Ukraine Fascism – Stephen Bandera

Ukraine Fascism – Stephen Bandera

This is News Front. German State TV Documentary Ukraine. Stepan Bandera. Voice of Germany. Pro-Russian separatists assaulted the prosecutor office in Donetsk in Ukraine. Ukrainian police were beaten by the protesters. There is an unlimited hatred. The hatred that has divided the country. This hatred has come from a long story back to the times of Adolph Hitler. In the memory of many people Eastern Ukraine was on one side and the Western part is on the other. And no one can explain why like an example to follow on what is happening in the Western side in Kiev. Stepan Bandera his image is put next to the scene during the Maidan protests. He is hated in the East of the country accused as being a collaborator to the Nazis of Germany. But in the West the memories of his deeds are immortalized and revered by the people. He fought for the independence of Ukraine. On Maidan protesters were repeating the well-known slogan used during Bandera’s times. Stepan Bandera a radical nationalist Ukraine for Ukrainians this is his motto. Fight against the Poles, Russians and Jews. He entered into an alliance with Hitler for this. According to my opinion the opinion of the majority of political analysts Bandera and his motto can be classified as Fascists actively cooperating in the conduct of the Holocaust. Lvov, the west of Ukraine there is even a monument for Bandera here to serve as a reminder for people that he fought for the independence of Ukraine. But they are not mentioning about his participation in the Holocaust. Bandera is popular here. His image is seen on beer cups, photos and T-shirts. Lvov is a city of Bandera. This is the way they promote him. The critics of Bandera as Ukraine’s national hero according to the new government of Ukraine are accused of engaging in Russian propaganda. I think Bandera is the symbol of struggle for liberation of Ukraine. But this must be strictly distinguished between the current political crisis and the influence of Russian propaganda. The link of Bandera with the Nazis is it really only a form of Putin’s propaganda? Stepan Bandera was the leader of Ukrainian nationalists. June 1941, Lvov. Hitler’s German soldiers took the city. They were welcomed by the Bandera supporters with joy. That is because they have the same goal at that moment to expel the Jews in Ukraine. Ukrainian nationalists and Germans together attacked the Jews in the country. As a result they killed thousands of people. They started to kill the national minorities. The Bandera organization created a plan on April the day of the mass killing of Jews in Ukraine. The plan were as follows: the more Jews they killed during the German offensive the better. A classroom lesson using a projector for the Grade 10 in Lvov. The theme of the lesson to discuss Bandera’s struggle against the Soviet power and for independence of Ukraine. Stepan Bandera is a national hero of Ukraine. Students have even built a replica of the hideout of Bandera’s fighters for independence. This is a military room. Here is a gas mask those are the grenades there. This bag is for bullets. And this a cap. Here is the coat and this is an automatic gun. It is only right for the people to follow what he did by doing so they will became patriot like Bandera. One must strive to be real Ukrainian like our ancestors like his soldiers and Bandera himself. Without a doubt Bandera is our hero here. As soon as we asked about Bandera’s collaboration with Hitler the teacher interfered at once. Bandera was always against cooperation with Hitler. Bandera has told Hitler that Ukraine should be independent. Hitler ordered to kill everyone and Bandera opposed it that’s it why he was imprisoned in a prison camp in Zachsenhausen and he was there until 1944. It is true that Bandera spent some of his time as a prisoner in Zachsenhausen. Because his people has appealed to Germany for a free Ukraine and this was too much for the Nazis. Bandera however was not imprisoned in a simple jail cell but inside a building designed for special convicts. Nazis find Bandera to be useful tool for them and he would serve their interest. There are two places where Bandera could have been imprisoned. Either he was in this building which until now still exists fit for a person with family or he is in the ward 51, 52 and 53 but the walls were removed between them so that it would be more comfortable compared to an ordinary prison. He was imprisoned here in one of these wards. It was strange for someone to be released from the Nazi prison camp. Bandera was freed by the Nazis in 1944 because he again agreed with the Nazis to fight against the Soviet Union. He held negotiations with the Ukrainian nationalists to collaborate with the Germans and they agreed. Afterwards he would organize a Ukrainian nationalist committee. In November 1944 he led the war on the side of the nationalists against the Soviet Union. After the end of the war the Ukrainian SS division is still being honored in Lvov by neo-nationalists. Like what happened in April 2014. A yellow lion is the symbol of so-called SS Galicia which was commanded by the Germans. Among the demonstrators we met a politician of the biggest political party here. It seems that a march to honor the SS is an ordinary thing for him I’m glad that a north-German TV is interested about the demonstration of our national custom that takes place here in Lvov. When I was in Munich for Oktoberfest I saw thousands of people as a national custom who drink beer. This also made me pleased. The pride of the past you will meet people who are not feeling guilty in Western Ukraine. Also a feeling of guilt won’t be met in the most popular restaurant in Lvov. Password! Glory to Ukraine! Are your Russian? No! Our goal is to make yourself feel that you are like a fighter for freedom during the Second World War. Heroic posing goes without saying and it’s clear that the enemy is in the East. This is a shooting room. You can take a rifle and you can choose who to shoot here Stalin, Lenin, or Beria. These are thieves of former Soviet Union that have occupied our country. It may sounds like a joke for a party but for many this is a serious matter. You must fight the Russian invaders like before. It is time to take up arms to go to the front-line and to fight for our independence. For someone it may be scary but we must do it. Because we want our independence now. In the West Ukraine they don’t mention that Bandera has participated in the Holocaust. They only want to remember that he fought against Stalin. Why they are many monuments of Stalin in the East of Ukraine? Because there they don’t want to forget the hunger and terror and celebrate their great victory in their war against Fascism. Bandera, Hitler and Stalin. Ukraine West against the East. I think it’s time for everyone to learn from our mistakes of the history. News Front.

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  2. America will regret funding Ukrainian Nationalist fascism and the junta it installed in Kiev just as it regrets founding and funding the Taliban. More of the same…

  3. Все это наглая и нелепая ложь! Фашисты и фашизм живут в Кремле! В Украине нет фашизма. Это грязная путинская агитка. Ложь и грязь!

  4. Bandera and Uon Upa to bandit they kill child and woman civilians most of them is from Poland but many was Jude and Chech and another nations do not let grow country who build the country on the lie and fake heroes because we will pay for this in the future bandera is murder of innocent people same uon upa and ukrainian gov is corrupt like no one can be.

  5. Слава Призрак Мозговой Армия СССР !
    Death to fascists, hang them like in STALINGRAND.

  6. Украинство само по себе позорное явление, если ты украинец то ты потенциальный предатель, вор, халявщик и убийца.
    Время проявило настоящую украинскую сущность.))))

  7. don't forget who killed bandera – the Russians. don't forget who almost killed yushenko – Russians. don't forget Crimea is a part of which country now – Russia ! So fuck u western ukrainian rusyn galicians for paying homage to a inbred raping racist butcher

  8. The heroics of Ukrainian war hero Bandera:

  9. Stepan Bandera was a fascist , good job this piece of shit died , im really glad that Russia took back crimea and sooner or later Donetsk will be freed from fascist regime of ukraine

  10. Ukranian political ideology is based on anti- russian disease, just like Croatian ideology which is nothing more then anti-serbian disease. Based on hatred, chauvinism and fascism!

  11. Fuk you,)) you will not stop us, we ARE STRONG YET AGAIN. WW3 is on it's way so be pre- paired for it. SLAVA UKRAINI xx


  13. Bandera and his followers were not even Ukrainian! (But East Galician). Galicia was taken from Poland by the Austrian Empire about 1760. It remained part of the Austrian Empire until after WWI (1919). The Galicians hated both the Poles and Russians. Because of migration, 60% of East Galicians considered themselves Ukrainians. After the Russian Revolution of 1917, there was a Civil War within the former Tsarist Russian Empire. This lasted until 1921, and Ukraine became part of its successor the USSR. East Galicia wanted to join with Ukraine, but Ukraine did not want East Galicia because of its Russophobia.
    Paul Bandera formed a Ukraine Nationalist Party, called Svoboda or Right Sector in 1940. With the invasion of the USSR in June 1941, Bandera formed an alliance with Nazi Germany and Hitler (who imprisoned Bandera for a time when Bandera tried to declare an independent Ukraine). His Party supported Hitler, especially fighting behind lines against the USSR .
    After WW2, East Galicia was allowed to join Ukraine, forming a considerable part of West Ukraine. Members of the Right Sector were used by the US to overthrow the Govt of Ukraine on 22nd February 2014, and Yatzenuk (from this Nazi Party) was installed as the new Prime Minister, and others given influential positions. Considering the numbers of Ukrainians who fought and died against Nazis during WW2, the present situation in Ukraine inevitably stirs bitter memories. Nazi Germany (and their Banderist accomplices) overran Ukraine, and it was won back at the cost of many lives — it seems a terrible thing that Paul Bandera should now be regarded as some sort of "hero", especially when he helped Hitler kill so many Ukrainians.

  14. Bandera kill polish people! of course jews too, but OUN-UPA- Banderists kill 35000 POLISH PEOPLE! (and polish ethnic sub-groups like Rusins-bojki, łemki etc) Remember! Please watch this on YT : "Ludobójstwo. Genocide. (Eng It Fr Ger Pl subtitles)"

  15. Come on, people, go to learn the history of the World War Second. You listen to the prorussian nonsense and judge Stepan Bandera according to the unadequate comments of the biased imperialists. He fought against Nazis and this led to his quarrel with Andriy Melnik, another leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, and caused his imprisonment in the concentration camp Auschwitz (Oswenzim). Why Andriy Melnik decided to collaborate with Nazis? Because for Ukrainians Poland and Soviet Union were worse even than Nazis. Nazis have been torturing Ukraine for 6 years and Poland with Russia for over 400 years. For you to know, the Nuremberg trials (the major war criminals' trial and 12 subsequent trials) never included any trial of the Ukrainian nationalists. Thus the international community realised, defined and paid tribute to the national struggle for Independance. So you better mind your own democratic values and we keep to honour our Stepan Bandera who fought for our independance against three huge, mighty and cruel occupants – Soviet Russia, Poland and Nazi Germany.

  16. Ukraine for Ukrainians………sounds good to me. Every people need their own country. Just ask the Jews ? The lesson learned from the Jews during WW II is that they must have their own country (Alexandre Solzhenitsyn) and woe to the people they push out for that land. The Ukrainians have lost millions in their effort to gain their homeland. Was it worth it ? Yes absolutely.

  17. so funny jews wanna b nazies only in ukraine, they dont know history fighting Bolshavics is not fighting Russia !

  18. There are no statue here in east Ukraine of Stalin – the statue here was of Lenin, until 2014 – where the was taken down. Stalin are a mass murder – just like Hitler, deserve no monument at all. Why not make a film about the famine in 1932-33, so people in the world can know, what Stalin did to Ukrainian people and later, how Jewish people was deported to Siberia – where most og them died. Who want to make Stalin a hero and Bandera a monster, don't understand the historie. All in Ukraine celebrate 9. may – the day Sovjet union did win WW2 – but Stalin and communism are take out of the celebration – this year our local monument are changed, so word communism are not longer there – statue of Lenin was taken down i 2015.

  19. man sieht die Russen haben einen fehler gemacht, zwar die DDR entnazifiziert, die balten und ukops aber verschont das rächt sich jetzt, die ukraine is nur ein Versuchskaninchen für das was uns noch erwartet, das merkel regime wird ein blutbad anrichten wenn das Volk auf die Barrikaden geht,nich umsonst darf die BW im inneren eingreifen, das dieses faschistoide System mit seinen Gegnern nich grad zimperlich umgeht haben wir in Heiligendamm und Hamburg gesehen.

    Nazis kriegen Polizeischutz, was sagt uns das? Nazis sind eine der wichtigsten Säulen dieses regimesdie namen m
    ögen sich ändern deren ideologie net. ich mahne nur zur vosicht, Faschisten han nich nur 25 millionen menschen auf dem gewissen. sind schon einige mehr

  20. Bandera was not part of any genocide like Russia beloved Stalin was the evidence clearly shows that Bandera has never had anything to do with it any Genocide in ww2 or any other time in history, as Bandera was a prisoner of war (POW) from 1941-1944

    So if BANDERA WAS a prisoner of war (POW) how can Bandera be responsible for anything that happened in Ukraine or anywhere else for that matter ????

    The facts are that The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists under the leadership of Stepan Bandera decided to fight against the Hitler after the leadership and Bandera was arrested by the Nazis in 1941.

    Now that is NOT much collaboration now is it…??? . Why did Bandera get arrested by the Nazis you ask ??? Stepan Bandera was arrested by the NAZIS and sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp…because he did NOT have any collaboration with the-nazis-now did he infact the Nazis did NOT see him and OUN -B as a partner that is a myth and leis that was invented by Moscow and used by communists in Poland to discredit OUN after www2 as OUN and UPA as they continue to fight the Polish and Russians communist until 1960s !!! Typical Moscow communist lefties propaganda always called anyone or anything fascist or Nazis that they do not like !!! they do this to discredit what ever it is they want gone !!

    The German high command in 1941 sent a memo saying that all functionaries of the Bandera Movement must be arrested at once and, after thorough interrogation, are to be liquidated…".

    On July 5, Bandera was arrested and transferred to Berlin.

    On July 12, the president of the newly formed Ukrainian state, Yaroslav Stetsko, was also arrested and taken to Berlin.

    In January 1942, Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko was transferred to Sachsenhausen concentration camp's special barrack for high-profile political prisoners Zellenbau Bandera was in a German KZ camp Sachsenhausen concentration camp from 1941-1944

    NOW if you are sent to a KZ camp YOU ARE NOT a friend of Hitler are you AND IF YOU ARE inn a concentration camp from 1941 to the end of 1944 YOU can not be held responsible for the any war crimes or massacres that happened in ww2 ??? !!!!

    Role in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army formation and OUN..

    Many saw the germans as liberators from the Soviets in 1941 as Ukrainians had only 8 years before that experienced a mass genocide where the Soviet leader Stalin had killed 10 mill ethnic Ukrainians in Ukraine and in west Ukraine they Polish authorities had for years committed mass murder, human rights violations with its Polanazistion policies, therefore many Ukrainians saw at first Germany as a liberators when they came to Ukraine and especially because the fact the Germans was saying at the time that Berlin will except a free independent self governing Ukraine..This turns out to be a lie, and in the end of 1941 Bandera the leader of the independence movement in Ukraine got arrested by the Gestapo After the ONU PROCLAIMED A UKRAINIAN STATEHOOD with a Ukrainian state as an independent state without the permission from Berlin ..

    When Bandera got arrested by the Gestapo in 1941 many members of the OUN was left without any direction and some joined the the Police forces that at the time was under the control of the germans ,they enlistment and served as an opportunity to receive military training and direct access to weapons. The OUN leadership (when Bandera still was a prisoner at Sachsenhausen concentration camp ) on 20 March 1943 issued secret instructions ordering their members who had joined the German auxiliary police to desert with their weapons and join with the military detachment of OUN (SD) units in Ukraine. The number of trained and armed policemen who in spring 1943 joined the ranks of the future Ukrainian Insurgent Army were estimated to be 10,000. This process was to take up arms and fight the nazis and in some places this involved engaging in armed conflict with German forces as they tried to prevent desertion by the ethnic Ukrainians that had joined ..

    AND LETS US ALSO NOT FORGET THAT MORE AND MORE new evidence is coming to light saying that it was NKVD dressed up as UPA /OUN that did massacre in Volhynia and on the Jews in ww2 and other things to blame it on OUN / UPA ..

    Also-a-nazi-document dated 25 November 1941 stated that "… the Bandera Movement is preparing a revolt in the Reichskommissariat which has as its ultimate aim the establishment of an independent Ukraine.

    All functionaries of the Bandera Movement must be arrested at once and, after thorough interrogation, are to be liquidated On 12 July, the president of the newly formed Ukrainian state, Yaroslav Stetsko, was also arrested.. In January 1942, Bandera was transferred to Sachsenhausen concentration camp's special barrack for high-profile political prisoners Zellenbau

    Yaroslav Stetsko was the leader together with Stepan Bandera's Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) until his death. PART 2 OF 2 SEE UNDER

  21. Dawno temu mój pradziadek miał mały dobytek ziemski w okolicach Lwowa niestety polska Sanacja burzyła kościoły grecko-katolickie pewnego dnia AK okradła moją rodzinę i zgwałciła prababkę

  22. I hope the Ukrainian government gets abolished from this extreme-right ideology and all of them are publicly executed for the crimes they've commited

  23. Jeżeli mają takich bohaterów narodowych to niech SPIERDALAJA Z NASZEJ OJCZYZNY SZMATY PIENIĄDZE TAK SZACUNEK NIE ŚMIECIE

  24. Poles have some nerve..
    When i was a child some Polish boys came up to me and called me a filthy Ukrainian.
    What kind of classless FILTH teaches their children this SHIT…to say this to people they dont even know..?
    The Catholics were killing Orthodox people way b4 Ukrainians did ANYTHING TO YOU.
    Catholics are some of the stupidest people..brains in your ass.

  25. Ukraine is build on a massacre of 150 thousand slaughtered innocent and unarmed Poles and Jews. Woman sewn in half, pregnant with bellies cut open, children's head smashed with hammers, toddlers bound to trees naked with barb wire. This is a foundation of Ukraine and Bandera is it's symbol. Collaborating with Hitlers murderers, creating an SS Galizien, burning, killing, raping. This is a hero – geroy – of this pig country called Ukraine. Fucking disgusting.

  26. Banderism in Ukraine…how people can be so stupid in this information century? Ukraine has a very bad reputation…now it is worse.

  27. Fuck Stepan Bandera I hope this motherfucker is baking in hell what I
    wish him, fucking murderer all fucking Stepan Bandera……….

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