Underground Templar Caves | Lost Cities with Albert Lin

Underground Templar Caves | Lost Cities with Albert Lin

Ah! Eliezer? Yes. It’s so nice to meet you. Welcome, welcome. This is beautiful! Yes! This is where the
Templars actually hung out? In here? No, no, no. This is not the Templar. We are in the right place,
but in the wrong time. Let’s go. If we want to see
the Templar building, we have to go down
beneath this church. [music playing] Here?
This is it? Yeah. Under this door, we are
going to see another world. We [inaudible]. This is like out
of a movie right now. Are you kidding me? We’re going to go
into a secret door– Yeah. –behind a junk shop? [key turning] Wow. Let’s go. What! Wow! This is incredible! Now we are in the right
time, in the right place. Here we are in the
12th and 13th century. This is underground,
buried crypt. This is really where the
Templar was 800 years ago. So creepy. I’m standing in a room that
ancient, medieval knights, the Knights Templar hung out in? Yes, they lived here
more than 200 years. I bet they never
thought there’d be a bionic foot on their floor. This is the first
floor of the building. But in the 13th century, the
crusader church was above us. So we were just standing,
a few moments ago, in another church right above me? Mm-hmm. So there’s church upon church? Yeah. It’s kind of crazy because
when you stand down here, it doesn’t look all that
different from the church upstairs in terms of style. Because you have the arches– The arches and
everything, yes. But if you are
looking carefully, the Templar masonry
work, it’s completely another architecture. Wow. The stones are much bigger
than the 19th century building. Look at that. It’s very famous in
the crusader period that a lot of stones
has the masonry marks. Whoa. So you see you this line– Or maybe here, this one. Oh, yes, exactly this one. So this is actually the
mark of somebody’s chisel? Mm-hmm, form of the Templar. Ah, this is so cool! When you find something that
you can connect to the people that actually built
this building, this is what’s so
exciting for me. Because you actually
get to the person? Yes, exactly. [music playing] ALBERT LIN (VOICEOVER):
Further below the modern city, about 10 feet beneath the
crypt, are more vaults. The secret chambers, a
medieval knights’ crypt. Nuts. ALBERT LIN (VOICEOVER):
We’ve established that this was a
Templar building, but I don’t know
what it was used for. Wow! (QUIETLY) Wow. This is carved out
of the earth, huh? (ECHOING) Hello! What is this? This is for
collecting rainwater. It’s a huge,
underground water tank. You can actually
see the little channel where the water pours in
from the rain, right there. The Holy Land is
very, very warm. We are in the Middle East
and you need the water. ALBERT LIN (VOICEOVER):
Eliezer has excavated three of these
25,000 gallon tanks so far. And he believes
there are many more.

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  1. There are a variety of similarities and differences between these two churches, which were built many years apart. What are your thoughts on these underground caves?


  3. I'm portuguese so I love to learn the history of the knights templar. Can't wait for the episodes of lost cities with Albert Lin, I saw the lost treasure of maya and it's absolutely amazing!!!

  4. Question for anyone who may know; Ive seen alot of these ancient water cisterns- and im wondering if/how did they keep the standing water from going bad? Or did they expect it to, & boil it? Would be a terrible job to empty it if it had gone foul…

  5. This documentary must released in completed form, or make a completed form, is very much worth it, and a long and fully detailed if its possible. The part of the water tank reminds me the deep underground water tank with stairs and walls from big and heavy stones (actually, all Mycenae was made by enormously big and heavy stones) i visit in Mycenae in Greece few years ago built ~ 3.500 ago!! All very interesting.

  6. Why does the host sound like this is archaeology with one of the guys from Jersey Shore. One of those typical American jocks whose sole contribution is saying 'cooool, 'awesome', 'amazing', while wearing a hippie scarf so they can cosplay Indiana Jones. Can they have a host that is a historian or archaeologists that has useful commentary and has narrating charisma (like Bettany Hugues or Neil Oliver types)?

  7. So, the Templars who was chased, hunted, bound and burned at the front of the church in 1307 by Pope Clement-V when the Templars rode from Jerusalem to Europe.., then the Templars built that church? GREAT!

    what a joke LoL

  8. Multiple cisterns for a group of knights seems reasonable. Catch and store every drop possible. If it rains and fills all of your tanks it’s wise to build more. Spare capacity is better than not enough water.

  9. Temple pillar = Templar.
    Temp for temperature and the knowledge of spiritual hot and cold.
    More war calculation's = more heat.

  10. Why didn't they turn on the lights hanging on the wall when they enter? …oh! Wait! This is a scripted and directed documentary.. I get it 😂

  11. People are commenting that this guy is bland. However, i feel his enthusiasm and awe. I think that's something that a lot of hosts lack and makes the show a lot better!

  12. Just watched this show. I had a question while watching but forget what it was…The underground mapping was cool.

  13. I guess game of thrones was also shot here for dragon hiding and when cersei and jamie hides in the 7th season while dying

  14. theres MASSIVE underground facilities in southern Kentucky. it stretches over 3 counties. Monticello, albany and burkesville.

  15. Whats with the fake highlighted shapes? Is that supposed to make us think there are hidden messages in the chisel mark? What a joke.

  16. Skip. National Geogrpahic doesn't know the difference bettwen a cave and a cistern . They used to be accurate, but have veered off into hyperbole and bad science ever since the Murdochs bought them. And..I'm surprised that there wasn't a mention of any ancient aliens.

  17. one of my ancient ancestors was a Templar Knight, Sir Robert De Ferriers ( 2nd Earl of DerbyShire ) , died at the battle of Acre ( his son William became the 3rd Earl of DerbyShire after his death )

  18. I think this archaeologist was correct when he mentioned the link to people. This is exactly what the builders and organisation were, a link to people, a society building social structures for people. Good excerpt.

  19. Many more cave systems that were Templar throughout Malta as well… Many artifacts awaiting rediscovery some day…

  20. That place is clearly open to the public, it has a railing and obviously sees a lot of traffic. You can see it’s rigged with lights in several places, yet they don’t turn them on to make it seem more mysterious… journalism at its best..

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