UK Spouse Visa 2018 – PART 6: Financial Documents

UK Spouse Visa 2018 – PART 6: Financial Documents

hi guys and welcome to part 6 of the visa application process today's video will be about the financial documents that we provided to meet the eighteen thousand six hundred pounds just want to what disclaimer out there that any of the advice that you follow in this video will not go into your visa it's just that me and my husband have been through the process ourselves and we wanted to share our experiences with you so the financial documents must be of the sponsors financial documents if the applicant is working in their country they're not really interested to know what they are earning they just want to know that the sponsor can support the applicant once they are in this country the financial requirements at the woman is eighteen thousand six hundred pounds per annum in non-salaried employment we formed a category eight of the financial requirements I'm sorry if you fall under any of the other categories and this video may not be as helpful to you so these documents follow on from the documents I mentioned in my relationship documents video I'll leave a link down below for you if you want to have a look at that video so the very first document we provided in this section was a letter from my employer in this letter your employer must mention the title of your job role the gross annual income that you make this annual income is the income received before tax and that is the income that you KVI use to meet the eighteen thousand six hundred pounds it must also state the length of employment so how long the sponsor has been working for the company how long the sponsor has been earning the income that meets the financial requirements family the employer must state the type of employment so whether it is permanent or fifth term employer also wrote a little bit about me as an employee but it's not necessary nice very sure that your employment letter is printed out on company headed paper show that it is genuine this is important that this letter is no longer than 28 days when you pay for your visa fees how to suggest that you ask your employer to provide you with this letter closer to the time when you are ready to provide your supporting documents this is also the same for your sponsor letter which I mentioned in my important documents video he also made sure that the last call list and chatlog provided was also no longer than 28 days and also important for the letters provided by your parents or your landlord which I will be mentioning in my video regarding accommodation documents then provided an employment contract which does confirm what the employment letter says it states when I started with the company how much I earn and how long I've been earning that amount it's not necessary to provide a work contract however if I have one I thought it would be helpful if you can provide a p60 I would definitely put it in at this point we didn't provide a p60 as we were showing our income from May 2017 to November 2017 however if April falls within your six months I'll definitely try and provide a p60 I provided them with seven months of my wage slips it is only required to send six months worth however again like I mentioned earlier I want to make sure that my last wage slope wasn't later than 28 days after the visa fees though I fixed the visa fee was still within 28 days before I sent my documents I got my seventh wage slip and I didn't want any issues because of it provided seven corresponding bank statements to show that my income had been received and went into the bank you have to make sure that your income that comes into the bank matches your net salary slight difference may harm your application if there are tiny discrepancies with your pay I would highly suggest you ask your employer for a letter to correct any mistakes so I provided six bank statements that were on letterhead of paper and then for the last wage slip which I handed in as an additional I provided them with a mini statement that I had the bank print out some and also date make sure that your statements are unless a head of paper before submitting them sorry my bank will send me find statements through the post every month on letterhead of paper if you have online banking and it is the only way that you can get your bank statements in the mouth and take them into your branch and ask somebody to sign every month and also to date them as well it's a show that they are genuine statement the reason I didn't wait for my next bank statement was because of my wage slip came at the beginning of a month and my bank statement would come in the middle of the month and to wait for that it would mean that some of my other documents won't be within the 28 days any longer and I would have to redo those as well and that's all that we provided for our financial documents I hope this video has been very helpful for you if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe if you want to see some more videos like this thank you for watching bye

33 thoughts on “UK Spouse Visa 2018 – PART 6: Financial Documents

  1. Hi thank you so much for all the videos what you are doing is great. I am applying for a spouse visa to bring my wife to the UK. about the pay slips i have recently changes jobs i have continuous pay slips. do the pay slips need to be from the same employer ? and what are the documents that need to be no older than 28days ?

  2. hi, you videos are relly informative. Can you please guide, i am married to british national and currently she is living with me in india for last 2 years. my wife wants to move to UK together.
    My question is since she is unemployed-and living in India her family is supporting us with 62500 pounds gift money. Can we still use this option or she have to still move to UK and work for 6 months before i join her.

    Reply will be much appreciated

  3. Hi Ruks. Thanks for this video. Wanted to ask: my first payslip is dated 30 Nov 2018 and last payslip dated 28 April 2019. So, does this time period cover 6 months payslips? I started working end of Oct. I have included email from company that they have changed the payment date now to 28 of a month rather than end of the month and salary is still paid on monthly basis. Thanks, we will be inshaaAllah applying next week before 28 days time end.

  4. Hi, thank you for the video. I was wondering, for the employer letter, is it ok if the employer letter is slightly older than one month before the date you apply?

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for answering my previous question on another video. Could you tell me what you mean by the net pay matching the amount that goes into the bank account? Does this mean that the net pay as listed on the payslip needs to match, or are there other documents it might need to match as well (his contract only lists gross pay)?

    I think my husband has his student loan payment deducted directly from his paycheck before it goes into the bank account, so I do think there might be a difference.

    Sorry for all the silly questions, I am terrible with bureaucracy!

  6. Hi ruks
    Just a quick question
    Should the date of the wages being paid to your account should be the same for every month i.e. on the 5th of every month unless it lands on the weekend in which case they may move the date forward i.e. instead of 5th they may pay on the 4th. After this the Payslip can then be issued i.e. on the 7th of every month the payslip will come in. Thank You.

  7. Hi can u help me plz I’m stack , I work part time now I wana change for full time my boss he saying u can’t apply after 6 moth Becoz 2 months left to Declare your tax April 2019 also u will have problem becoz of p60 he say if u start work 1/2/19. U can apply after 8 month. 🙁 thanks

  8. Hi! Thank you very much for your videos they have been a lot of help.
    I have one question. When you say no longer than 28 days for the date of the supporting documents does that mean those documents can be within 28 days before or after the visa application date?

  9. Hi thank you for your videos…Just wanted to ask if you can do overtime for 6 months and wether that counts towards the 18600 and then apply ?

  10. Hello mam.i want to know
    Actually I am from india
    I am working in hotel industry
    If I get my offer letter from uk
    How much fund I have to show in embassy
    Have to show any fund or not?
    Please I want answer

  11. Hi, one other question!
    My husband has recently gotten a promotion and a pay rise at the same company he’s been working for, for over a year. He already was making well over the required income of £18,600. We still apply under Category A with 6 month pay slips, is that correct?

  12. Sign the petition

  13. Hi Ruk Do they check for the balance on your account or do they just want proof of wage going into the account? If you don't have savings in the account would it be a problem?

  14. Why do you not mention the 65200k savings option or the combination of savings and a lower than 18600k income?

  15. Hi! Do the bank statements have to show every single transaction in and out for the past 6 months or is it bank statements you get via mail ?

  16. Ami uk tourist visa refuse hoise ek bar akhon abar ami spouse visa apply korbo er jonno Ki alada kon oh document lagbe

  17. Hi Ruks, Thanks for making the videos, really helpful.

    Completed the form online, redirected me to pay for the IHS. But didn't charge any money only said I've been exempted. Is that correct or do you think i made a mistake while filling up the form? I am a british citizen and applying for my wife who is in Bangladesh.

  18. unbelievible superb and very professional guidance, much appreciated. You can be a very good and successful case worker.

  19. hi sis.. im hoping to marry a girl from Morocco, was wondering requirements regarding employment as i've recently changed jobs.. would you know if i have to wait for my 6 months probation to go over and get married? i understand this will be the case to apply for the visa, thanks 🙂

  20. আমাকে একটা পরামর্শ দিবেন।আমার এক বন্দু লন্ডনে গাড়ীর ও মোবাইলের সো- রুম আছে, সে আমাকে নিতে চাই, আমি সোদী আরব আছি কিভাবে আমি লন্ডন যেতে পারি?

  21. hi sister i am gunner apply for my wife so i do two jobs to match the income but my second job which is two nights i get cash in hand after tax i get £75.52p but i only put in 75 a week i have been doing this two months will this affect me please help i am very worried thank you

  22. Ruks&Fam hi sis…1st of all a big hug from me😘…u are the best. I got my visa today. Without your help and effort it wouldn't be possible. A big thanks from me and my husband. I will go to UK on 28th of November. My visa got success exactly after 60 working days. Now can't wait to see my husband after 8 long months. I m really really excited today. God bless u dear. Thanku so much once again. Xoxo😍

  23. Hello sister,
    I hope you could help me on this two section…
    1- employment – currently i m doing two jobs and both are full time but one jobs is permenant and the other one is temporary fixed term contract. Will it a temporary job a problem.. from both jobs i earn around 30k a year…

    2 – Accomadation – i m currently live with my cousin and he owns the house its a three bedroom and i live in double bed room and i have a seprate toilet and i m not paying any and my cousin and wife are living at this house. what type of doucuments do i need to get from him and do i need to fill tenancy agreement….
    Plz help me out on these two sections… thanks

  24. Hi Ruks. Once again, thanks for sharing and guidance. Unfortunately, my son was off sick for couple of weeks two months ago and received less pay due to sickness deductions. Though his monthly gross pay shows full amount, the adjusted gross pay after deduction shown as final gross for that month is less and does not fulfill the monthly gross x 6 = 18600. Would that be detrimental to the application, in your opinion, or a brief explanation with GP sick note copy be sufficient?

  25. Do i need to have bank balance if i apply for my wife and does p60 of 2017 work i well be applying in november

  26. i don't know sis mini statement please tell me what is this mini statement and it is important for spouse visa apply please tell me sister

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