UK to fight extremism, no matter which ideology it has (DEBATE)

UK to fight extremism, no matter which ideology it has (DEBATE)

respose by far-right extremism and now being recognized as a terror threat in the UK the reclassification was one of the final acts by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid before I became the new countries new finance minister he said all types of terrorism would now be included irrespective of ideology our approach to stopping terrorists is the same regardless of the twisted ideology that motivates them while the Islamist threat remains we have recently seen an increase in terrorist activity motivated by the extreme right wing it is therefore important the public is properly informed about the threats we face which is why we are making these changes previously the system only determined the danger of international terrorism but there's now a single national threat level for the UK which includes Islamist Northern Irish left-wing and right-wing terrorism worries about growing far-right and anti Muslim extremism have spiked on the international stage of course after New Zealand mosque attacks earlier this year when a white supremacist killed 15 injured dozens the atrocity was carried out after the suspect published an anti-muslim manifesto we got the views of Stephen Morris for the English Democrats party and political and social commentator Moe answer pecially islamic extremism is also a fire ideology what it is he's took too long for them to put everything into one category whether it's far-right from a nationalist group or whether it's Islamic extremism they've acted too slow how many times have we had terror attacks in in this country and they've not had it listed but the big concern obviously is now the more concern about homegrown and that is why they have changed this category the most important thing is if we remove the labels we're looking at the core ideology the substantive issues so what we're looking for is extremism people who pervert an ideology maybe it's a political ideology it can be a religious or theological ideology but they'll take it to extreme measures to the point where they are looking to radicalize others and then bring them into their mainstream ideology we've seen multiple failings of the security services with international terrorism so what confidence do we have in it anyway far-right say white supremacists are using that as a vehicle because this is the same well the British government are not doing enough so they're using it as a vehicle to justify their means and their means can never be justified violence can never be justified for that but to me just yeah sure yeah just when he's coming quickly I just say look part of the difficulties this when we had the rise of Muslim extremism and Muslims taking very twisted views of ideology and I've written a paper and it went out to government and I did a speech as well it this is a crisis of knowledge and understanding and enlightenment we do have to look at far-right extremism about half of prevent and Channel cases now are related to far white for a right-wing sorry far-right white supremacist groups and we do need to start making a difference a distinctive distinction and a delineation between those who are activist groups who are trying to help society and actually move the political landscape forward and those who are here committing acts of terrorism and acts of extremism and we do need to stand up against those you

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  1. What are these idiots talking about. The True English People want their Country back, and I believe they will get it. Especially when the Economy collapses and they have nothing to lose. Remember, it’s an island, nowhere to run. If I were there, I would leave now.

  2. Do they seriously want to fight the same extremists that they created?
    And why the hell do they have the right to fight terrorists in their land and we (syria) don't?!
    Oh UK. You are getting ready for hell.

  3. Orwellian propagandists act like less common terroristic acts are the same as more common terroristic acts. It's like Affirmative Action for their crime stats.

  4. Rt Russia could do with an anti nazi memory refresher course since your grand parents died fighting these very nazis u seem to promote / trigger these days

  5. Is ANTIFA on this list?
    All of this "far right white extremism", is complete and utter nonsense. There hasn't been a single threat in the US, in Canada or elsewhere in Europe in the media of a far right terror plot or threat, that these people can point to!
    This is just another notch on the "white man bad" belt.

  6. Literally every country in the world is allowed to protect its race and culture except whites!!! And who is this attack coming from. The media, and who owns the media?

  7. Wake up UK, your nations have been hijacked by the 1%.. The reason for labeling others with terminology is to silence them from exposing the harsh truths of reality, therefor denying their struggle or grievance from ever being heard, or further manipulated for even personal gain..

  8. Such an ambiguous term saying "extremism". They used to say Anti-Government Protestor but I pointed out the next time I see it printed I will find whoever they are talking about and sue for defamation & slander & whatever else can be attributed to their comments; mainly because what the person is is an Anti-CORRUPT-Government Protestor.. They are now pushing terminology on ideology but what I would really like to know is even the Bible that most people have read, projects Hate Speech & Extremism.. Telling people they are going to burn in hell for eternity, their self-righteousness is fascism at the core. Most religious people still think that Lucifer and Satan/Devil are the same being.. While they write sentences on many Kings, whole chapters are spent on warning us about a certain people called the "Chosen Ones" with the same trickery and deception triggering rebellion & genocide every 2600 years or so. The Romans were the last main Empire before Great Britain to experience the "Agenda" in action. From more recently we have the French rebellion, american rebellion & civil war, Russian bolshevik rebellion, to their meddlings in Germany before throwing Hitler under the bus after they had been welcomed following being exiled from Russia… Now if you want to talk about "Extremism", I would think these "Chosen Ones" would definitely fall under that category… The ashkenazi and bolshevik are the closest links to Russia meddling in american politics…
    Since the dawn of History at Gobekli Tepe these people slaughtered the people of Hanaan & buried Gobekli Tepe to hide Time from us so we would remain "subservient" to "their" god's. Survivors from the Younger Dryas Multiple Meteorite event in Greenland 12900 years ago pushed inland, the people of Hanaan were the last remnants of an Atlantean culture that brought us Hand Axes, Spear Heads & Fire, and today remains as visible cultural links on either side of the Atlantic. Evidence remains in how one side of the Atlantic we advanced and developed beyond Flint-Knapping; whereas on the other side of the Atlantic technological advancement ceased. We see the reflection in Totem Poles & Standing Stones linking the Atlantean Culture. The oldest known Boatyard to date is 8000+ years ago with chisel marks and is off the coast of Great Britain by the Isle of Wight. The wool has been pulled over our eyes and even though small factions of their own people have even voiced their concerns condemning the actions by the state of israel agenda, their silence continues to speak volumes. Most recently they voiced their support of Ilya Omar in defense of what she spoke about the "Agenda". So if they want to cure "Extremism" then the ones trying to replace our history with their own, like conquerors do, should be the ones being investigated…

  9. U K is a joke. EU,s Biytch after being kicked out of every territory on Earth. UK has a very long history of Bad Decisions. I'm an American that does not like or support the UK or the EU. Fuckem!

  10. Right wing, Anyone who doesn’t suck the cokc of the EU or open borders globalism. Wanting your own nation “Nationalism” isn’t extremism. Intersectionality is a cancer.

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