Tucker: Democrats have no actual plan for impeachment

Tucker: Democrats have no actual plan for impeachment

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Democrats have no actual plan for impeachment

  1. Get along with Russia!?!? Is he mad? They are communists! You don’t get along with communists! Also he was not elected by the people, he won because of the electoral college. The border was doing fine before he got into the office and the records show that. Basically this is just spin for those who watch Fox News. So in other words fake news.

  2. impeach the freak and liar. "All roads for you (tr'mp) lead to put!n. vote the lawless gop out. faux news is just that …. faux news

  3. for you to make this assumption when the information is still coming out shows how close-minded you are. You're very biased Tucker Carlson. Have you ever been part of the klu Klux Klan bro. Can you sound like you really are a die-hard white supremacist who really don't care about National Security but you care about the advancement of white people place as privileged in this earth. You have pointed out so many double standards that the Republican party has dismissed from the past. Remember we have a digital footprint of records of the past. You have completely discredited and shamed yourself into being just another political douchebag. And that's a compliment

  4. We the people are paying for this bad cartoon get this government to listen Their bosses are awake. Eliminate all government pensions put those funds in social security my reason everyone in the same boat. No special medical plans for politicians fix the cost for everyone. WE know the government are terrible managers they take bribes and pass terrible policies. It is both parties that are lying to their boss the people need to clean house.

  5. This exposition was pointless lol. No wonder rep viewers are confused. Rachel Maddow is more intelligent and productive than this bs lol

  6. If you're not satisfied with "hear-say" testimony, then let the people on the call take the stand. Are you MAGAts not smart enough to see through this flimsy GOP excuse. It is going to be bliss to see Trump in his orange jump-suit.

  7. nobody knows why the Ukraine company paid biden's son 50 thousand a month ……. unless they were hoping had influence in Washington..……. trump was right to dig a little deeper …….. you shouldn't be president if you think the world is all chocolate rivers and gum drop smiles

  8. It's hard to support Russia knowing how much their weapons destroyed so many soldiers during the Vietnam war. Notice that most Trump GOP supporters have no ties to the Vietnam war. Old wounds are hard to heal.

  9. The show opens with blaring guitars with a back drop of the American flag…Already suspect and dripping with a skew that screams partisan. Feels more like a cult mentality rather than truth, akin to Jehovah's witnesses showing up at your door shoving leaflets in your hand, with one intention in mind. Subvert you. That's Tucker. Too pasty faced and smug for my liking.

  10. trump was right ……….. politicians are not all saints ……… trump took a business approach not a politicians approach to see why a company would pay the 50 thousand a month … nobody knows …… maybe they did it out of the kindness of their heart …………………………………wiki ….. 2010 till now …………"List of American state and local politicians convicted of crimes"

  11. There is a huge pretense going on on the right and left, and Tucker plays along for his own reasons, I guess. He keeps talking about legalities, rationality and logic. That has nothing to do with anything and he knows it. It's all about damaging Trump politically. There's not going to be any conviction by the Senate no matter what happens in the House. And yet, we listen to months of political infighting on all the news shows. And every night, it's 'Heeeere's Tuckie' and 'Heeeere's Seanie' playing along and talking nonsense. How about discussing real issues that are plaguing the country? Oh, what's that you say? The public doesn't want to hear all that; it's bad for ratings. Probably true.

  12. The way tucker mockingly says racist (2:38) makes me laugh waaaaay too hard. I need to have that as a ringtone or something.

    Incoming call: that's racist that's racist thats racist

  13. Send these warmongering hypocrites and thier kids over to fight for the swamp money they are stealing from us drain the swamp MR TRUMP!!!!!

  14. Think again Cucker. The have Trump by the short hairs and the plan is removal. By way of Congressional hearings or at the ballot box, Trump is finished. The anti Trump vote will bury him.

  15. It's sad to watch President Sharpie constantly gush his filth, corruption and hate, as trupmets lap it up like suckling piglets.

  16. Anyone happen to watch CBS when they threw up that very un-flattering photo of Rudy making him look like a villain. I didn't see them throw up a picture of anyone else.

  17. Wonder if Ukraine is having second thoughts about initally hitching their wagon to the US under the Obama administration. There's money to be made there by the corrupt political elite. Not so much for the average Ukrainian.

  18. RepubliClowns try to make a circus in the Hearings. To not avail, inexorably the verdict supported by a mountain of evidence will be of Impeachment. The Repub Clowns in the Senate then will then acquit the orange criminal, and so they will pass to History as the Party of Crime and Disorder.

  19. It may not hurt them. Their strategy is to sling as much disinformation as they can to get people not actually paying attention to hold hatred toward people that are opposed to living under a totalitarian and oppressive government.
    This may work because so many Americans are paying no attention or very little attention.

  20. 2015 Trey Gowdy(R): its our job to protect the President(D)
    2019 Adam Schiff(D): its our job to impeach the President(R)

  21. From a Canadian perspective, how in the f**k does the Ukraine matter one iota to the U.S. or anyone else for that matter????

  22. As expected this entire comment section is filled with silly little memes and nothing of substance.
    I've watched the entire first hearing and from that, it is more than clear that A. they have everything they need on Trump. That's witnesses and audio logs of the actual call and B. the republican response is not to question any of the facts but to attempt and uncover who the whistleblower is. As if that would change anything.
    That's all that is needed here. I understand that you think you're not an idiot when you post memes about Epstein but just understand that to outsiders it looks like you have nothing intelligent to say.

    Feel free to drop any intellectual nuggets in my inbox if you can manage.

    Scary how America is so divided that half of the people literally don't see the crime when it's right in front of their faces or are willing to ignore it just to make a political point. Think about if the sides were reversed. Would you want the Democrat to do nothing but claim that you're lying without any substance to back up their claim? How would that work in the future of your country as a whole? Don't we so short-sighted to think that your denial of the situation won't come back around to bite you once the roles are reversed.

    What Republicans have shown the Democrats in the past two years is that truth doesn't matter. That it is ok to lie in order to score political points. You've now given the Democrat this tool and they will use it next time around.
    Good luck with a country where both sides are willing to lie to the nth degree just so they don't lose face.

    ''Don't take the words our president says literally''

    Good luck with a country where words have no meaning and everything your leader says comes down to interpretation. The moment you declare words meaningless, as Republicans have done in the past two years, any kind of reasonable communication will end.

    Just to be clear, I'm a centrist none American laughing at both sides and feel happy that America is in such a state of continuous confusion. Your country being so inept at finding solutions only serves your enemies on the global stage.

    Thank you for being so stupid and making life for all the other nations easier.

  23. In last decades ONE president Donald John Trump: triad to restore our nation and peace on the world, and for this reason He was constantly attacked, because He wasn't as previous one for: fame, money or gossips, but He truly worked hard to benefit American people. Well this wasn't in interest of previous money hungry deceptive leaders, so they use their deceptions to "impeached him based on their own dishonest statements". They (where they came from, who raised them?) are confused and also very envious of LOVE, which Trump receives from people

    People got use to trust AIR MEDIA and worship Talk Shows Hosts of Celebrities (Hollywood), YET MOST PEOPLE are WISER and MORE TALENTED, as you can see on: accomplishments of honest president Trump, his honorable kids, their trustworthy supporters, and look in the mirror: you are one of them (most likely)..

  24. 1:07
    That's not what the impeachment is about.

    I don't know why you're memeing about Russia but we're currently talking about quid pro quo with the Ukrainian PM…
    Nice try, buddy.

  25. It is more like Republicans have no defense for impeachment, so they attack the process. If they do not convict in the Senate, they will all be out of jobs! The public will not forget the band of traitors in the Senate

  26. Trump needs to fire every single Obama holdover that's still around. At this point most people are not going to care except the idiots that lose their jobs.

  27. Belatedly, Tucker, Hannity and the rest of the Repub's are taking the only recourse available to them: Those who believe in the Trump agenda still value that agenda as much as ever, and we value that agenda above all, even more than the rule of law (including the Constitution). They're forced into this fallback position due to the mountain of evidence that Trump is a serial abuser of power, a mountain so tall that the Repub's are not, and cannot, deny it.
    They are leaving Americans to decide whether the ends justify the means.

  28. As Mr. Kent said: " You can't promote principled anti-corruption actions without pissing off corrupt people…" and watch the Pro- Putin Faux News propaganda channel go!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  29. Just remember when the media and the left refer to Trumps base, they mean the DEPLORABLES. They just don't have the balls to say the word.

  30. The dems. never see reality , they don’t even see that this circus is destroying them, it’s like their brains have died

  31. Why do i think a whole bunch of sellout scumbag U.S. politicians have a lot of dirty deals going on in Ukraine. That's why they're so interested in it. They're exploiting the Ukraine for they're own ends. Russia's a threat to that.

  32. Lmao we are the laughing stock of the globe 🤦🏽‍♂️…….The atomic bomb that we dodged electing TRUMP is astounding💪🏽


  34. Democrats Need to get back in there Clown Car where all the wheels come off, What a Sour Bunch Of Clowns These Democrats are , the American People know this Impeachment attempt is going nowhere, And the wheels just keep falling off the Democrats Clowns Car

  35. Tucker Carlson is not a reporter. He is an opinion person. He likes a dictator. He does not like the American people or the constitution of the United States which governs our land. Tucker Carlson is fake news. Unfortunately for Fox News that’s what they do. Sad day for democracy

  36. If Ukraine is so important to us why did Obama give them nothing but blankets? While President Trump gave them anti tank weapons.

  37. Is there any way we can get Kim Jong to take Adam as a permanent guest of North Korea. Ill pay for the one way ticket myself.

  38. How can trump be so ignorant so often. He is his own worst enemy. It is taking too much effort to continue to rationalize his actions. 2020 is coming soon and he will know his behavior is not appropriate for that office.

  39. Brussels has eyes on Ukraine, one of the reasons they hope to create an army to call their very own. The UN, Brussels, the Vatican, and some US politicians are onboard with the globalist agenda. Don't you remember Hillary's desire to turn the North American continent into an NAU, mirror image of the EU? Erase the Canadian and Mexican borders and you effectively erase the US constitution. Both Trump and Putin are firmly opposed to globalism. The globalists absolutely do not want accord between USA and Russia, especially not while those two men hold leadership.

  40. Adam schiff has been exposed to be with Ed Buck in his mansion, Ed buck is the largest Clinton donar and has been caught in his mansion drugging and raping poor black children he let into his home

  41. HYPOCRITES: Where's their outrage & investigation of VP Joe Biden??? Enclosed video shows he threatened Ukraine to withhold billions unless they fire Prosecutor, who was investigating co paying his son $83K/mo. Plus, China paid son $1.5 billion. All this despite son having no experience & kicked out military for drugs! Yet, they want Trump impeached over a phone call wanting this investigated & Republicans to agree! 🤣

  42. I don't have one thing against Russia. some of the smartest people I have ever met have been from Russia and that area of the world

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