U.S. Justice Department to resume capital punishment after 16-year hiatus

U.S. Justice Department to resume capital punishment after 16-year hiatus

the US government has ordered the death
penalty to be reinstated for the first time in 16 years Attorney General
William bar directed the Justice Department and Thursday to schedule the
execution of five inmates in December and January after adopting a new rule
for carrying out the death penalty all five were convicted of murdering
children and four of the five had also killed adults barra said the government
owes it to the victims and their families to carry out the sentence
imposed by justice system the last federal execution in the u.s. occurred
in 2003 for an inmate who had raped and murdered a teenage female soldier

11 thoughts on “U.S. Justice Department to resume capital punishment after 16-year hiatus

  1. For those of you ignorant enough to protest this, perhaps you should be a little more informed of who it is you are protesting over.
    Dustin Lee Honken massacred an entire family in Mason City, Iowa, including two girls under the age of 10, in 1993.
    Alfred Bourgeious sexually molested, repeatedly tortured his two year old daughter and beat her to death.
    Wesley Ira Purkey raped and dismembered a high school girl while high on crack. Nine months later, he murdered an 80 year old woman with a claw hammer in Kansas City, Missouri.
    Lezmond Mitchell stabbed a 63 year old grandmother to death while making her nine year old granddaughter watch. He then forced the little girl to sit in a truck next to the corpse of her grandmother as he drove 40 miles across Arizona before slitting her throat.
    Daniel Lewis Lee is an Aryan Nation white supremacist who butchered an African American family, including an eight year old girl, before dumping their bodies in an Arkansas swamp.
    These are just some of the monsters you are defending from the death penalty. These are just some of the people that scumbags like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cortez want voting for them.

  2. Barr is preparing to take down the treasonous democrats responsible for the attempted coup of Pres Trump. It's coming…. 😃😃😃

  3. @yehoutube | "That USA" Does Not Exist. Nothing To "Learn" From The "Chinese Puppets" In Beijing, Nor China's Distant Masters, "The Powers That Were." The World Is Changing Quickly? No Doubt, And May "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Be The New Standard For The Changing World , As It Is In "America The Beautiful," May Servants Of The Governed Who Abuse Delegated Powers Finally – And Continually – Be Subject To Turning "Wheels Of Justice." May Long Overdue Prosecutions ( In America, Especially ) Finally Go Forward, Subject To Judicial Review And Even Under Penalty Of Death 💀

  4. The Boston bomber should be first to the needle stick. After all this time his case should be finished with appellate review.

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