25 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Addresses Conference on Volunteering and Service

  1. Short, sweet and to the point. Contrite even. Which GOD respects most out of All his people.🙏

  2. Dear Mr. Perry and followers of this station

    Please click on this link. https://www.gofundme.com/HelpKEYA

    Talking about Jumping !!!! We jumped and the rocks kicked our behinds. But now we really need help and bandaids on our journey please read below and help how you can. I am humbly posting this. This is not easy for me to post due to pride but I can't let this die. A wise older coworker of mine said to me you have not because you ask not, so here I go. whew deep breath

    I started a non profit youth program in 2007, it started with 7 students and grew into serving over 60 inner city youth weekly. They depend on this program to stay off the street. We were kicked our current space because we were growing to fast for the community center. So we decided to get a store front. When we moved to the facility we had a lot of problems with the space. We finally got things fixed but we owe back rent and operational cost due to these problems in the beginning. Please help these kids doors stay open by donating to our go fund me page. I have given all I have, even my retirement and I am asking for fellow business owners and people to help. I know some of you may have been in my situation, even if you can donate a $1 we would really appreciate it and really need the help. This is not a scam but a true testimony of the heart. I am believing, praying, staying in faith but we literally have 7 days left and the kids are going to get evicted. Please assist in keeping the doors open, this program effects and changes lives everyday

    Thank you

  3. This was beautiful I never looked at it this way
    I must say thank you your words and movies have been my point of life in two days I finish probation and at my dark moments where I didn't know where to turn or what to do
    You saved me
    Thank you
    It's hard to see your movies in Puerto Rico cause at times they don't make the theater but I buy them all
    I sent this Tommy father in law and he's blown away my it

    Much love and blessings to you and your family
    Mrs. Bianca Barnette

  4. Light always shines if we let God lead and are never t preoccupied with our own needs. I was particularly struck by the casual point Tyler made about poor people being so busy. May we never be too busy to lend a helping hand. Thanks Tyler, God bless you for this timely reminder.

  5. Tyler Perry is just special and blessed…His short conference just shows me how in this world we belong together as humans. All we need is just love to one another. Help if you can and the world will be a nice place to live on.Love you, Tyler!!!

  6. Thank you I needed this because I'm the hospital. Been battling Ovarian Cancer since 2004. Felt down today you where my point of light. Thank you

  7. Dear Mr. Perry 50-year-old woman with me and my family did not go alone I love my mother so much but she Oshanta type of love that a mother should love she always lover of the children before more than me and show is use me is hot of the Chal but have other children she call her Keitts please make a play about this I'm so sad sometime I feel like meeting Psilocybe myself

  8. I like Tyler a Perry but he offended me right off…I'm a so-called holy roller and I'm not fake….too many preconceived notions about us

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