14 thoughts on “Turkey Ultra Nationalists Violently Disrupt Protest for Syrians

  1. Lol… VoA criticize Turkish people who aid whole oppressed people around world. Turkey keeps more than 5 million Syrian immigrant, where US bitches messed their countries. What Turkey does is every immigrant should be in their recorded city… Turkey spends 40 bn Euros per year while Europe doesn't keep their aggreement guarantees such as visa free travel. At the same time, on the Mexican border, USA literally proceduring concentration camps over immigrants.

    Turks have disrupted this so called protest because it's purpose is not actually protest. These are trying to manipulate immigrant people in Turkey with US and European money. Fuck off.

  2. Yes, illegal immigrants are being send back just like in the US. People have enough of these syrians

  3. If I was were the ultra nationalists I would take the refugees in and then slowly assimilate them into Turkish culture. Or maybe that is too extreme for being a Turkish ultra nationalist. Hmm….

  4. If MSNBCannibals were there Andrea Greenspan would have quickly chainsaw massacred her opposition and STOMP THE HEADS in of any of the downed survivors SHE IS EVIL!!!!!!!!

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