8 thoughts on “U.S. Foreign Policy in the Trump Era: Who's Responsible for the New Low in U.S.-Russia Relations?

  1. These speakers they all lives in their own bubble and would never understand what is the real issue behind the scene. They could only tell you the outcome and never the reason why USA don't want a good relationship with Russia.
    It is not because of realism. The politicians in USA are not idiots and there is a reason for their actions, but they would never tell you.

  2. From NATO's north-flank; how can anyone NOT respect Russia? Insanity? Naivety?

    Can anyone explain to me why it seems like quite a few people in Washington acctually want to provoke open war with Russia? What happened in Kiev (and Odessa) is shameful, and naive. Georgia -08? Plain stupid? Skripals? What a fiasco!
    Why these continuous attempts to draw Putin into open war?

    I get why the UK wanted the Skripal-case tho; BOYCOTT – BOYCOTT !! (so that our "though" hooligans don't get killed on the streets of Moscow this summer) 🙂

  3. The election of Mr.Trump as U.S president paid big since we are not seeing any images of ISIS militants slaughtering their hostages in front of the cameras.

  4. Conservatives we are not racist we are not bigots we are not deplorable we are not islamaphobics e we are Americans that s why we elected Donald Trump to be our president

  5. Carpenter gives a surprisingly articulate and accurate explanation, for an American, why US-Russia relations are where they are. Very different from those false anti-Russian narratives, fake news and half-truths pushed by the mainstream media over decades.

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