Tucker & GOP Senator Perfect The Fake Populist Tap Dance

Tucker & GOP Senator Perfect The Fake Populist Tap Dance

so this next story is this is really important and I'm really happy that we're covering this so Tucker Carlson and Senator Josh Hawley the who's the senator from Missouri he's a Republican they really perfected the whole fake populist tap-dance here I gotta ask you watch the whole thing and then hang in there cuz I guarantee you there there's some mind-blowing facts I'm gonna give you after you watch this that really just demonstrates exactly what we're talking about here Hawley spoke to the national conservatism conference in Washington he delivered a great speech legitimately smart and interesting it's online if you'd like to watch it it's worth the time so naturally because the speech was effective the left is coming out of the woodwork to accuse Hawley of crime think they're now saying he's an anti-semite anti-semite why well because during his speech Hawley accurately described America's leads as being globalist Cosmopolitan's with no real attachment to America because they are everyone knows that nobody thinks hallease an anti-semite if they did they probably would have been upset a few years ago when President Obama said this that this new international elite the professional class that supports them differs in important respects from the ruling aristocracy's of old a decent percentage considers themselves liberal in their politics modern and cosmopolitan in their outlook it was true and Obama said it was true and senator Hawley said it senator Hawley joins us tonight senator thanks a lot for coming on did we miss describe that you're being called an anti-semite for describing many of our elites as not attached to the United States yeah I guess that's right I mean what I've learned Tucker is that when it comes to liberals there's only one thing that they love more than being elitist and that's accusing everybody else of being bigots in order to shut down speech in order to devalue the views of the American people they say oh you're a bigot you're a racist because want to admit what they have done they didn't admit what their policies have done shipping jobs overseas hurting working families keeping wages flat for decades that's their legacy and it's time that they owned it so what you're saying is that they use cries of bigotry as a diversion to keep you occupied on the defensive so you won't notice how badly they've mismanaged the country yeah you know I mean it is strange as you point out that when Barack Obama makes the same point that an international elite that's his word cosmopolitan and their Outlook who are increasingly disconnected he goes on on that same speech to say this new elite is disconnected from national feeling and increasingly disconnected from the workers who actually make the products that they depend on who actually built this country and that's precisely what I said but the left can't take that they can't be put on the spot and they don't want to be called out as elitist that they truly are and they don't want to be put on the spot for their failed policies that have hurt this country that have hurt the workers of this country and they don't have anything to offer and so all we get is that well you're a bigot you're a racist as they try to distract from their failures what's so interesting is the left is suddenly in the position of defending the prerogatives of the ruling class well here you are a Republican taking up for the interests of people who you know make 40 grand a year and your vocals are saying you know those people deserve no attention and stop criticizing George Soros because she can't be criticized is that weird you think oh I mean it's it's totally weird but listen I mean the Liberals are increasingly the party of the elites I mean they are the party of the ruling class and that's the point and that's what they don't want to admit they are the ruling class and they have been for decades they control the commanding heights in this country the media the big multinational corporations are universities I mean they have effectively run the country the Liberals have for decades now and their consensus has given us what we have today I mean they're the ones who are responsible for jobs offshoring they're the ones who are responsible for wages flat for the the plight and struggle of working Americans you know working Americans ordinary Americans in places like where I grew up in rural Missouri they just want somebody to speak for them and to be constantly told that they're bigots and they're racists and their lives don't matter their views they're tired of that now I have no idea if Josh Holley is an anti-semite that was I guess the the spark for this conversation and I don't even know who's accusing him of being an anti-semite to me that's all irrelevant put that all aside you heard the rhetoric there the rhetoric is crystal clear the rhetoric is Anti Corruption the rhetoric is populist the rhetoric is like I'm all about the workers bro let me tell you something about Josh Holley look at this Josh Holley graduated from Stanford has a law degree from Yale his dad was a banker actually I think the president of a bank and he supports right-to-work Tucker Carlson married into the frozen TV dinner empire and so his wife is massively wealthy he's massively wealthy now listen I if Josh Hawley or if Tucker Carlson said okay whatever my background is my background this is who I am but hey I support policies x y&z I support raising the minimum wage to a living wage I support unionization you know I support Medicare for all I support free college I support a variety anti outsourcing bills I'm against NAFTA I'm against TPP I'm for you know Bernie Sanders proposal to cut off all government contracts to companies that outsource if they were crystal clear and they came outside here the policies on for I wouldn't be doing this segment where I go after them because very simply you could be like FDR was considered because he was from a wealthy background but you could be a traitor to your class and I'd support you totally fine I'd support you but let me explain to you one more time Josh Holley graduated from Stanford has a law degree from Yale his dad was a banker again I could overlook all that until and he supports right to work in other words he's out there like me bro I'm just out here looking out for working people you know all these elitist lefties who you know they're the problem in this country they're the establishment in this country their policies have failed I'm for working people he supports right to work right to work which really in reality just so everybody knows is right to work for less it's an anti-union piece of legislation and approach that makes it to that and studies have found this people in right-to-work state make I think about 2000 or $3000 less on average per year because they're anti-union so a guy who's pretended to be all for the working class and his politics and his policies are massively anti-union which means they're anti worker this is what I mean guys you have to look past the rhetoric you have to look past the surface level tap-dance that they're doing in the Kabuki theater that they're doing because I'm the one that's admitting up front hey if all that stuff was true the rhetoric that they're talking about that's convincing people gonna watch that and go yeah okay cool Tucker Carlson's not all that bad Josh Hollies and all that bad look at them they're arguing for working people they're arguing for regular people they're against the elites what do you mean that's great that's wonderful but it's fake its fake populism it's like Donald Trump acting like the forgotten man a woman will never be forgotten again and then it is a tax bill where he hands the keys to the kingdom over to the corporations and over the rich he massively cuts the estate tax is that populist is that looking out for working people he massively cut corporate taxes when they're already paying a historically low percentage of the tax burden is that populist is that looking out for regular people every tax cut in his bill for working people is temporary it's got a sunset provision on it all the tax cuts for the rich permanent they're not real populist s– real populist are crystal clear they oppose and after they oppose TPP they don't renegotiate NAFTA to basically make it almost exactly like NAFTA like Trump did they support Bernie Sanders bill to not give any federal government contracts to to companies that outsource they support by America in terms of an executive order Trump did not do that executive order he could have done it but he didn't do it instead you this symbolic by America week which is nothing but symbolism he could have signed an executive order that says the federal government only buys products made in America . but no the way it works now is we buy from us and all of our allies he didn't change that he could have changed that he didn't change that did Tucker Carlson tell you about this he didn't tell you about this did he did Tucker Carlson tell you about the 93 thousand jobs that were outsourced to under the Trump administration as Trump pretends to be the heir to outsourcing president 93 thousand fucking jobs are outsourced to tuck cost about that he didn't tell you about that his talk with Carlson praising the Democrats for the $15 minimum wage bill that they just pass through the house is Josh Hawley in agreement with the Democrats these guys are frauds man now again I told you a thousand times they'll tell you a thousand more this stuff is convincing this stuff is way more intelligent because it's marketing that works that's gonna get a bigger following because you're acting you're saying hey I'm fighting for regular people so they know what they're doing this is like grade-a propaganda but the fact of the matter is and the reality is all I don't care about your rhetoric I don't give a shit about your rhetoric I don't care what you say I care about what you do I care about what bills you actually support I care about the policies and the fact of the matter is Josh Holley you supporting right-to-work you supporting a right wing economic approach and then pretending to be for working people get the fuck out of here man you are a liar you're a liar that's what you are and then final point I'll make is this he said well you know the left is always calling people bigots and racists to distract from the failures of their policies well hold on now if you're being honest you will admit that the failures in Washington DC have largely been bipartisan I would argue a little bit more of the blame is on the right like it was George W Bush who launched the Iraq war and started torch and all that stuff but yeah largely bipartisan he's not accepting it and not saying the Republicans are to blame all for the problems and he's blaming liberals for all the outsourcing policies Republicans across the board supported those outsourcing policies fella I mean the Democrats did too it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA but Republicans across the board supporting support of those outsourcing policies so when you just blame liberals as you say you're wrong that's not the way it unfolded that's not the way it worked and to the idea that they just call us names to distract from policies has has Bernie Sanders Alexandria Kyle Cortez any of the other actual lefties have we misspoken did you did we stutter when we called for Medicare for all every eight seconds when we called for free college when we called for a living wage or you're just distracting and calling people bigots so you don't have to talk about policy all we talk about is policy and if you want to talk about name-calling and distractions I've heard nothing but wall to wall Ilhan Omar's an anti-semite al sees an anti-semite recede it to leaves an anti-semite how about that name-calling how about when you guys don't form an argument but all you say is your socialism communists y'all support Venezuela you're guilty of the thing you're accusing the left of being guilty of it's a convincing tap-danced it's a fake populist tap-dance it's an anti corruption tap tap dance but it is completer completer complete and utter horseshit

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  1. This guy went to Rockhurst High in KC. I know the school. "Tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year is $13,300 plus $1,000 for the Lunch Fee and a $200 Technology Fee, for a total of $14,500, which may be paid annually, in a four payment plan, or in ten monthly installments. This tuition also includes a student activity fee that supports pastoral, athletic and co-curricular activities and includes the Quarry, the Rockhurst High School yearbook. In addition, families will be responsible for making sure their son has their own iPad and has purchased or rented any required textbooks that are downloaded onto the iPad.
    " Just a regular from rural Missouri? How many families can drop $14,500 a year on their kids per year?

  2. Carlson didn't marry into the frozen TV dinner empire. His dad did. But, yeah, he is still set to inherit billions. He is the definition of elite.

  3. Fuck Claire McCaskill for being a centrist and allowed this boring, milk toast GOP hack to win in MO.

  4. Okay, he's an absolute twat, but Hawley has such a great speaking voice and should be a host on Fox or some radio show.

  5. Tucker Carlson often repeats the right wing talking points you see online. He's still a fox host, just one trying to appeal to a younger audience.

  6. This entire clip from Fox is completely fucking Looney tunes. If you read the news even badly you'd know all of the talking points are lies.

  7. Tucker is trying to hide his smile the entire time. Even HE knows it's bullshit. And considering how dense he is, it's gotta be pretty obvious.

    Universal Basic Income
    which GURANTEES a Dignified Existence at all times.
    No more is required to be supported by a populist. UBI today must be $25000 per living human being updated daily to reflect the essential spending of the people and the taxes they have to pay for their dignified existence.

  9. Wow, these idiots sound like they are describing trump the chump. These idiots are describing the republican'ts and are the freaking elites.

  10. This Sen Hawley mentioned twice how wages have been stagnant in America for the last few decades… Is this a talking point that the right is trying to appropriate? I don't think I have ever heard a Republican willingly bring this up before. An… interesting tactic.

  11. Whenever neocons talk disparagingly about "elites", they really mean "the jews" but they're trying to be clever about it.

  12. One thing they got right is getting offended at EVERYTHING, and calling EVERYONE racist for the littlest thing diminishes I'd affect. Now even the real bigots and racists are like Teflon just look at Trump.

  13. They misidentify these "elites" as the left. Left of what? They are the same as them. Two-faced, lying Republicons.

  14. The policies liberals support hurt workers. Wage floors kill jobs. Unions are corrupt and hurt workers.

  15. These people are ghouls. I don’t see any actual ideology in Tucker Carlson or Josh Hawley, just pure self-aggrandizement and self enrichment and political shit-balling. They don’t see to actually embody values that the US is supposed to represent. And of course they project ALL of this on onto the left. It is maddening and we can let these scumbags continue with these. We are at a crucial crossroads (socially, politically, economically, ecologically) and if we don’t steer the ship in the right direction for the future now, we are effectively ceding power to the rich and on the certain path to Russian-style oligarchy with mass poverty and religious lunacy as a substrate. These people are the ruination of American potential.

  16. Chickens gon come home to roost dumbass. Sowing the seeds of a miserable demise. Smh this is hard to hear. Fuck y’all.

  17. "We'll just say we're for them, then we'll really screw them over with our modern slavery and wealth extraction policies."
    – Tucker, Republicans, Corporate Democrats, Elites, and their shills

  18. Call me crazy, but I think Tuckwr Carlson could be turned. Yes, he’s a bigot and yes, he’s wrong on 90% of issues, but I think if the right people from the left made a concerted effort to turn him then he could make an enormous turnaround and be an example of a Major right winger that turned to our side. It would take a major, major effort but I think it could happen. Again, call me crazy, but I think he’s in a very inclusive bubble and if he actually realized what was going on he could be turned. I expect a lot of hate on this but I think this is worth exploring.

  19. You idiots always do this. This argument "because you're rich" or went to an ivory league school" is bullshit, and isn't a real argument. Also Kyle basically agrees with them but, because he doesn't support every single one of your ideas you call them fake. This is why the divide is getting worse and worse. You guys hate everyone who doesn't 110% agree with you, and it's nuts. Also at the end, 93k jobs outsourced, we have over 7 million unfilled jobs right now in the US. 93k isn't even a drop in the bucket. You guys need to get off your high horse and team up with the new right/libertarian people.

  20. The Democrats are definitely pro-corporate elitists that don't care about Working Class People.

    But the last time the Republican party did any thing that went agianst the wealthy and was for working people was when Lincoln freed the slaves.

    The wealthy Elite control the majority of politicians in both parties in the America and that is why jobs get shipped overseas and wages have stagnated because both political parties do the bidding of their corporate Elite overlords. After all the more money to corporations make the more money they have to donate to crooked politicians that are going to take from working-class people to make the corporations more profitable.

  21. Tucker Carlson wealth is derived from privatized government sponsored technology that was developed for the war effort during WWII; they created frozen food to preserve it for shipping to distant combat zones. His every day is financed by proof of the value in government sponsored scientific research.

  22. I mean….yeah. A good take down….maybe. Are stagnant wages, over several decades , solely due to Republican opposition to unions??? Have Republicans always been opposed to unions even on principal??? Do a deep dive on that and you might be surprised. Are unions squeaky clean virtuous entities looking out for the little guy??? And not a vehicle for corruption and organized crime??? Unfettered open borders and a "rights free" cheap labor force has nothing to do with stagnation in wage growth??? These guys are only frauds if given their pedigree, they insist on saying the American worker has it great. But they're not saying that. So fu*k their pedigree. You've proved nothing except that your left wing economic populism, which you fools on the left pair with social justice loses every time. Fight for the former and lose the latter. Or….watch the right eat your lunch. Which is what's happening….let's be honest.

  23. I love when republicans pretend to not be elitist. The democrat party is elitist too but thats because they basically agree with republicans

  24. Look at the pathetic bernie supporters aka freeloaders in the comments section! 😂😂😂😂 apparently this lesbian softball coach kyle cuckinski thinks big tech like Facebook and others have the right to ban them.

  25. Gen-Z wasn't old enough to vote during the Obama era. But fox will pretend, that we loved him. And gave him 8 years of Obama.

  26. I just love this new broken paradigm where the Republicans are the ones "who really care" about the workers. This is the biggest failing of the Dems, and their misguided new direction courtesy of the Clintons. This embrace of the professional class, and the "well-educated", from on high, looking down on working Americans. THIS is why we need a 3rd Party. A LABOR party.

  27. Tucker didn't "marry into a frozen food fortune" His dad married an heiress to the Swanson food company. His full name is Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson . Yes his step-mom is wealthy and Tucker makes no secret about being raised in a wealthy family – he is the first person to bring this up. When I heard this inaccurate information I stopped watching the vid and will be less inclined to view your other vids. It's important to get facts straight.

  28. I think Bernie is definitely strictly a policy guy. The Squad however, not as much. While they have gotten more attention for some progressive policy, they also tend to moralize or sensationalize to get attention. Also AOC’s Green New Deal legislation is a joke. It basically tries to fix every problem the US has without explaining how.

    I think Bernie is the real leader here. AOC and Omar may become leaders in the future but they need more experience.

  29. Today us poor people enjoy the best standard of living in all of human history.
    If you know of a time when us poorest people lived better lives please enlighten me of when that was.

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