Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacy a “HOAX”

Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacy a “HOAX”

>>White supremacy has had a pretty bad week
with a lot of people. Finally, seeming to take the threat it poses
seriously and think that we need to finally do something about it, but Tucker Carlson
is not one of those people.>>But the whole thing is a lie. If you were to assemble a list a hierarchy
of concerns. The problems this country faces. Where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia probably. It’s actually not a real problem in America. The combined membership of every white supremacist
organization in this country. Would they be able to fit inside a college
football stadium? I mean, seriously. This is a country where the average person
is getting poor with a suicide rate is spiking. White supremacy that’s the problem. This is a hoax just like the Russia hoax. It’s a conspiracy theory used to divide the
country and keep a hold on power.>>Okay, so look at this super serious story,
but it’s impossible not to start with Tucker’s base. What is that face he does and how come no
producer has ever told him, dude, you look super weird?>>I think early on people probably tried,
but there are some things you can’t change.>>Yeah, you saw the beginning of the clip. Here, come to me, right? Yeah, better yet, right there, go to him,
I don’t need to imitate it. What is that, why does he do that? Because Tucker you look super confused. I’m trying to help you out. Like this look does not look strong on you. This looks like I don’t know what I’m about
to say. I’m really gonna read that in the prompter? That seems ridiculous, really? Okay, fine white supremacy is not a problem. So look, now onto the substance. Even if you were gonna make this case, which
is a maniacal case. Would you make it the week that a white supremacist
murdered 22 people and injured does others?>>Maybe if your goal was to defend white
supremacist->>Mm-hm.>>And to protect their image and confuse
people about it. Yeah, yeah, today would be the perfect time
then.>>Could you imagine if after a Muslim extremist
killed, massacred 22 people and injured so many others. And did a manifesto about how Islam is the
best and we’re gonna dominate you guys. And this was a strike against white people
and Christians. If Ilhan Omar came out and said, most Muslim
extremism is overhyped, it’s not a real problem in America. What do you think Tucker Carlson would do? What do you think?>>I think I know.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, well I mean you can’t fill a football
stadium with radical Islamic terrorists, can you? So by his definition it’s not a threat.>>Yeah, are you kidding me. A football stadium. I mean look there’s some dangerous extremists
on all sides of the country. I’d be surprised if we could fill a room with
Muslim extremists in the country. Now the ones that are very dangerous, and
so the law enforcement should be tracking all extremists of any race, religion, etc. But that’s your standard, you can’t fill a? Hey, I mean look, white supremacist terrorists,
can’t even fill a stadium with them. So 55,000 of them, not a big deal. I mean how many massacres are we gonna go
through? Look, obviously that’s actually not the number
one problem with this argument. I think it’s a obvious we’re gonna get to
the number one problem. But even if you take what he said at face
value. It’s preposterous on all grounds, right? Okay, now we’re not taking it on face value
because his definition of white supremacist is, well, the guy goes and he does cosplay
or whatever. And he puts on the hood and he gets the burning
cross and that’s the only ones he counts, right? Because a lot of the white supremacists, you
go interview them. They use the N-word over and over again, and
say how black people are dumb and then white people are smarter and stuff. And I saw this with my own eyes. This particular guy happened to be a wizard
in the KKK. So they’re like, so then obviously you’re
a racist? And he’s like, no I’m not. Okay, Mike Tucker’s definition, he doesn’t
go in the football stadium because he said he’s not a racist. So I guess he’s not a white supremacist, even
though he thinks all black people are idiots and all white people are geniuses and should
rule over them. But he’s not a racist. So he doesn’t go to football stadium still
a filled football stadium. Okay, the problem Tucker is when you call
immigrants dirty and you talk about them in it as an infestation. And yes, I’m about to refer to Nazi Germany,
so my god, you need to save space, you need to save space? And the reason I’m referring to that is because
that is how they started. They started calling the Jews an infestation,
a virus, an invasion. And they said the Jews will not replace us. Guess what Tucker Carlson said on there. The immigrants will not replace us, direct
quote.>>Yeah, I don’t know we always have to have
this debate about Tucker. No is he or is he not. I tweeted a couple things to that effect this
weekend people pushed back. He’s on tape calling Iraqis, semiliterate
primitive monkeys. Didn’t we just go through this with Reagan? Where even his close friend was like, yeah,
that one’s hard to deny.>>Yeah, no, but, the white supremacist, who
then say that there’s no white supremacy think, yeah, John he’s not a white supremacist because
the Iraqis are monkeys. Do you see what I’m saying? So they can’t, it’s like asking the fish how’s
the water. And they go what water?>>Yeah.>>It’s asking Tucker Carlson how’s the white
supremacy and he goes what white supremacy? Because he’s surrounded by it, that’s what
he thinks. That’s what is his base assumption. So he thinks, I’m not a white supremacist. I just think that Middle Easterners are monkeys,
Latinos are dirty and are invading our country with an infestation and blacks don’t get me
started on the blacks. But white supremacy, what do you mean?>>Yeah, what supremacy so. But I wanna be fair though so really fast,
to be fair to the facts and then I’ll be fair to Carlson, so fair the facts, is it an issue? Well, earlier this year FBI Director Christopher
Wray told Congress that domestic terrorism is just as equal a threat as international
terrorism. Wray said the bureau had already handled 100
cases in the first three quarters of 2019. 100 seems like a lot, will fill a stadium
or anything but it would mess up your day and mess up your town. That seems pretty serious. But I also want to be fair to talk across
it like we’re attacking him, all of us, but he has supporters. So let’s get their perspective. On Twitter I found this, this is from a Dr.
David Duke who said Tucker is right, white supremacy is a ZioMedia conspiracy theory,
the term itself is a lie. Millions of white activists are not supremacists. We seek not to oppress or destroy any race,
human rights for all even for white people. Stop anti-white racism. I don’t know with that guy but he’s very enthusiastic
about his cause.>>By the way, in the midst of saying that
he’s not a white supremacist, he’s says ZioMedia referring to a Zionist referring to the Jews.>>Yeah.>>David Duke also might be widespread. But this support isn’t new, because previously
that guy who apparently is a doctor had said can’t cuck the Tuc,.- Tucker Carlson does
it again. This is back during the confirmation hearings
of Neil Gorsuch and this other guy is got to be following. Richard Spencer had Tweeted previously. Tucker has become a major public figure, not
simply for his talents and good humor. But because he has raised the specter of nationalism,
national disintegration and anti-white hatred, often implicitly and increasingly explicitly. If you’re not familiar with Richard Spencer
that’s good, because he’s actually a Nazi, but he’s a big fan of Tucker Carlson, has
been for a long time.>>And of course, if you’ve been living in
a cave, David Duke was the grand wizard of the KKK
>>I really hope that goes without saying!>>Okay, and what did he say? I kinda like it. You can’t tuck the cuck?>>Can’t cuck the tuck.>>No, I like can’t tuck the cuck better.>>I don’t wanna tuck anyone, whatever.>>Okay, all right, look, last thing here. If you think Latino immigrants are dirty you’re
a racist. So now people are gonna say, no way man. Have you seen them? Yes, you morons.>>If you traveled 2000 miles under desperate
situations, yes, you need a shower, that’s not the point. But as human beings, as Homo sapiens, as fellow
people, they are not more dirty than white people or people that live in this country.>>Yeah.>>So when you every group that has attacked
a minority in the history of humanity has called them dirty and infestation, etc. You don’t even have to go to the Nazis, ever
group that’s ever done it in humanity has said the others are dirty and our problem
and are going to bring disease and we must protect ourselves from them. So if you use that kind of language, you are
a racist. You know who they use that against, by the
way in this country before? Italians. We got a story later on in the show about
how 11 Italians were lynched in America in the late 1800s. Because partly of the racism that we did against
Italians back then, and guess what we called them? Dirty, and so now, no, the Italians are clean,
the Irish are clean, everything’s clean now, except the dirty Latinos. Yeah, if you say that you might be a white
supremacist. In fact, take the word might out.

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    Just read the quran , and you see crasy hate and militant ideology.

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    If it was a conspiracy theory (the far-right loves conspiracy theories and Fox loves to push them) to divide the country and to hold onto power, then he must be speaking about the Republicans because they are the ones in power and who love money and power more than they love the constitution, their oaths of office, this country, their home states, and their constituents. It is Donald Trump who says after a mass shooting that we must come together as a nation and then turns around and almost immediately continues his attacks on people with bullshit accusations and continues his divisive attacks on minority politicians and Dems in general. The great divide is caused by the hateful, cruel, racist, intentionally life-threatening rhetoric that Trump spews out online and at Trump Klan Rallies, in addition to his cruel, bigoted policies. Yes, I believe he is trying to enrage someone enough to attempt to kill or succeed in killing the four minority women of Congress that he has singled out for the cornucopia holiday spread at the beginning of his second inauguration, which will never occur because he will not be reelected but he may instead be serving time in prison where he belongs. The far right-wing, home-grown, born-in-the-USA, angry white male domestic terrorists have been accumulating in the number of mass shootings in the country for quite some time. Just look at the facts of each of the mass shootings, look at the increased hate crimes…. there it is. The numbers do not lie Fcker Carlson. He knows it is not a hoax because he is catering to them on his show right now. We also know, by a plethora of evidence and testimony and the overwhelming support of not only our own intel community but that of other nations as well, that Russian interference in our elections is not a hoax. The only hoax on America is that of Donald Trump and the current GOP.

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    Which might well be the case, but it's very dangerous game.

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