Un Lugar Impresionante Para Visitar en Chiapas | Cascada El Chiflón

Un Lugar Impresionante Para Visitar en Chiapas | Cascada El Chiflón

-I’m gonna get on a moto taxi. Hi friends! I welcome you to our beautiful nature here in Chiapas, Mexico. Today I’m exploring Las Cascadas El Chiflón here in Chiapas. My friend from France is here with me, Orane. -Orane. -Orane. Orane. Also, another friend from Brazil. Talita. -Hi. Today we’re just wandering around seeing how beautiful this nature is. I’m finally meeting my new friends in this trip to El Chiflón. -Hi friends! How are you! Guess who I’m with!? They’re the kinetic Kennons! -Yes. I’m pretty sure you have seen them because I have a few mutual friends on my instagram. Guys, what do you think of this park? I just got here. -It’s awesome. -I feel like we’re in… -I don’t know what it’s called in Spanish but, como Hawaii. -I don’t know the name in Spanish. -But it’s very awesome. -You will get wet up there. -We’re so wet. That’s a small preview of our trip. -Bye! Aprecio mucho esto amigos. Thank you. -Déjanos saberlo por instagram cuando publiques el video. I’m going in a waterfall calle “Velo De Novia”. This is where we find a lot of water and we will get wet. The waterfall is so big that it gets us wet. It made me put my stuff away. I don’t want it to get wet so I’m recording with my phone. The quality may be bad. -Ya me duche. ¡Estas empapada! ¡Que experiencia verdad! -Es muy fuerte. Deberias de intentarlo. If you notice, it feels like it’s raining because of the waterfall’s pressure. ¡Es simplemente fascinante! ¡Es impresionante! ¡Es asombroso! ¡Estas empapada! -¡Esta lloviendo! -It is a waterfall. Look how beautiful! See how beautiful our nature is. Let’s get this content guys! -Hi! I’m feeling the drops as if they were rain drops. The difference is that this is a waterfall. We’re almost on top of the waterfall! I’m going down now because my phone is getting wet. These are the risks of not having a waterproof camera. It can get damaged. Look how wet I got. So wet. We got so wet ma’am. -Yes we did. Look how wet I got in less than 30 seconds. I just went and came back and look at me. Ready to get in the river? We’re going higher up where we’ll find the “Arcoiris” waterfall. According to the signs, the “Quinceañera” is also there. To get up there we have to go up these. These steps. There aren’t many. Uphill is flat. It’s very flat. I can feel more of the heat up here. Down there, where we had a nice view of the Velo De Novia waterfall, was a lot cooler because you get wet. You get very wet. It’s because of the watery wind. You will feel that cold. We’re higher up now where we might see the water drop from the river. Maybe. I think. Let’s go check a bit more of that. ¿Te mojaste? -Solo mis pies. -¿Tu no? Ando descalzo. Sin calcetines. -Nothing. -¡Son buenas botas! -¡Aprovadas! Esas son las botas que quiero. Son buenas botas. -No, no sirven. Good boots. ¿No sirven? -Si. -Hay agua dentro. Ah bueno son buenas para hiking. -No son buenas para las cosas de Chiapas. No son buenas para las cosas de Chiapas. Todavía tenemos un tramo que ir hacia arriba, ¿cierto? La Quinceañera. ¡No puedo esperar para ver La Quinceañera! ¿Sabes que es una quinceañera? -Yes, it’s here in Mexico? -For girls. -Yes. -It’s for their 15th birthday, right? Yes. -It’s a party and all. -The girl transforms into a woman. Yes. -It’s male chauvinist. Are you dancing “El bals”? We can dance salsa. We learned to dance salsa. We’re gonna dance salsa in La Quinceañera, okay. These waterfalls in Cascadas El Chiflón are surprising, fascinating, wonderful, and awesome! I love everything here! Guys, we’re getting to the end of the vlog. I didn’t get in the water because the current is very violent and I don’t feel very comfortable just jumping in because I was injured in the most safe of places. What I can tell you is that you’ll get an experience here by just walking. Preciousness. It’s a beautiful place to be hones.t The way I got here was from my hostel in San Cristobal. We went to the bus station and found a mini van. Find the bus station, then cross the boulevard main street. You’ll find mini vans to Comitán. Once there, ask about getting another mini van to Las Cascadas El Chiflón. You normally cross a the boulevard. Get to the other side. You’ll find different mini vans that can bring you here. After that we got a moto taxi. The moto taxi brought us to Las Cascadas El Chiflón for a good price. I never thought I was gonna see something as beautiful as these waterfalls. I think this is all for now my friends. If you’re new, feel welcome. Check out all the videos I’ve made because I think you’ll like them. You’ll like them a lot. I’m leaving now. I hope everyone is well. Have a beautiful day! See you next time!

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  1. Hola Juan Antonio vlog un documental de cuento de hadas y las hojitas de la madre naturaleza llenas de su majestuoso rocio viva chiapas new era nueva era 🙂

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