Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacy a HOAX, These Videos Tell A Different Story

Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacy a HOAX, These Videos Tell A Different Story


100 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Calls White Supremacy a HOAX, These Videos Tell A Different Story

  1. At some point you guys need to shut down Fox, prosecute Rupert Murdoch and seize his assets for the sake of the rest of the planet.

  2. The greatest trick the devil has ever pulled is to convince the world that he doesn't exist
    So Tucker just confessed that he himself is a WS by claiming that WS doesn't exist.

  3. White supremacy isn’t found in groups like the white nationalists (hillbillies) and your everyday racist white people, white supremacy is found in the American system. White supremacy is a system built to keep Truth from rising to power.

    Real white supremacists don’t give a damn about black hating, moonshine drinking, high suspensions on their truck driving, Garth Brooks blasting sheep. It’s always been about money to real white supremacists since the inception of this country. They came to this country to avoid paying taxes to the British monarchy, which led to the American Revolution.

    Even the Civil War was fought over money. Freeing the slaves was just an honorable excuse that real white supremacists used to slaughter the slave-owning rebels and industrialized the South. The free slave labor was destroying the North’s economy.

    Real white supremacists benefit from this system while keeping the people being oppressed by this system distracted and blinded. They made poor white men believe that they were better than poor black men because the could drink out of the whites only water fountains, ride at the front of the bus, and sit at the diner counter. The reality is that true white supremacists look at all poor people the same.

    You also don’t have to be white to be a white supremacist. Remember, white supremacy is a system. It is rooted in capitalism. White supremacists only care about two things, money and power.

    Wake up people! TYT, you should know better!

  4. PS: the white boy who shot in at those Jordon say that Black people stink.
    Which is funny because black people were the one that taught white people to bathe every days. And most black folks happen to be Muslim (Moors)

  5. Tucker paid very well to be an a**** but on the other hand you may Do it For Less. If you think it's not organized then why would a Grumman employee come from California to Virginia participate in hate

  6. See how those white supremacy’s were marching screaming “ Jews will not replace us “ because they know that blacks are the real Israelites/Jews that God speaks of as His people in the Bible!!! I been done known and been trying to wake my people up to who we really are but they’ve known and they are afraid!!!

  7. Tucker clearly you dont believe anyone thats why we don't believe. So tuck your little C**k in you queen.. I bet you pay for sex loser

  8. Let's hope he gets his vacation extended…indefinitely. It happened to O'Reilly when he became so toxic the advertisers left. But I love me some Shep Smith…infiltrating the RWNJ factory. Even more so because, as I read, they were losing ratings to …wait for it …. Rachel Maddow. Oh, the karma…a proud LGBT member.

  9. It'll be first and foremost you act like it just came up it's been up when they were taking photos with hole crowds of people when they was marching down Washington DC what Klu Klux Klan members in drones what the hell are you talkin about

  10. TC, (aka Fucker Twatson), is nothing more than a piece of human filth and a prime example of what a white supremacist is. He's a definite diseased cockroach…

  11. Tucker Carlson "now on vacation"?
    The rumor is that he got tired of "tucking" and has bravely made the decision to have "his" "'penis'" finally removed.
    Maybe "his" self-realization will quench "his" deep rooted hate and vitriol.
    You be you tucker.

  12. Not "a vacation" most likely for fucker carlsen. He's going to be terminated. Now I hope hannity insanity is next to take "an unscheduled vacation". The two of them should be thrown in prison for being anti-American and generating hatred through bullshit-riddwn conspiracy theories, just like alex jones.

  13. On God I really wanna meet Rick Storm in person I would love to have A conversation with this good brother I fucks wit bro heavy

  14. This dude is a racist as well as being a dumb ass ! Notice they talk all that shit from tv but when their in public they tried to spend it and make it seem like it's someone else that is pushing that racist hate . That shit a s going to catch up with you and the rest of you dumb shits out there !

  15. Fyi, Sandals Resorts is owned by that hamster looking billionaire Democrat that up and told Dems that if they didnt stop saying the word Billionaire negatively, he was going to stop funding candidates. Fuck that dude in the mouth with a shit covered fencepost.

  16. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Muslims who killed an entire nation of indigenous and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Hispanics who enslaved the blacks in America. United States is very blessed to have lots of white liberals who no longer will go along with the white lies. The radical Americans label liberals as “ unpatriotic “. Smh
    There is hope for America with real Americans of all nationalities standing in unity, equality and justice for all. That Middle Eastern man who rode into town on a donkey was a pretty cool liberal man. Be like Jesus

  17. So white Supremacy is a lie 😳🙄 this is crazy and who is in charge of this haox ???? Fox news is insane for even fixing his face to say this dumb shit no shame at all but you're to late bc we know those murders that happened last weekend are all connected weather you admit it or not we know the truth and just bc your lying toung doesn't say so doesn't make it any less true you lying white supremacists !!!

  18. Actually if you gather all the white supremacy members, there are only enough to fill 3/4 of a football stadiums and using videos and clips from a long time ago. Is just nothing

  19. 1:21 you are just proving Tucker’s point of what the left is saying. They are lying. This is from a left media post and they don’t even have a good credibility status.

  20. Hey Pucker, that stadium full of white supremest is accountable for contributing to just about every mass shooting since TR💩MP was elected. Directly or indirectly…just like TR💩MP!

  21. 2:49 idk why did he not respond to the request of a conservative to go further into his speech? Oh because he lies

  22. Can we just take a moment and like this comment not for me but for respect and condolences to the people who have been victimized by white supremacy no one should have to grow through and I’m glad trump is condemning it.

  23. It would nice if both sides could admit that they both have problems. Over here on the left we know there are some Dem ran cities that are pretty dangerous. The right likes to bring up gang violence in places like Chicago a lot, but the chance of me getting shot in Chicago is 0% because I don’t live or visit there. The right has a white extremist problem. It doesn’t matter where you live, white extremist shoot up schools, clubs, churches, Walmart’s etc. This seems to me like a big problem because it could happen anywhere in America. People are getting radicalized through the internet and going on mission to kill as many people as they can. That sounds like a problem. On the left we got gang violence, on the right we got white terrorist. Why don’t we all come together and do something about both problems?

  24. The media doesn't show the way black people be attacking white people the gang rapes by black men even women. It's the new theme for liberals racist. Nobody wants the truth.

  25. The stupid liberal claiming white supremacy. I love they way u weak men which are liberal show the protest. Jews will not replace us.
    To say there all nazi is fucking stupid. Man U liberals are so pathetic.
    White supremacy doesn’t exist u stupid 4 eyed liberal.
    Go defend some trans u losers.
    This guy is a typical Jew that thinks he’s helping.
    This dumbass like all u stupid white liberals. Uses blacks and race for there own personal gain.
    This 4 eyed loser.
    Wld say police brutality exist.
    It’s doesn’t u stupid liberals.
    Blacks are not moral. Not all but most. U stupid liberals.
    Can’t handle. Jlp.
    He’s to real. For u weak men. Nothing to do with physical strength it’s the nature of u weak men.
    Asians are the most successful race u stupid liberals.
    How come u don’t talk about
    Asian supremacy u dumbasses. How come Persians Asians don’t get shot by police. Tons of dark Indians seeks. None get shot by police.
    None whining and complaining about white ppl holding them back.
    News flash to u stupid liberals.
    U pathetic losers.
    Go hide in your safe spaces u weak losers.
    Which is segregation u fucking dumbasses. Making blacks feel like victims.

  26. You know that one sign that guy made with his hands at the baseball game. Yeah that’s not racist lol that’s like the made you look sign.

  27. What surprised me tyt ignorance victims Muslims who are the biggest victims of extremism white supremacy tyt You showed Mexican victims Jews African Americans victims but ignored Muslims. I don't see a difference between Fox tyt cnn nbc They all support Israel and against Muslims

  28. Okay, is he living in the same cuntry? And yes, I did spell it CUNT-RY ! The US is full of pussy ass, dick sucking cunts that are afraid of the color of our skin more than the content of their character.

  29. The key to not being blamed for evil is deny any responsibility of it.
    If you get into an car accident? Trump or tucker's best option if the accident is thier fault is to deny fault

  30. Over 7000 whites have murdered by blacks in the past ten years alone… https://wtvr.com/2019/08/09/patricia-metz-arrest/

  31. Over 7000 whites have been murdered by blacks in America in the past ten years alone including Charlottesville Virginia…. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1077673/

  32. Hannah Grahams killer murdered many whites including in Charlottesville Virginia… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2799052/hannah-graham-body-buried-woods-near-jesse-matthew-s-old-home.html

  33. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2799052/hannah-graham-body-buried-woods-near-jesse-matthew-s-old-home.html

  34. A normal person see him for the fool and racist that he is. The alarming part is how many follow him and hang on to every word…..sad…

  35. Can't read the list of Tucker's advertisers. Their blocked by the promo thumbs. Come on now guys, get it together. Was that deliberate?

  36. To all those people that are racist , guess what…each and everyone of you have a mental condition and it's as simple as that , including Donald Trump . not making any excuses for that type of behavior.

  37. They dont tell they story of black males consisting of a 90% prison population. So, you want to talk about violence .

  38. Tucker Carlson will always be know a the man that lost his job at CNN because Jon Stewart so he trying to be important and the only way to that is to lie its clear he wants his old job back

  39. Any People of Color knows white supremacy is real. I.E. The 2 white cops who roped the black mentally ill person, with a rope around him and walked him through the streets. Which 1800's are back and tucker is trying to make people believe it doesn't exist. Somebody get a rope and tie him up and prance him through the streets.

  40. These people are clutching a straw badly people there so desperate there pulling European football matches up that was in Italy they ain't even white dont let these cunts score the internet more people are killed in one month in Chicago in one month if these guys really cared they'd be highlighting this giving it air time but they dont really care only for what they can use to brainwash people wake see what's really happening

  41. This fake news perpetrator, Tucker Liarson, should be fired! Full stop! He is just pandering to the far right and his boss… Trump, and not representing the truth! Send him away!!!!

  42. This YouTube video is stupid. Tucker isn’t saying “white supremacists” don’t exist, he’s saying it’s not a national epidemic. Which he’s correct. Of course there are racists in America, but the media and social media makes it appear to be a far larger problem then it really is.

  43. Heaven forbid any more violence against children but if it happens then rub his ugly face in that child's blood. Same goes for Trump.

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