soccer) fans. Are we fascists? Lol

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