Ukraine’s Hyper-Nationalist Military Summer Camp for Kids | NBC Left Field

Ukraine’s Hyper-Nationalist Military Summer Camp for Kids | NBC Left Field

Hello.>>Hi Spike, how are you?>>I’m good thanks.>>So I’m looking through the documentary
you shot for us in Ukraine, basically I just wanted to ask if you
could take me through a few things. We’re looking at these kids at camp,
right? Like singing around a camp fire?>>This is a summer camp for children run by a military
battalion on the outskirts of Kiev. Summer camps in Ukraine are common,
but this one is much more extreme. The kids spend a week on the camp. They learn patriotic songs,
they receive firearms combat training, and they participate in
combat reconstructions. The children that you’re
seeing in this edit, half of them have a direct
relationship to battalion called Azov.>>So, who is Azov?>>Azov are a controversial
Ukrainian battalion. After Crimea’s annexation, the official Ukrainian military
didn’t have enough soldiers to fight. So civilians formed many of
their own volunteer battalions. One which was Azov soon after in November
twenty fourteen Azov were brought into the official national guard. So now they’re a legitimate battalion. He’s incredible, Smolny. His memory of patriotic literature and
poems was incredible. The kids live in tents and sometimes
they’re woken up at 3 AM by fireworks, or like, a smoke grenades, and they have to get
out of their tents and simulate combats. But, if you ask any of them,
they enjoy it.>>These guys saw action, right? Who were they actually fighting against,
in that archive footage?>>They are fighting Russian sympathizers. It’s not Russian army,
it’s Russian rebels, I suppose, or perhaps even Ukrainian
born Russian sympathizers. I want to pick up on the nationalism thing. What do they identify as
being a nationalist of Ukraine.>>Number one is not to be Russian. Because for the last 100 years,
Russia had been oppressing and pushing at their borders. And number two is to hold onto
whatever Ukrainian identity they did have and still do have. So, they’re sitting between Russia and
Russia’s ideologies, but also not wanting to join
a liberalizing Western Europe.>>And did you get a sense that people like approve or
don’t approve of these camps?>>The idea of the Azov
camps specifically is less popular depending on
who you speak to. The Ukrainian public offer
them some gratitude for the work they did in 2014 in terms of
saving part of the East of Ukraine. But, their ideologies are radical for
the rest of Ukraine. They don’t like immigration,
they don’t like foreigners.>>The fear that they’re feeling, does that link to nationalism some how?>>Historically how their nationalism
relates to fear, it’s fear of their language being squashed by Russia. It’s fear of their land
being taken away by Russia.>>Is there an argument to
be made that these camps kind of are stoking the fear or
providing a solution?>>I mean it’s difficult to say, isn’t it? If the children didn’t go to these camps
the children wouldn’t have such a deep idea of Ukraine-Russian history. But then I guess if the war came closer,
would they be hindered by that? I don’t know, I’m sure the camps do
propagate the fear, but whether or not it’s necessary,
I really don’t know either.>>I think we’ve got everything, Spike.>>Okay, good luck.>>Speak to you soon.>>Bye.

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  1. Why not make a fu*king move about how the Hitlerjugend was a good thing in your opinion and gave the Germans confidence in the fight against the evil bolshevik and non-arians….

  2. Pure hypocricy of hypocricies! Seeing manhating and xenophobic education you speak of Russian "oppression" of Ukraine… Dear me! The filmmaker is so deluded. The mere statehood and most territories were given to Ukraine by Russia, a lot of governers in Russia were and are Ukrainians, and for all the post-Soviet history Russia didn't infringe on any Ukrainian lands, only sold energy products much cheaper than to others. Until the nationalist coup, after which the first law voted by the Ukr. parliament was on the ban of using Russian in public communication, then officially adopted course to NATO and kicking the Russian Navy out of Crimea (even before the end of the bilateral international agreement) and many other anti-Russian things. But even if Russian policies have their own faults the hitlerjugend-type brainwashing can never be justified.

  3. There are was a lot similar camps in Russian Federation, this is the answer, terrible answer…

  4. yes, very strange that after Russia steal Crimea (march 2014) and sent armed people to Donbass some of ukrainians is turned to rusophobic
    also you can try to translate and read comments from russians here, and you will be surprised with how much they HATE Ukraine/Ukrainian people

  5. Украина, на сегодняшний день, это идущий с говном в Никуда самосвал. И прогрессивные человечество просто обязано придать, этому самосвалу, правильное направление. Заявил президент ам-рики Тра-мп на G-20 в Гамбурге.

  6. I don't have it in me to watch the whole thing, but in the first 8 seconds of the video, subtitles say "We will conquer the whole world" while there is no such spoken line by the kid.
    I'm not advocating for this Camp, but do you really have to make up stuff like that in your "report"?
    I mean, I could go over the whole thing and look for other "mistakes" but if you straight up lie in the first 8 secods, why should I give this any credibility?

  7. Мелковаты они , и от этого более мерзостны нежели гитлеровские нацисты. У тех гимн молодёжный круче был :
    Пусть мир обратится в руины
    Всё перевернётся вверх дном
    Мы юной земли властелины
    Свой заново выстроим дом.

    А эти , местечковые нацики только Москву запалить мечтают да Кубань оттяпать.
    Смешные , опасные и тупые. И ведь действительно , через пару поколений , они войнушку с нами учинят. И как обычно , Россия её закончит в столице врага.
    Паршивая перспектива для ещё не родившихся детей.

  8. жаль эту молодеж, им еще предстоит умирать за ебаное ничего. хотя нет, не жаль.

  9. NBC promotes hatred towards Ukraine, allowing hate speech and praising russian chauvinism in comments.
    Reported as violent and insulting content.

  10. It looks like Americans do not watching NBC, it looks like only Russians trolls watching NBC.

    Also. On 9 second child say "А нам на все начхати" — "We don’t give a snap for all that", NOT "We will conquer the whole world!"

    Ukrainians and Ukrainian nationalists never want foreign land. Ukrainians just want live in his country. In our Constitution we have article that say "Ukraine — neutral country". Our independence, sovereignty and neutrality was guaranted by USA, UK and Russia(!) in Budapesht memorandum. You saw price of papers and international guaranties. Now Ukrainians have to fight or… die — current Russian propaganda say "there are no Ukrainians", "there are no Ukraine, it's artifical state" and so on. Goals of Moscow: annexation then genocide of our best out people like Russians already did in Sandarmokh, Katyn and so on and genocide in case of rebellion like Russians did during three Holodomor's.

  11. Ukrainian children have the right to know, that Russia has attacked their homeland, and they have the right to learn, how to protect their lives from Russian fascists

  12. NBC NEWS, I have spent more time with Azov than this guy. If youd like more coverage please email me. He says they are not fighting Russian military, but that's not accurate. anyone who has been following the war knows Russian soldiers are directly involved. I was with Azov in Shyrokyne while they fought against Russian militia lead by Russian special forces

  13. NBC – They're using Nazi symbols, they are Nazis. They are genocidally racist scum. You bunch of sell outs. Hitlerjugend! One day you will lose your place on the ladder once you lose your usefulness to the rich men and you, too, will be stuck in war torn areas and suffer what all the black and brown people's around the world have suffered. Think about it a lot more.
    I'm thankful a good majority of the people posting here know what is up. Thank you to Yasha Levine for the heads up.

  14. Just giving it a dislike because I don't want other nazi-oriented crap in the ''possible videos I might be interested in''.

    GG US! First you give them money, then when the time is right, you will tell Russia: ''Sorry. Apparently we made a mistake. Looks like they are nazis, after all. Oh well.. I guess we allow you to go to war now wide greedy smiles ''. And we have these morons in EU. Thanks for that. ''Thank you'' very much!

  15. War has come already. Russia took 7% of territory. The journalists here on the video told that Azov is against foreigners, but actually all the characters here on this video were talking, singing, yelling etc. about russians only. Russians are not accepted by their ideology only, but not all the foreigners. Young generation of ukrainians do not have a chance to not to be involved significantly into what is happening there. You might be shocked with the image thou


  17. Wrong translation and lies. He did not say " We will conquer the whole world". There is no dislike of foreigners taught by Azov. It has accepted lots of foreigners into its ranks. Ukraine is very multiethnic. So stop distorting this.

  18. It's worse than Hitlerjugend, it's white-skinned Africa with child soldiers. In the middle of Europe. A Brave New World…

  19. Очень похоже, на то как боевики ИГ прививают детям с раннего возраста стать шахидами. Такая же атрибутика… Если у ИГИЛ – знамя джихада, чёрная паранджа и речёвки имеющие религиозное значение, то у этих: флаг украины, маски на лицах, речёвки содержащие открытый нацизм. Будут эти малолетние пиздюки, охранять дачи и гаражи с Фиррари их чиновников и готовится сдохнуть, за за самую бедную страну где нет и нечему гордится а только лишь где какую-то "славу" кричать могут… Откровенный нацизм… Порошюгенд

  20. 8 августа стало известно о ранении на фронте известного сербского ополченца Деки (Деяна Берича).

  21. ВАЖНО: «Правый сектор» стягивает силы, чтобы отомстить ВСУ за убитых «побратимов», командование «АТО» намерено ликвидировать нацистов

  22. Гитлерюгенд и США поддерживает такой фашизм на Украине.

  23. весь мир должен знать какое гавно взращивается в украине, как из детей делают скотов.

  24. Только утилизация, всех кто участвовал, с наколками, из сетей, всех в могилу, это не люди…

  25. на самом деле – все их усилия тщетны: дети вырастут и поймут весь абсурд. Многие из нас были пионерами …и где все это? А если их экономика и будет падать – эти же дети потом и возненавидят все то, что привело к обнищанию

  26. Не ставьте дизлайк! Это видео должны видеть в европах и штатах!

  27. Да полный ппц ,и украина еще Россию называет агрессорами ))?Кем вырастут эти детишки? Кого "доблестный" Азов воспитывает ?Да Гитлеру такого и не снилось,короче Украина сама себя сгубит или уже сгубила ,нет у нее будущего с такими воспитателями

  28. 1. Oh, you don't dare to say N-word it offends "afro-americans" we will you sue for it. Are you a Nazi? 2. What? Killing Russians in Donetsk – sounds like a great idea, let's send our money there. – American logic, 2017

  29. Пока россияне будут продолжать войну против Украины, их можно и нужно убивать.
    По праву самозащиты.
    Украинские дети должны расти в ненависти к московскому ублюдку, ненависти за всю ту кровь, которую он пролил, они должны и будут расти в готовности убить любого из них в любой момент.
    Иначе он убьет их.

  30. Well no kidding. Ukraine does not want to have Russia killing 10 % of their population by starvation. Look it up ! Holodomor where Stalin starved millions of Kulacks during the 1930's. Ukrainians want to be free of Russians.

  31. Read the history of Ukraine. Read about the Holodomor ! Read about Stalin's killing fields. Communism has killed over 100 M. Read about Pol Pot in Cambodia ! Read about Kim Il Jin in North Korea. Nations like Ukraine want freedom ! They know what invaders will do. Communism has killed 10 % of the best people wherever it has gone. Read about Karl Marx and Lenin.

  32. What's funny is the MSM demonizes Russia on a daily basis now yet when this video was made obummer was pres and we acted like Russia was our friend. These kids are only preparing for a total russia takeovwr that the entire world thinks is entirely possible. So in other words these kids want to protect their own but if you ask the Fake News hacks who filmed it they are Nazis. Oh the irony.

  33. WOW! Continuation of Wolyn massacre (just shift from Poles to Muscovites)? Exciting! Good job USA & EU! Only human rights for "recognized" peoples, i.e. – not for brachycephalic ones?

  34. Of course a bunch of little beta Brits would be doing coverage on this. Since they seem to have such a problem with people taking pride or wanting to protect their countries in these modern times. But they seem to have no problem with their nation's being overrun with hordes of turd worlders and jihadists.

  35. Фашисты любой национальности одинаковы.
    Fascists of any nationality are the same.
    Фашисти будь-якої національності однакові.

  36. подрастает удобрение для русских земель Донбасса, Херсона, Одессы. и тд.

  37. (((NBC))) double standards its the same situation with macedonia and bulgaria but you're on the bulgarian side

  38. Russian back Army in Ukrainian Country this is Proven time and time again from military hard ware to Troops Caught and found

  39. Songs with lines like "Death death to the Muscovites" NBC labeled as "pro-Ukrainian campfire songs"? BRAVO!

  40. Believe in what you want to believe. But between your nice life in Europe and total destruction of the world which you know by russian regime of bloody dictator putin, is only the people of Ukraine. None of you, sleeping Europeans have guts to fight. So be grateful for people of Ukraine, who keeps yours way of life and your life's itself safe.

  41. какие всё-таки украинцы нелюди….детям психику ломают с самого детства…

  42. Я думаю европейцам и всему миру надо не такие фильмы снимать и пытаться оправдывать национализм (чей бы он не был), как это было до 1939 года!!!!!!!!!!!! А дуть во все горны и требовать от властей этой страны прекратить действие подобных лагерей!!! И надо это сделать в первую очередь ЕС, т.к. это они такое развязали и если не предотвратят, то в конце концов сами и будут пожинать результаты своей толерантности как это уже было в середине ХХ века!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Сектантская промывка мозгов для изготовления тупых орудий исполнения преступных приказов

  44. Что эти ублюдки фашистские и сделали, отделившись от Советского (Европейского) Союза! -"Разделяй и властвуй (лат. divide et impera) — принцип государственной власти, к которому часто прибегают правительства государств, состоящих из разнородных частей, и, согласно которому, лучший метод управления таким государством — разжигание и использование вражды между его частями."

  45. Where are the authorities, where are the world's outcry??? This looks like a Hitlerjugend…. Kids that brought up with hatred and loathing towards other nations WILL become the new era of the fascism. And that is sad…. Why are we allowing THIS happen AGAIN???



  48. NBC, Ukrainian population hates Azov battalion, its "soldiers" are bitten many times in Kiev, Kharkov, even in West Ukraine. They did not save part of East Ukraine, they looted, plundered it and murdered hundreds of civilians there. Azov is a criminal organization spreading hatred and violence.

  49. fake 0:06 he doesn't say "we will conquer the world" and at 2:52 the commentator says they're not fighting the russian army, also fake, the whole civilized world has placed Russia under sanctions for its war against Ukraine. Really disappointed with this footage…

  50. Europe and the USA are against nazism when it is against them and the jews. If nazism is against Russia, Europe and the United States favor Nazism.

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