Twerk Teen

Twerk Teen

* Music Playing * * knocking * Sara: Gimmie ma money Listen. I work my hours and that is my money. I got bills I got kid. I’ll sue you Walt: ‘Less you let yo ass talk for you can’t no stripper win in
court you feel me? Sara: You can’t talk to me like that Walt: Yo bitch!
Sara: Who are you talking to?
Walt: I wasn’t talking to you but my main bitch got lots to say though * barking *
* Sara scream * * Walt laughs* Walt: Fuck you doin’ in my house?
Twerk Teen: I’ve been watchin you Walt I know what you’ve been doing. You’re gonna pay that woman, or pay the consequences. Walt: How you gonna walk up in my house and talk to me about my bidness Twerk Teen: My BIDNESS is the business of the oppressed
Walt: Who you think you is? Twerk Teen: I am the Twerk Teen and I stand up for those that put in work. Now Pay up!
Walt: I ain’t payin nobody who don’t work for it. So ‘less you lookin to make some cash. Ain’t nobody gettin’ my money.
Twerk Teen: Oh you want me to work for it ha. I’ll show you work. *Music* The twerk teen she run this joint got her ass in yo face you don’t see the point *Music* Twerk Teen: You betta work Walt: The fuck is happening?
Twerk Teen: The power of empathy Walt you’re feeling all the pain that your
strippers endure. It ain’t sexy is it? Now Pay up! *Music* twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk *Music* Walt: Gimmie a pen Walt: Now you better get out…before.. *sighs*
Sara: Hey sweetie just tell Dad that I’ll be home in a little bit Twerk Teen: Hey Miss I think you dropped something Sara: Th..thank you *Music* The twerk teen she run this joint got her ass in yo face you don’t see the point *Music*

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  1. That was hilarious and with a Story to it… I diggz great Job on this Sam had we cracking up . Good Plot

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