47 thoughts on “Turkey: Religious freedom vs nationalism

  1. Stupid BBC propaganda religious freedom is compatible with nationalism there even christian turks in turkey.

  2. "…hiding their cross inside their shirts." What a lie…
    Tell that to Turkish teenagers who are wearing cross necklaces just because they think it's cool

  3. Islam build turkey…but unupgraded islam in last khalifah othmaniah making young generation become pro western system….they become renegade becouse the older doesnt want to improve,and stand still with old values.islam was for all time and beyond imaginable…the young turks become less in islam values and more in western value in other to be strong.but they become too much,and this what happened when kemal attarturk lead a new system for turkey …a totally secularism.but it dont work becoz turkish generation and their leader become drunker and turkey are so uncivillized compare to others europe nation.remember what young erdogan said,a muslim cannot being secular at the same time!!!…pure logic.prodygy and correctamundo.it just if he is in strong level of faith or not,which was call 'iman'.

  4. Western propaganda…

    Turkish nationalists doesnt care what religion you believe. We look at the blood.

    For example when the Azerbaijans fought against Armenians, the Russians said to the Gagauz Turks who are christians that their christians brothers are being attacked. When the Gagauz Turks found out that they were fighting against Azerbaijan Turks they switched sides. The reason was because they prefer to help their blood brothers instead of non Turks.

  5. You are exaggerating the situation. I am a foreign in Turkey, I am Christian, and I love this country because I feel free and safe. For a long time I am living here and turks mostly are very respectful. (of course, not at all). Please stop showing Turkey like a bad country.

  6. We found to read Turkey people once killed more than one million people in the name of religion.as naziz killed jews. This is a great genocide. Now they are try to erage their stain for the past mistakes.

  7. first of all turkish republic is not a muslim country its’a secular country
    second,turkish nationalism and believing in islam is not the same thing plus everybody in turkish republic can maintain their bliefs its not a problem if you respect state and its people

  8. I saw in Turkey that Turkish and Kurdish has no religion because the sex with their sisters and mother father and daughter they are selling their pussy for 60 lira🥵👏🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  9. This is all just a propaganda and don't believe that any one will urinate or even defecate in a Church. Turkey is a country which has always given freedom to all religions in their country. No one will be offended if you wear a cross. In Turkey everyone has a freedom to practice their own religion. There is no compulsion in religion and please stop spreading fake propaganda about the beautiful country of Turkey

  10. Islam is a religion of war and terror since it allows suicide bombers and BARBARIC; beheadings, lashings, cutting limbs and from the evil one INTOLERANT; dont tolerate others religion

  11. Islam is a false religion since it denies the death and resurrection Lord Jesus and and His God hood. Bible rejects all other prophets i.e. Mohammed and also rejected Koran as false and misleading.

  12. Why do we give so much shit about other country's religious beliefs? Let them worship whoever they want. Turkey is a beautiful country and the people are extremely friendly. My wife and I have visited Turkey multiple times before and nobody ever asked us what our religion is. Quit spreading your hate BBC!

  13. islam spreads by war and hatred but Christianity spreads by love and prayers, where there is war there is islam,where there is love there is Christ

  14. BBC is one of most ethically corrupt news channel they use different eyes on massacres of different faith,bbc showing issues related prosecutions of christians in muslim world but never want to highlights related hindus ,buddhist those have massacres on organised by Pakistan army in bangladesh that's time east pakistan not shows prosecution of hindus,and sikhs in pakistan every normal days this is totally show bbc is anti Indian religion and culture boycott bbc.

  15. I support gun rights. I think atheists & communists/Marxists & antinatalists & drug freedom advocates & climate activists & animal rights vegans should have all the guns & we should use them to fight to end the torture inside factory farms, to fight the torture of prisoners held hostage in prison for decades for a personal choice (drugs)

  16. FREEDOM FROM RELIGION & FREEDOM FROM NATIONALISM are infinitely more important than pandering to either religionists or nationalists.

  17. The Ottoman Empire was a 600-year-old state. And for 600 years we lived with Christians and Jews. If one killed someone unjustly, his sentence was death in the empire. Because a man's life was precious. No one was forced to be Muslim. There was no interest. Only war was on the front. Women and children were not harmed. Now ,Christian countries do not live their own religion. And many rape, theft, murder.

  18. Welcome to our great Bangla religion. The religion of the Bangladesh & Pakistan. You like our religion so much, we will give it to you. We have lot of horny men from Pakistan who love to watch Turkish porn. We will invade your country and renamed it West Pakistan. I also love belly dance and fantasize Turkish women while I dream, may Allah grant my wishes. I don't believe in God. I believe in Allah.

  19. This journalism is biased …totalky against islam…depicting western ideas and imposing it on the ones whom the land belond

  20. Seven churches of the Bible taken over and trodden down by Islam…wake up Christians see your state or risk extinction.

  21. What about Greek occupation of Turkey and the atrocities committed against local population. Yes Islamic terrorism is among the greatest problems of this decade. But don't whitewash other incidences. I thought BBC would be more liberal.

  22. one question, as an islamic woman, do they possess enough freedom to wear & follow up any fashion anything they like in turkey ?

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