Unboxing Capitalist Products With Anti-Fascist | Newsbroke (AJ+)

Unboxing Capitalist Products With Anti-Fascist | Newsbroke (AJ+)

[punk music] What’s up YouTube? It’s me, Trot. And me your boy, Sky! Your favorite enemies of the state back here with another episode of Weapons of Mass Distraction. Consumer reviews for anti-capitalists. WMDs is the only YouTube show with independent product reviews. No sponsorships, no pre-roll ads, and no one telling us what to do or what to — [vacuum noise] MOM! Can you please stop vacuuming right now ’cause we’re in the middle of vlogging! For those of you don’t know, Sky’s mom still participates in heteronormative gender roles. Hashtag I Love Her Still. Today we’ve re-appropriated a bunch of shiny new objects and put them to the Antifa test. And then as always we decide whether these mechanisms of mind control should be smashed or bashed. SMASH OR BASH!! Our first item this week is the Amazon Echo. Already I can tell you that this product is problematic because it uses the gendered name Alexa, which reinforces the subservient status of women. Also it doesn’t even connect to Apple music which sucks. You have Apple music bro? Alexa, what film won best picture in 1999? “Best picture 1999 was Shakespeare in Love.” Yeah that’s kind of cool, Alexa how do you dismantle white supremacy? “I think you said Guardians of the Galaxy 2 showtimes. 7:10, 8:20-” Alexa stop! The Master’s tools will never dismantle the Master’s house! Right, but also …. Alexa: rap. “My name is Alexa and I’m here to say Amazon Prime is the only way. boom chicka boom boom chick.” That’s pretty tight … … it’s also cultural appropriation! So should we smash or bash? SMASH IT!!!! Next we have a beautiful brand-new iPhone 7 BASH IT!! Wait let me let me Instagram Our next product to review is a fidget spinner, a neoliberal hypnosis device used to lull the masses into complacency because it’s so spinny. What does it even do? no no no let it spin it looks chill but it’s actually sketch. Spinning you around corporate America’s little finger. So what should we do? Smash or bash? Well let’s maybe just one more… I say we bash it!! Come on Sky, escapism is defeatism! That’s true, but on the other hand, it glows in the dark. And also it does over a 100,000 revolutions per minute. Remember, Sky: just because it does revolutions doesn’t mean it’s down for the revolution. Next up we’ve got the Booty Max Home Workout Insert long rod into syation hub and screw tight That’s what she said. I’m so sorry. It’s pretty easy to install and setup — insert handle– like the cops set me up For just $14.45 you too can own this tool of the patriarchy and try and try and and mold your body into an anti-feminist archetype for the pleasure of the male gaze. -It’s easy to use though. Feels really good on my hammy. -Contrary to what the patriarchy in your head says, you do not need this gadget to cure you of your body dysmorphia. -It’s portable too, which is great because then you can workout that butt anywhere, you know, OOH! I broke it. I broke it Maybe if you want quality weapons of mass distraction, don’t pay slave wages to workers in windowless factories. Now it’s just another piece of plastic waiting to choke a sea turtle. Yeah and I hurt my leg. Made in China? Unmade in America! Finally, as seen on TV, aka your puppet master, we’re unboxing the Slanket. Is this the innovation of your beloved capitalism? A backwards robe?! It’s actually hella comfortable though and it’s got a pocket right here, you could put, like a fidget spinner in, or your cat. okay it is very soft and machine washable. And the skulls are pretty cool too. Skulls are cool. So what should we do? Bash or smash? I mean it could come in handy for like … so for those early-morning lockdowns outside neo Nazi rallies, Trot and Sky say to the Slanket, no bashing, no smashing … STASHING! Can I try it on again? I picked it out … What do we say about private property, Sky? Ownership is theft, dude. Yeah but …. pleeeeease Thanks for watching WMDs, remember, f*ck the patriarchy, f*ck white supremacy, f*ck the pigs and subscribe to our channel. Yeah, and like and comment and tell us how you are dismantling systems of oppression in your life and [vacuum starts again] MOM! Can you not vacuum now please!! Stay tuned next week when we review a 5000 pixel cinema display from Apple. Spoiler alert! We’re gonna smash it! Subscribe to Newsbroke! There’s a button around here somewhere find it click it. also let us know in the comments whether you would have smashed or bashed the products that Trot and Sky smashed or bashed and whether you have other products that you also want to see smashed or bashed. Or guess what kind of rock that we used to bash I’ll give you one more look at it … what kind of rock is this? I’ll give you a hint I spent twenty dollars and bought it Shh that’s such a capitalist thing to say

66 thoughts on “Unboxing Capitalist Products With Anti-Fascist | Newsbroke (AJ+)

  1. The fidget spinner was actually invented to distract Palestinian children, so it is quite literally an imperialist tool.

  2. 1. Wait what was the first episode??

    2. But I like Amazon πŸ™

    3. Smash the fidget spinner for the love of humanity.

  3. I don't know what is going on, but I am liking the "Anti-Fascist Product Reviews." I would how many people will be upset by this and think their promoting violence? Curious?? anyone know the answer???? shared this on our site… peace people.. Keep on keeping Newsbroke… love it.

  4. i hate that i love this. also i feel bad for not keeping up with the time the videos drop. i was doing so good.

  5. Don't lie, you know you love that booty max workout resistance band training for making summer-ready toned bigger butt, thighs, quads, calves, or arms. It feels very good on your hammies. Everything in moderation though.

    I would have not smashed that fidget spinner. How are you supposed to infiltrate the capitalists ranks without one?

  6. Just finished watching the movie"happiness", has anyone else watched this movie? I saw it years ago in the theater and forgot alot of it… It was a good rewatch though(and my girlfriend had never seen it, so…. I'm cool)… Later taters

  7. If you hate fascism so much why do you take money from al jazeera? If anyone is not aware al jazeera is owned by Qatar and Qatar owns slaves, and executes gays

  8. The funny part is that product reviewing for other consumers is such a capitalist thing to do…looks cool, but is actually sketch!

    Also, are robots capable of appropriating culture? Is any act of a robot resembling human action an appropriation of humab culture? Or would the robot's software developers be the ones appropriating culture? Can we punish robots with jail time?

  9. *Heteronormative gender roles. Cultural appropriation. Escapism is defeatism. It's down for the revolution. Anti-feminist archetype.*

  10. Somehow I missed this video! I feel the internal conflict between acknowledging the systems of oppression almost all consumer goods are wrapped up in and trying to be a normal person who engages with consumer culture instead of being a weird lefty.

    I would have SMASHED a car, since it's pretty clear that the consumption of oil is responsible for a bunch of wars and the destruction of the environment. I avoid driving whenever possible.

  11. hmm I have my grandads webley revolver it's attracted to any thing Fascist ironically or non ironic it's turning around towards you hmm BEGONE FASCIST ANTIFA SCUM AND THERE NO HEAVEN IT GOT COLLECTVISED WITH HELL

  12. This is fckn AMAZING!!! It makes ANTIFA look like the complete retards that they are.
    Idk if I should like or dislike.

  13. It sounds like you are making fun of anti fascists, I can't tell. White supremacy is real and serious and needs to be opposed especially in 2019 when the president of the United states is in league with the alt right. Maybe your just making fun of the anti fascist black bloc image that the media portrays, I don't know it's hard to tell with the way your comedy is playing out

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