100 thoughts on “Tucker: Calif. is challenging integrity of the union

  1. What California don't know or don't won't to know is when they do that it will give the federal government all grounds to not fund them

  2. And because California is a Bankrupt state it will collapse under its own wait πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  3. hell there is no law in the us any longer enforce the laws of the us then if not there can be no laws for anyone in the us

  4. Never know it now, but once was a very conservative state.
    In Gold Rush days, of 1856 on, the term Vigilante got it's start – HERE in San Francisco!
    There were "vigilance committees!"
    Now the criminals RULE here, from Government on down.

  5. Rebecca? Is like a record and she keeps repeating something that has been Recorded for her! Where is her intelligence?

  6. THIS IS TREASON!!!! She ISN'T going to answer! Democrats DON'T want to respect our laws! And guess what, THEY helped make the very LAWS that they now want to break!! It's pure insanity.

  7. That individual is a real ____! They should pull all federal fending from Cal. if they don't want to fallow FED. Law. It's a again this is what our country is coming to. The bottom line is anyone here without permission IS braking the LAW!!!

  8. Have we lost the great state of California to foreigners? So we were invaded, they conquered, and no body told the rest of us that California no longer resides within the jurisdiction of the Federal Government of the USA?

  9. Texas is the biggest state in the country not California Alaska is the biggest state in the whole United States but Texas is the biggest in the continental United States not California

  10. California should all support Federal Law and see how many people he will arrest what a coward shame on you you should resign AG you took an oath of office.

  11. The Attorney general needs to be fired and prosecuted for violating Federal Law! Californians need to get their state back and fight hard to get rid of these corrupt politicians of the state! Enough is enough!

  12. IS Rebecca Kaplan a man ? She/He sure does dress like one. Obviously He/She is person who memorized the Leftist radical agenda.

  13. Why doesn't the DOK prosecute officials who are showing dereliction of their duty. Like the judge in Massachusetts.

  14. Well then, I'm guessing they want to turn down federal funds for schools, for highways, for hospitals,…etc. If you don't want to follow Federal law, then you shouldn't get Federal funds for anything. For those who want their state back, the only way to do it is to get out and spread the word and vote these corrupt trashy scum out of office.

  15. The government of California ? There is no government in California. California is ran by a bunch of nuts!! Tax, tax tax and the state is broke. CRAZY!!!

  16. How on earth was that dude named rebecca. It was a huge man with a man face and a man voice and a man haircut. A beast of a man with rainbow colored star of David on his huge man shirt. I think this think could only have come from California and only in California would that thing be taken seriously. California please be sunk by global warming tomorrow. I am going to leave my car running all night to help melt the ice caps to drown disgusting freaks of society like it to die.

  17. It sounds to me like California is a treasonous state and the President Donald Trump should definitely look into that and stop it how does a state inside of a union tell the government they won't listen to them that's treason

  18. And I'd like to add if California is going to ignore federal law does that mean I can ignore federal law on just say f*** it is a citizen say California is doing it the rest of the people are catching on no that's not even reality federal laws the staple of our country everybody that lives here knows and is scared to be charged with a federal offense and that's why people have common sense

  19. I'm a f**** homeless veteran there's seventy thousand of us in this country and you're going to insult every one of us and worry about illegal aliens that's f*** up I can't even afford a f**** house to live in and I have three kids take that to the bank

  20. I'm about halfway through this video and I have no idea what the f*** I'm looking at is that a man or a f**** woman that's the problem with this country today

  21. What an embarassment to Israeli people.. does this moron realize what the Democrats are trying to do what does Israel and the things that have been said!? I want to rip that right off of her

  22. Mr. Carlson: I am a fan, but the citizens of my state and Alaska would like to contest your statement that California is the Nation’s largest state.

  23. Rebecca Kaplin is using YouTube taught VERBAL JUDO in an attempt to "RUN THE TABLE (Billards Term) on Tucker Carlson. Tucker needs to be alerted to this.

  24. Funny how crazy things like building a wall across Crapifornia was considered so goofy just a few short years ago. I wonder how people will feel about that in just a few more years? Where is Snake Pliskin when you need him? Better yet, who is John Gault?

  25. If our government would fine the owners of any businesses 10,000 for each illegal worker. We wouldn't need a wall!

  26. The citizens need to return to the times when we defended our own neighborhoods and property. As Malcolm X said, "by any means necessary…" If the Congress, and government in general, refuse to do it's duty to protect, then the citizens have to fully defend their nation.

  27. It's always the same old song and dance with these people who defend the rights of illegal immigrants. You people treat illegal immigrants better than the citizens. You put the people who are citizens in great danger protecting these criminals. One question for you. why?

  28. Does she understand the question? Does she understand english? I think she is not paying attention to Mr.Tucker ..

  29. He is asking if you agree with the attorney general ? All she talks about is illegal fools that should be here and if they want to be here , there is a thing called " do process " this lady is a " PENDEJA" . DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION ..

  30. Why doesn't the Attorney General of the United States go to California and arrest this man for trying to overthrow legal government .that man needs to go to jail immediately charge him trying to overthrow the government. The Democrats started one Civil War. There going to start another one.

  31. Simple. Revoke Statehood on a probationary basis. Set a standard for re-admission to the Union and demote California to U.S. Territory status until compliance is met.

  32. When they build the wall, they should put it between California and Arizona. If they don’t want to follow the law, cut them off.

  33. We should cut California loose, let them become their own country. Then they can do what ever they want and we can wall them off.

  34. Interesting that none of these people he interviews are descended from the people who founded the U.S., wrote its Constitution, and fought its wars. They are Johnny-come-lately folks who come into America after all the hard work has been done, and then want to change it.


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