UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom calls Martin Schulz an ‘Undemocratic Fascist’

UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom calls Martin Schulz an ‘Undemocratic Fascist’

SCHULZ: To close… BLOOM: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer. SCHULZ: Let me repeat what he has said so that the… …translators can translate it: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer.
[one people, one nation, one leader]

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  1. The British people want no part of the EUSSR and despite Tory and Labour promises and cast iron guarantees, we have never been asked if we want 70% of our Laws made in Brussels by an unelected and anti-democratic Soviet Commission.

  2. The only differenz between eu und nazi german empire, is that it doesn't says "All heil the german nation" but "All heil big buisness"

  3. Ridiculous how such a stupid wrinkled British wanker is allowed to sit in the EP. Alas, that's the downside of democracy – idiots can elect other idiots.

  4. he was right. now this scumbag threating force against those nations who disagree with the lefts insane politics.
    utter human trash

  5. Fast forward to 2015…and we have proof !!!! martin schulz…. this ex bookseller, no real education, ALCOHOLIC is threatening Poland and other countries who do not want to take islamic migrants or rather potential ISIS soldiers ….WITH FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for democracy…but we Poles remember german democracy…from years before……so this is nothing new….. Funny thing is though couple days later germany closed its border…..LOL they have no clue to what they are doing…..or did they get scared……Anyway Mr Bloom was and is right…who is this schulz. and markel ..that they think they can dictate and even threaten countries…when they are minding their own business and SAFETY…. wake up call for germans and the whole world.. germans had elected some real BAD leaders before…..this schulzy character is sounding more and more like adolf himself !!!!!

  6. Full support for Godfrey Bloom and England from Poland! Thank you for naming that German Nazi swine properly! God bless you!

  7. I support Godfrey Bloom he said blatant truth.

    Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer, Ein Schultz!

    Schultz shall be expelled from Union for the nazi remarks about Poland!

    Wererwas communist Archlos Schultz when that communist puppet Donald Tusk together with Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel agreed to blow the Polish president in TU 154 M LUX on April 10, 2010 over Smoleńsk!

    That is the Schultz should be expelled from the European Parliament together with his communist supporters, not Godfrey Bloom!

    TIt is the tme to sweep the floors with Schultz dickhead!

    Why the murderer of the Polish President was elected to be the King of European Parliament?

    Time to put Donald Tusk same way as Cheaucescu …this time in front of Polish military firing squad on the orders of new Polish Government elected by te people in the democratic election!!

  8. Im from Poland and Schulz IS RIGHT! 18% of us have choosen the worst we could choose. Poland is back in deep shit again. Appreciate your concerns, thank you Germany. UK can fuck themselves.

  9. Belive or not but that stuttering cunt considers himself proffesor. Shithead can't even speak basic English. Illiteral twats like him have been governing Poland for the last 25 years. In the same time they sent millions of Poles out of the country in the search of survival. That bunch of thieving bastards call themselves the elite.

  10. Funny. They are like school children, misbehaving, being scolded, refusing to apologize, stubborn. I have seen the same faces in eight year olds 🙂

  11. !!!Poland in few years will be major transport point between Asia and Europe ! Poles remember that "we the people "nation tries to take over the country to make business there in future. Law rule 1066 opening the doors for american soliders to "estabilish situation of "stupid poles". We polish people (not "we the people") DO NOT need 15 000 american soliders on polish teritory . UE should invest in Polish army if they want to enchance east boarder!!!!! us go fuck youself and say some true about pearl harbour where you send your own 50 000 people to die. coz you were looking for WAR bussines …fucking cowards.

  12. The EU parliament is fun to watch particularly Nigel Farage but also others. The MEP Buzek was right asking to remove the MEP Bloom who called Schulz "fascist." That was over the top but funny.

  13. The UK can leave the EU whenever they want, no-one is stopping them. We're all waiting for Theresa May to trigger article 50. Having said that there's no need to leave the EU attacking the representatives of the other member states and trying to provoke them. Just leave with dignity and respect. If you disagree with Shulz just say so and then move on but don't create an unpleasant and tense environment.

  14. Well then tell that shit to Verhofstadt. Oh yeah, he's excused because he's pro EU so the 'rules and regulations' are only for UKIP

  15. "We must keep order in our temple"
    wow. if anything in the world needs tearing down and burning its that fake "parliament"

    Also if they take such action against ukip for such a minor heckle them why hasn't Verhostadt been banned permanently for his constant tirades at the top of his voice whenever farage is speaking? oh right I forgot, he's one of the in croud isn't he…. the "high priest" in fact.

    Burn, it all needs to burn.

  16. LOL, Bloom the irrelevant little Englander cunt will come to regret his conduct once Schulz is German chancellor.

  17. Keith Richards CD – "Main offender", eh. Kirchenchor Knabe, ein Song "wicked as it seems"- so schlimm wie sie aussehen…!!!

  18. I agree he is real neo-nazi like many left wings in Germany is facist and make money on war in Syria and colonialism in Poland or Czech Republic. After that pretend fireman and make good image in Berlin and from war-colonialism cash make pseudo tolerant in Hamburg. Yes left wings in Germany and USA is realy neo-nazist people and satanist like Vatican.

  19. Fuck the EU it's behaviour is deplorable, how can anyone say Europe is a better place for its existence, it's a total mess across all the states. The European project has failed, multiculturalism has failed, all nations are either Bankrupt or worse off than they were forty years ago yet the commision keeps going with it's draconian measures for the sake a social engineering plan that went down the tubes 25 years ago. Lets just remember where fascism raised its ugly head in the twentieth century and that socialism was the driving force that led the german people to countenance World War. Merkel is trying to establish Germany as head of a European superstate and won't be satisfied until she gets what she wants or provokes another War. EU is corrupt and undemocratic, it needs to go..

  20. Even if he is right about Schulz , it is nevertheless unqualified behavior and does not belong in the EU Parliament. I think it is just really disrespectfull

  21. Schults had to two extra years at his private school and still failed his Arbitur (A-levels)
    Utterly failed as leader of the German socialists, despite the unpopularity of Merkel, and came back for more EU money.
    He is probably more of a communist than a fascist, but the difference is merely quibbles. Still hates democracy.

    The EU parliament prove Bloom right with their fascist banning of free speech.

  22. Disturb (each other) !?
    Mr. Bloom ist telling the truth… nothing but the truth !!
    Everyone in Europe should know who Mr. Schulz really is !!

    The Truth MUST be spoken !!

  23. Great Britain is probably the most stupid nation in the whole EU right now. Theresa May's behavior towards Trump was just embarrassing and a shame for your whole nation, are you proud to suck the United State's d*ck? It just underlines your stupidity when you blame a member of a democratic socialist party to be a Nazi, before you judge us Germans just get your own shit together.

  24. I stand in awe of Godfrey Bloom. He's totally right: Schulz is a fascist and Merkel is the new Nazi-Hitler in Germany.

  25. This is like a circus. If EU is to continue, we need to reverse it from socialistic economy into full-capitalism, that means no eurofunds or any intervention of the central government in the economy. Furthermore we need to cancel dictatorial European Commision and bring the power to the democraticaly elected euro-parlament.

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