Tucker Carlson: 'Canada Is a Sick Society' That 'Hates Itself'

Tucker Carlson: 'Canada Is a Sick Society' That 'Hates Itself'

well here's a weird story out of Canada which used to be a kind of state boring country immigrant business owners are being harassed out of business businesses shut down they're being dragged for kangaroo courts having their lives destroyed why is this happening if you guessed racism no it's radical gender activists Jessica Yaniv is a biological man who identifies as a transgender woman and so to make a political point Yaniv has been travelling across British Columbia visiting beauty salons that provide Brazilian bikini waxing for women the only problem is you Nev has male genitalia so some of the women who work at the salons have refused to wax him some had religious objections to it others were just too uncomfortable but in Canada it doesn't matter to punish them yaniv is taking those salons before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and claiming there's a human right to make another person touch your private parts and so far the Canadian government agrees he Nev is winning one woman had to close her business following the complaint another a single mother paid Yaniv twenty five hundred dollars simply to go away one journalist who is covering it was banned from Twitter simply for observing the truth that Yaniv is in fact a biological male which is true why is all of this happening well it's hard not to conclude the obvious because Canada is a sick society only a society that hates itself would allow itself to be bullied by someone like Jessica and Eve hopefully America will never reach that point but many people are doing their best to make certain that we do we should resist that if we can Congress O'Neal Hamar continues to be a walking indictment of America's immigration priority

8 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: 'Canada Is a Sick Society' That 'Hates Itself'

  1. You want to know how to resist the insanity in America? DON'T PASS THE EQUALITY ACT. It's anything, but equality. It's a Men's Sexual Rights movement disguised as civil rights for trans. It's a LIE. Passing it will roll back women's sex based rights and protections.

  2. That's not even the worst part, he is a pedophile. He tried to organized a topless pool party with kids as young as 12 with parents prohibited from supervising.


  4. He wants to call another country sick lol??!!! Really??!!! No you idiot a country that call another nuts to walk in and mow down people with a gun and then only offer up thoughts and prayers like it's a consolation prize!!! That's a sick country and by the way that is us so stop with the holier that thou bullshit Tucker. Oh what I just criticized America, so since I did that and I'm black does that mean I have to leave now lol??? What a piece of garbage you and those who think like you are.

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