Tucker: Impeachment hearings don’t affect the average American

Tucker: Impeachment hearings don’t affect the average American

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Impeachment hearings don’t affect the average American

  1. Adam Schiff is an all American HERO and PATRIOT and the last line of DEFENCE agains the complete take over of America by the RUSSIANS via paedophile trump aka individual one and the republicaniski party paid schills.

  2. Now, I know the Apocalypse is here.

    Everything affects the American people.

    Hopefully, the American people will be affected by change in the country in 2020.

    Less or no more Republicans holding office 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  3. This is indeed the biggest scam in the World , the whole World is watching this ridigulous theater , its simply devastating how these DEMS are lying and manipulate the actual facts . It is a disgrace how the Dems proceed this, without any decency and coinscience, what is even more amazing that not one Democrat have brains of their own , they follow the leader as sheep to the slaughterhouse. Its just disgusting the way they act. The MSM media especially CNN and MSNBC are exposing themselves with their exaggerated daily FAKE newsitems trough these highly corrupt ANCHORS that also these actors must held be accountable for their criminal scrutiny to the whole WORLD but especially to deceive the American people on a daily base.

  4. Impeachment didn't work, what's next, has Poxy Pelosi give a clue, Bribery, if that's so, then Joe Biden needs arresting, "I withheld $1Billion in aid money for 6 hours till the Ukranians fired the top prosecutor looking into my son".

  5. The real joke is, behind the scenes FOX folks are scrambling to make lemonade out of dishwater. This is entertainment folks. The moment FOX was unable to defend the indefensible, trump lost it and tweeted nasty things about the network….FOX quickly had to get back on the lying train. FACTS matter……….trump is a reality check for America

  6. Liars trying to impeach other liars. Wow the pot calling the kettle black much? If anyone wants to know the real meaning of democracy, I will gladly tell you the meaning. A politician goes to school to study ways on how to twist lies in order to get their own way. They then graduate with a certificate of honors and decide to run for a political office. In this country you have groups of people who need laws pass. But in order to get these laws pass you have to have money. Not thousands but millions close to billions. Now democracy is the ability to pay off a politician in a high position to pass a law that benefits your group or party. Then enforce that law on the American people whether they like it, realize it or not. Turn around and manipulate the American public into believing that they have their best interest at heart while benefiting off of the inevitable destruction that their greed and lies are soon gonna wreck havoc on the average middle class American to the poorer American. Mix it in with a generation that is now being raised to believe that all you need to survive is some form of drug, Alcohol, Plan B pill along with your Xbox, play-station, cell phone and laptop. Now add a celeb who they idolize and create multiple apps that will distract them and you can control anyone you want. Brainwash society will never take the time out to educate themselves on what is really going on in the world outside of their own country and will follow the leadership of famous people that you pay to promote a product. And wham all you have to do is call it democracy, but in reality it is a complicated deceptive strategy used to allow those who are apart of the secret society to maintain control over a nation until he who will deceive all is ready to take power.

  7. Uhhh… the disastrous policies of the current administration sure do you shill bozo. And the tax plan.. you know people outside of the 65 year old demographic can add and subtract right?

  8. I am not an American, but is it in keeping with American security protocols, in this day and age of cyber surveillance, is it deemed satisfactory for the president to have what appears to be unprotected cell phone conversations? Also, on a separate issue, I have to believe that every person in America knows that the endless procession of school shootings will go on and on. Yet America tolerates it. These things shape opinions of what America represents to the world today.

  9. There's no consequences to having someone working against the best wishes of the USA in the office of presidency?
    Let's talk about Obama for a second… you hypocrite.

  10. I am not quite sure why people are saying that 2nd hand information isn't creditable. In our justice system prosecutors have to prove in trials based on evidence and sometimes 2nd hand information. This inquiry is basically the same thing. The committee is getting the information they need to decide if they are going forward to impeach. These people that are giving the committee information don't have a propaganda. Most of these people are Republicans and worked under Trump. I think some you people need to read, and watch other news networks besides Fox to get your information.

  11. The former administration had Faux News on their back 24/7 but Ducker Trumpdaughter over here has a problem with the media scrutinizing this corrupt to the core administration?

  12. If there's so much information in these hearings that shoe trumps innocence, why aren't they talking about it. He's just telling viewers that what you see means nothing, what they say isn't true. Not one fact brought forward, just whining about bureaucracy.

  13. '…telling it like it is…' or telling it like they are told. To paraphrase Barney Slanders(berniesanders) the truth not the facts!

  14. Tucker is a joke of a human being. Propaganda machine and acts like a child in a grade school, school yard. His character shines through as he can only bash the oppositions and can’t create any legitimate talking points. He is projecting everything that Fox and he represents. Just like our current president. Sad times. Faux News

  15. A president who lies 10 times a day and abuses the power of the office to benefit himself and his family does affect the average American. It lowers the office to a level never before seen and it reduces our leadership in the world. These hearings are the result of a lawlessness which has invaded the White House and needs to be ended either with impeachment and removal or an election loss in 2020. This is the worst president and administration in US history. And it will be forever remembered as a shameful point in our history. A point where a criminal became president and was supported by many accomplices including a whole political party. And when Trump is gone and someone competent, intelligent and eloquent is back in the White House again, our country and the average American will be better off.

  16. These six things doth the Lord hate : yea , seven are an abomination unto Him : A proud look , a lying tongue , and hands that shed innocent blood , An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations , feet that be Swift in running to mischief. A false witness that speaketh lies , and he that Soweth discord among brethren.

  17. For trump supporters who dont understand how that effects them anyways: after ww2 the US became the leader of the free world, it was in US interests to be the most powerful country in the world. Why? Because the soviets were taking over the world, just as communism was and it was not clear who would be the number one world power, who would dictate other countries their way of life. To keep power and secure peace (also for the US) the US became the "world police" in a way. Part of that was to make sure other countries would be in need of the US. So they told the ukraine for example to get rid of their nuclear arsenal in exchange of protections against russia. Now that russia took part of the ukraine, you say, but what is with Germany and France and Britain? Well aftere WW2 Germany was not allowed to have nuclear weapons.. france and Britain still have some but not enough to scare russia away. Thats why we have the Nato under US lead. Well Trump broke with all those rules and traditions and left a power vakuum before the EU (as a union between not very powerful countries to be powerful together) could gain enough power on their own to protect themselves. But russia made sure with their bots and trolls that brexit would happen and trump would be elected. Thats why Johnson and farage and other alt right puppets are payed big time by russia. So the EU is even weaker now and the US left the alliances, some by leaving treatys some with actions and words. Russia is now in the middle east, in eastern europe and who knows what they can do next. How does that affect you? Well, you get much less save because if russias plan works out it will expand once again and become equally powerful as your country is right now. As a Berliner i am scared. Only 30 years ago this very city was dicided by a wall build by communists and half the country lived under russian influence like so many other countries… russia doesnt export freedom and democracy but the very opposite. Think of the cuba crisis or the cold war in general to imagine the consequences for you. The alarms in schools and such..

  18. Fox news is biased and that's the truth and nothing but the truth. Fox news is only for Republicans so maybe learn how to be moderate @Fox News.

  19. Sure they got all of their information on trump from the NEW YORK TIMES, Well we all know that they can read and which newspaper they depend on for their Impeachment of trump the NYT

  20. Why won't anyone watch these impeachment trials! When you say they're smart Democrats I really don't believe it. If you signed on to this impeachment thing you're sheep

  21. The impeachment hearings give me something to watch while I prep for the war on Thanksgiving. We're coming for your green bean casseroles!

  22. Why is Tucker Carson so incredibly stupid? Did his mama drop him on his head several times when he was a baby? I think she did.

  23. This is just sad. They are always supporting trump. Please, just for once , instead of supporting a man, support the Constitution. Our Constitution makes us the greatest nation and will continue to be if we defend and put the Constitution above everything.

  24. INCREDIBLE FAKE NEWS. When evidences and facts are exposed on that hearing, it's like a blocage of understanding from the fakes news. Next to trying to make money with their scraps, witch is fair deal, they alienated the public toward them. Any and, all americans, see through their lies. They would make so much more money, if they were defending the truth. The fake news are driven by a political agenda that condemned them to mediocrity. NEW STARS ARE SHINING IN THE NEWS WORLD. Every reasonnable peoples recognized the truth when exposed. One example is the ascension of the Epoch Times analysis and reporting. Among their team, the gorgeous Gina and many others of her collegues, are reporting from the facts, after serious analysis and, by bringning on screen credible witnesses and thinkers. At evidence, the CNN, MSNBC and so on, don't even bother to have revisions of their process, if it has appearances of supporting the DEMS. With the DEMS, they are accused of the same excesses that make them the last of the Mohicans. Thankfully, the young generation of news reporting, won't fall on that pit of non issues. Gerry

  25. Give me a break Carlson. Impeachment affects me the ordinary person. I am a conservative and feel that you are ignoring the facts because you want Trump to stay in power.

  26. Tucker Boomer/ CO. here, and I think you misspoke. I've spoken to many here in Denver and THEY ARE WATCHING.
    The hearings did effect all- it's just that as you've said, they have jobs etc. Trust me, like you, the details dont matter to be dedicated to; but I can tell you, that at least in CO., we watched, we care, we vote, We are Purple.

  27. Are there actually real people who think Epstein killed himself?

    Where are you people?

    I have some questions for you.

  28. Ahh Tucker said the Word Bufoonist now who was that guy who said his love life was like a Neutron bomb, (Small, highly Toxic, and Dead before you feel anything)?

  29. They would love for the average American not to watch so they can continue to push their lying brainwashing narrative🤔. WATCH THE HEARINGS!!!

  30. Maybe the MSM should talk about something relative to your life instead of going on about Trump, says the idiot who does nothing but spew lies while pumping up Trump! Carlson’s, and Fox’s, day of reckoning is coming, too.

  31. Tucker forgot to mention about people that we're awake during US Constitution class in school. The ones that always hated Democrats as lifelong Republicans, but now that the southern Democrats have taking Republican party over. Feel like they're sitting down to a cold toilet seat every time a present-day Republican speaks on TV.

  32. Am I the only one who is hearing REO SPEEDWAGON in their head? Yeah kids that was a band that wrote a song called "heard it from a friend".

  33. my cousin told me that he heard from his friend's sister's mother's cousin that she said her neighbour's brother had heard at work from the tea lady that a woman on the bus said something about Trump. So of course he is guilty idiots.

  34. it really is true that journalism is dead because these people should be all held accountable for the lies and all the deceitfulness that they spread to the American people. They truly are the enemy of AMERICA 😡. Trump Sr 2020 Donald Trump jr 2024.

  35. Drain the swamp? At this point you should flush yourself down the toilet. Fox news is the turd…Tucker is the toilet…and that's not fair to the turd.

  36. These leftwing fascists at YT just deleted my last account because I named the "whistleblower". LOL Orwellian.

  37. Well it affects me, Laws are made to follow, if I have too, then all should including the Pelosi's, Biden's and the lying Schiff's.

  38. For starters: Abuse of Power, Bribery which is illegal and Obstruction. The witnesses, transcripts and aid being illegally withheld is proof. Thirdly, inviting foreigners to interfere with our elections like Russia and China; additionally national security violations (Wikileaks). Fourthly, all the lies and attacks against citizens which is probably not illegal but very concerning. Fifth, not disclosing his tax returns to ensure no foreign influence on our President financially. Sixth, Integrity of our country and moral, not illegal or impeachable. Michael Cohen is in Federal jail and Trump is a co-conspirator. Bob Mueller indictments of Trump administration. Big Picture: IMPEACH

  39. i agree, the two witnesses are proud, honorable americans. They both said, and i quote…" I came here to only tell you what i heard"

  40. The US is not a democracy, but a republic. People send representatives to make decisions for them. This is not a society in which people vote on what foreign policy to have, people vote for representatives who offer certain foreign policy. You vote for a package.

  41. The bureaucrats should not politically try to effect (make) policy but carry out the people's will, through their elected officials. Thanks, Tucker.

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