Ukrainian Nationalist – New Regime Is As Bad As The Separatists [ENG Sub] (Shuster Live)

Ukrainian Nationalist – New Regime Is As Bad As The Separatists [ENG Sub] (Shuster Live)

Shuster: Did you want to say something? Vitaliy Golubev, [from] Rovno, Chief Editor of the Publishing House [OGO] First of all, I think about 90% of the audience are thinking: “Why the heck are we discussing this at all?” We should be much more interested in the Verkhovna Rada [~Parliament] of Ukraine, and not Russia’s Duma! I would think that, rather than [Rada] declaring the Russian elections illegitimate, millions of Ukrainians would gladly declare our Rada to be illegal! To kick out all these clowns, liars, and demagogues, who are fighting – physically boxing with each other in Parliament – over who gets to rob our country the most! I have to say that there will be no patriotism, no respect for our states when thousands more Ukrainians, every day, have to leave to look for work in Russia. While you here are chatting about Putin’s party winning elections, those Ukrainians no longer consider Russia to be an “aggressor”. For them, Russia is a new home. And the “aggressor”, for them, is the new Ukrainian regime, which has destroyed businesses and factories, which has legislated ruinous utility tariffs! And today, many thousands of Ukrainians are bringing real money back from Russia – so that their families wouldn’t starve here in Ukraine! And they don’t have a problem with Russian Duma election results. And the people are marveling at you, esteemed members of Parliament, arguing about a law on the special elections in the Donbass. You say – if we allow them to have special elections, then bandits will get elected there. So what? Aren’t governments here composed of bandits, anyway? Our Parliament is already full of bandits. Only bandits there kill at the frontlines, and the bandits here are killing Ukraine from the inside. Via corruption. By shutting down factories [to quickly sell them] for scrap. By refusing to have reforms. Those bandits are just the same as DLPR, only the lack of weapons makes them more dangerous, because they act from the inside. It’s our, Ukrainian, Putin. Usurping power [from the people]. Esteemed members of Parliament, please explain to me: Why don’t we have healthcare reform [for 2.5 years]? …
It’s because you’re squabbling over control of insurance companies. Why don’t we have a law on amber [mining]? …
Because the Rada parties are squabbling over that, too. While you are busy chatting about this or that political party losing elections in Russia, Verkhovna Rada is stealing Ukraine from under us! So, for the people to respect our govenment, and for the Ukrainians to be proud for their country You need to start caring about wages, pensions, standards of living [of common people] Make laws that would allow people to live with dignity in their own country, instead of going to “foreign aggressors” to survive If Ukraine can become a place where people can have a good life, then people can be proud of their country [and government].

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  1. I am so moved by this mans honest plea. Take your country back Ukraine from these globalist bastards and get on the right side of history.

  2. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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