Tulsi Gabbard to Americans: War with Iran would be devastating

Tulsi Gabbard to Americans: War with Iran would be devastating

100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard to Americans: War with Iran would be devastating

  1. Bottom line defense spending. We spent enough bring them and defend everything here on the home front. Defend the homeland at home.

  2. I hate it when politicians speak out against the "rich & powerful". Why are we such bad people? We pay more taxes than the average Joe, yet always referred to as trash. I guess its true, people of different classes cannot mix – because poor & illiterate people are too jealous of other peoples hard work and success.

  3. Nice job FOX News, for putting the most balanced and centrist Dem. running on-screen with good questions. I hope the Reps. will put some centrist up for consideration, otherwise, Tulsi will be capturing some past Rep. voters!

  4. Very few politicians go into politics to work for the people, they’re there to enrich themselves, especially this President

  5. Tulsi is a Con-artist She talks the talk but every time I see her she always avoids any direct questions that require her to go off script. She is good when you first see her then you quickly learn to see right thru her BS and posturing.

  6. Tulsi is a Con-artist She talks the talk but every time I see her she always avoids any direct questions that require her to go off script. She is good when you first see her then you quickly learn to see right thru her BS and posturing.

  7. Tulsi is a Con-artist She talks the talk but every time I see her she always avoids any direct questions that require her to go off script. She is good when you first see her then you quickly learn to see right thru her BS and posturing.

  8. TULSI, I love your smile.
    You do not sound like a liberal when you speak like you do about Congress getting nothing done.

  9. The American people need to understand THIS… Tulsi Gabbard is a straight up SOCIALIST!! She was an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter! Trump 2020!!

  10. MORONS WILL VOTE FOR HER ON LOOKS ALONE, WHICH SHE ISN'T ALL THAT! She's a Democrat and a globalist, and not to be trusted!

  11. some are blessed
    most of us have to find our way

    with the spiritual
    the old world dies
    the new world appears
    things are seen as if they had never been seen before
    life takes on meaning this way

    the spiritual is personal .. and private
    respect others to have the same


    finding our way = pursuit of happiness (Declaration of Independence)

    the freedom exists
    to be able to go out and create your own world, if you want

    ask yourself
    are the conditions right?
    am I able to pursue my own happiness?

    this is the test for a quality society

    ——— 3 things to remember

    1. finding our way = pursuit of happiness
    2. govt's job is to secure these rights
    3. our job is to check in once in a while, make sure everything's ok

    This is the proper perspective to have.


    * the ideal preferred
    no complications
    only the vision

    * Declaration says "to secure these rights, governments are created"

  12. Is the old JFK and should be honored to have a woman like that that's trying to do things other people instead of wasting years wasteless money a bull crap stories whistleblowers and all this other stuff when they were all crooked

  13. Every Trump supporter I speak with says the only Democrat they would vote for is Yang/Tulsi. Unfortunately the DNC still doesn’t get it. Unless there is a Yang/Tulsi ticket, Trump will absolutely win.

  14. Look she sounds good but has offered no method of solving the iran issue or the china issue.
    Everything she said in this interview sounds good, i would say the exact ssme things but no solutions were offered. Dont be fooled by tbe idealistic talk.
    Offer solutions tulsi.

  15. Either Tulsi or Trump in my opinion. Idiot dems are gonna try and hand us some other crap candidate that Trump will blow out in the election.

  16. If Tulsi did a Trump and steamrolled the, so called Democrats, into submission, I believe she could be the first female POTUS. Wouldn't Hillary be pissed.

  17. who wants   back  in the  Iran deal ? TG does …she is acting like being the president is riding a surf board ….its a hard tough job …Trump has taken more hits than any president you have seen….Could she handle that for as long ?

  18. Served 20yrs. In theater, never seen combat. Being in combat one F'n tour is a lifetime… I feel you my military brothers and sisters.

  19. This lady is destined for greatness. She is good for the US and its people.Sincerely hope she has an influential position on foreign policy matters at a minimum.


  21. Trump has been obstructed from doing his job every day from before and up to today and no-one being held accountable and Mrs. Gabbard is right about in the fact both parties being corrupted and I pray it stops soon


  23. Most refreshing. Gabbard is fundamentally truthful about what she thinks, and why she thinks it. I do hope the American people wake up, and see who is real, and who is not. When the dust settles, Tulsi will be one of the very few still standing.

  24. Tulsi that's what President Trump is trying to do but the deep state is fighting all the way because he is trying to stop all this deceptive crap.

  25. Tulsi ll have many problems for being anti-war. Do not go agianst the war hawks and military institutions as a presidential candidate regardless of ur party affiliation, u ll sure be blasted & brought to the ground by every means possible. Iran, russia, China, Nkorea,Afganistan,yemen, & all the blacklisted countries, is big business….and good for campaigns.

  26. as good as she is she still looks sad . she shouldn't go through the hell at the white guy house. poor little talsy such a sweetie.

  27. those that sugar coat those dem o crates should be ashamed of yourselves following demens it hell shame on you. Salvation

  28. I can appreciate Fox supports republicans however this was not a fair interview with Tulsi. You have lowered your reporting to CNN. I say this as a Trump supporter

  29. A more target-specific approach, I gather. Negotiate, peaceably, or else. I also like the idea of renegotiating strategic-arms with Russia and China, as everyone could benefit from the savings. But, I would also like to see direct talks on tactical innovations, such as AI-driven systems. Gabbard demonstrates unique ambition among her rather dimwitted peer-group; shows much horizontal vision, and courageous merit, knowing time is of the essence. And, to discount her sincerity, and intelligence, would be a sin, to say the least (much less question her honor, and integrity, with maniacal/hysterical insinuation)

  30. We have a lawless “president”, we’re supposed to ignore it? She’s a joke. She won’t even win re-election of her current seat, let alone become the Dem nominee for Prez.

  31. I'm not American but I'm also sick of your country waging wars around the world. The regimes in other countries are none of your business. I hope your people vote for this woman for she might be the only democrat who can actually beat Trump and she also sounds like the only sane politician in your country.

  32. Reminder to all Independent voters: Didn't we vote for this idiot to block Killary's plan to set off WW3? And here he is, going at it with full guns blazing, and zero strategy in place! We have been conned by the orange man! Next thing he will do is implement NWO's Agenda 21 & 2030!!!

  33. Gabbard is afraid of Iran and wants to be president. Hawaii should be it's own country and she can be it's president. Let's vote on it.

  34. All i can say is from now on america should be vigilant in monitoring a 24/7 defence guard, anytime a surprised attack will occur by air or by land maybe a suicide bomber will take place. Do not underestimate the irans they are far from iraq and the afgans who fought war to US. Irans had a huge nuclear weapon.

  35. Bimbo Tulsi has zero political credibility, and won't be getting any support from me in the upcoming primary. She's right about comrade Trumputin being a total joke, and is right about this issue. But she's totally wrong about refusing to support the very well deserved IMPEACHMENT of the worst liar, thief, pedophile, scam artist, and sellout to Russia that ever live. Tulsi = DINO & 45 = major CRIMINAL

  36. We can't fix the corruption of this world. Satan has been conniving against everything good since the beginning of time. But ya know what…intervention is in many instances warranted. Terrorism should be delt with with extreme prejudice. If this woman thinks that she's"safe" from extremism and corruption…she's either a fool or she is propigating for the elite 1 percent

  37. Body language is everything. Pelosi is nervous, frustrated, stumbling and stuttering. She's finished. She knows it. Gabbard is still the most presidential of any candidate in decades.

  38. What Tulsi offers is already what Obama did. They even sold Uranium to appease the enemy. And billions of cash. And Tulsi thinks she's better than President Trump??

  39. She's the best of a bad lot…wait until she starts talking about other subjects and then you'll see she's nuts like the rest of them.

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