Ukraine: Yatsenyuk brands ultra-nationalist protesters worse than Russian “terrorists”

Ukraine: Yatsenyuk brands ultra-nationalist protesters worse than Russian “terrorists”

Those political forces have come not to protect the constitution, but to rape the constitution and Ukraine. They are worth less then than Russian bandits and terrorists from the East, who at least don’t hide that they’re fighting against Ukraine. Those who’re hiding under patriotism and love to Ukraine are destroying our statehood. Today the crime, that was made under the flags of different political parties including the political party “Svoboda,” should not just be investigated but punished.

19 thoughts on “Ukraine: Yatsenyuk brands ultra-nationalist protesters worse than Russian “terrorists”

  1. I doubt that he even realized how dumb a move this is. Maybe in his elitist arrogant mind there still is a Ukraine, but essentially that country (and its constitution) stopped being meaningful when the current regime decided to severely limit the rights of a significant part of its population. Those who got excluded do no longer (want to) belong to this "Ukraine" and the Right Sector only wants an even more fascist "Ukraine". So there is essentially a whole bunch of disputed Ukraines. For a change, he is actually right in how he describes Svoboda, but I'm not so sure that this closet Nazi realizes that this speech will just help to make the more hard-core minded fascists decide that it's about time this traitor got lynched. Don't complain about getting burned when you play with fire. Good riddens!

  2. The Right Sector, ultra nationalist and fascist where used as part of the NATO/EU/American over-through of the duly elected government of Ukraine. Now they must pay the price for using such evil.

  3. You liked them good enough when they were working towards your goals. Now not so much eh? LMFAO that's what happens when you consort with the devil.

  4. LMFAO ! The Ultra ukrops watching this are going to shout after watching this " How can we be so gullible to die for a traitor we helped put in power?!!!!"

  5. Well he is kinda right, first time this guy say something that make sense. At least in the east they fight and dont hide but this people that made the attack hide among parties, patriotism and civilians but then those are the same that took this guy to power so i dunno, is all fucked up. Then you wonder why the east dont want to have anything to do with Ukraine lol

  6. Isn't He (the current Govt) gave power to them (ultra-nationalist) because they helped in big way during Maidan. Now some misunderstanding between them ? Its seems like He used them hand-to-hand during the protest now not needed anymore (in Kiev, but need in E.Ukr). Just like US.. use and throw!

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