Turkish nationalism explained

Turkish nationalism explained

at its peak the Ottoman Empire stretched across three continents but from the 1800s after a series of unsuccessful Wars it began to collapse from its ruins emerged a new republic leading to a time of great Zil passion and patriotism this monument at Istanbul Taksim Square symbolizes the sacrifice made for the creation of a modern Turkey it was based on the idea of an inherent Turkish nationalism but what does this nationalism mean and how has it evolved in the past 100 years to Ataturk Turkey's founder he had to do with fighting for one's country this new patriotism and it's connection to the war of independence has been a constant theme throughout Turkish history it emerged during the Cyprus war of 1974 and after the thiol July 2016 cube most recently displays of nationalism was seen in support of the Turkish military is offensive in Afrin Syria by long lives along a Garuda Europe I am proud of my flag because the red symbolizes the blood we have spilled for it I can sense my Turkishness when I look at it I have two sons both of them can be sacrificed for this country this patriotism has also shaped various political groups such as the nationalist movement party or MHP their right-wing agenda has been criticized for being ethnically nationalist but the phenomenon also has deep roots recently attack a soldier heading off to take part in the Efrain operation was asked by a reporter while his destination was his answer sparked excitement across the country the red apple alludes to a mythical utopia that appears in Turkic mythology from the 8th century the red apple for the Turks is not something physical nor attainable it simply represents their humane national and Islamic objective it's these ideals that unite political parties despite their differences and it's at times of hardship that our excitement the concept of Turkish nationalism is also a prominent feature in pop culture seem a heart-related and kielbasa the drama dear Alicia is a story of the origins of the Ottoman Empire an apt representation of the story of modern Turkey itself and the nationalism that has continued for generations Ahmad Kaplan Straight Talk

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  1. We turks are nationalist but not racist. We have so many ethnic groups in Turkiye. We live in peace and brotherhood and respect to who are our friends .

  2. Saudi Arabia must acquire Nuclear weapons and throw them on Turkey (To eradicate all the Turds of Turgay)

  3. Turks always hated minorities. Please Turks don't call yourself Muslims cause Islam and nationalism is not compatible!

  4. Religions cant change Turkish people Turkish people changes religions 😁😁😁 our father is all father ( Türklerin kültürünü hiçbir din değiştiremedi bizim babamız herkesin büyüğüdür biz ona inanırız babamızın yolundan çıkmayız)

  5. This analysis in the study explains the current situation of nationalist ideas, not the origin of Turkish nationalism. Firstly, myth of the Red Apple doesnt cover Islamic objective but aims to emerge all Turkic countries under a powerful state. Other Islamic countries should exclude from this idea. On the other hand, religion of Islam is less important in Turkish nationalism. Because there are some Turkic originated societies living in Europe, Asia and Caucasia and some of them are not Muslim contrary to general belief; pan-Islamism is not beneficial means of aiming this utopia. Also strongly belief in Turkish society regarding to Arabs which betrayed Ottomans during the WWI have effected nationalist intellectuals' observation Islam as a conjunctive power on societies. Islamic opinions in Turkish nationalism have gained importance over the last 20 years because of the idea of Neo-Ottomanism based on the utopia which create a pan-Islamic state under the rule of Turks. So, i dont think that this video is clearly explaining the Turkish nationalism. I hope this explanation may help individuals who would like to understand Turkish nationalism.

  6. Until the world witnesses the strength of the Turks once again they are going to bow down on their knees!

  7. At the 8th century, Turks religion was not islam, so, how "red apple" in the turkish mithology can have "islam" in its meaning? 🙂

  8. In fact, Turkisch nationalism is not micro-ethnic racism
    Turkic World popoulation is about 300-350 million…

  9. This video makes me sigh a lot, and the comments… Well, they explain it better than I ever could. But may I point out there is one nationality in Turkey, and only 11 ethnicities that are more than just 3000 families? In fact, there is only the Kurdish ethnicity that is relevant.

  10. This dog Ataturk is a kuffar…a dog of hell fire…He destroyed the real spirit of Turkey…Ottomans gave there blood for this land…it's a land of Ottoman Turks,a land of Islam where Muslims live freely,Alhamdulillah it's been revived!!

  11. I am disgusted by Turks who obsess about their nation, history and flag.. there are flags fucking everywhere littered all over the damn place. Every single house and business has a flag plastered for everyone to see. In some places they are in every single room… it's completely absurd. This is 2018 we don't need to be reminded of our country everywhere we fucking go. I hate this the most about Turkey, the nationalistic cancer that unites all Turks. Be proud of being a human before being proud of your country. Blind nationalism is nothing but a political tool. Politicians will say things like "As Turks we must do x y z" and the next thing you know a million turks wave flags shouting out stuff about Turkish nationalism. Imagine the reaction of the people if we didn't obsess about nationalism and the flag every single day, we could wave our own opinions instead of our nationalism!

    %15 (Atatürk destroyed the İslam)
    %20 (Long live Kurdistan!)
    %5 (Out of Europe)
    %10 (The God is Turk)
    %25 (We should do a genocide against the Turks)
    %25 (WTF is going on in the comment section?)

  13. Death in to Turkey and in the Turkish people from Greece,and if you say i fuck Greece or i fuck your family remember Istanbul Pontus and the Coast of Turkey was Greek and Turkey is from Mongolia.Greeks has Build Hagia Sofia no the Turks or Romans the GREEKS and now go fuck because you dont have anything to say.

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