Tua Tagovailoa’s overtime heroics in the 2018 National Championship deserve a deep rewind

Tua Tagovailoa’s overtime heroics in the 2018 National Championship deserve a deep rewind

– It’s January 8th, 2018, Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The College Football
National Championship game is in overtime and the
hometown Georgia Bulldogs have struck first, putting
a 51-yard field goal through the uprights to
make this a do-or-die drive for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The fate of the championship lies in the hands of the ‘Bama offense. But the quarterback of this offense started this game on the bench. Actually, he started
every game on the bench. So, maybe it’s best if we just rewind. This episode of Rewinder is presented by Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans. Push button, get mortgage. This is the fourth College
Football National Championship game since the sport
switched to a playoff format. Of those four, three have
featured the Alabama Crimson Tide, led by head coach, Nick Saban. The Tide won the first
of those three in 2016, with a team coached by Saban, as well as defensive
coordinator, Kirby Smart. Here, in 2018, Kirby
Smart is opposite Saban as head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Saban is 11-0 against former assistants, which is bad news for Smart,
who was facing the Tide for the first time since
leaving the team in 2016. But Smart didn’t get the memo. His defense shut ‘Bama down as the Bulldogs entered
half with a 13-nothing lead. Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts was completely ineffective
in the first half, which is surprising given
how he’s played in the past. ‘Bama faced off against
Clemson the year prior, in the 2017 National Championship. Hurts, a freshmen at the time, was coming off a season in which he broke the team record
for touchdowns in a season and rushing yards by a quarterback. He continued to showcase his place at the top of the college football world with a 30-yard touchdown run
to take the lead from Clemson with two minutes remaining in the game. But not to be outdone, Clemson’s
star QB, Deshaun Watson, put the championship away
with a game-winning touchdown with one second left on the clock. One year later, after a
controversial selection to the College Football
Playoff over Ohio State, ‘Bama got its revenge
and proved it belonged by defeating Clemson in the semifinal. The MVP of that game was
none other than Jalen Hurts. And that win landed them here, in the 2018 National Championship Game. But his three completions for
21 yards in the first half are not enough if ‘Bama
plans on winning this game. Even with his 47 yards on the ground. Opposite Hurts is Georgia QB Jake Fromm, whose night started less than perfect. The third play of the
game was an interception by ‘Bama corner, Tony Brown. But as was the case
with every Alabama drive in the first half, they
were unable to capitalize. Fromm put Georgia in position
to kick a couple field goals, and punch in a one-yard rushing touchdown that gave the Bulldogs a
13-nothing lead at half. Fromm, a freshmen, was
recruited by Alabama and actually committed to them in 2015. A heavy part of that recruiting effort came from then Alabama defensive
coordinator Kirby Smart. Smart built a great relationship with him, and once Smart was hired
as Georgia’s head coach, Fromm, who hails from
the state of Georgia, flipped to join him with the Bulldogs. After taking over for
an injured Jacob Eason, Fromm led the Bulldogs as
high as second in the rankings before sustaining their
only loss of the season against Auburn, a loss
that saw them tumble to seventh in the playoff rankings. But they would avenge their loss with a 28-7 blowout against Auburn in the SEC Championship Game, their first conference title since 2005. They did so against an Auburn team without star running back Kerryon Johnson, who had torched Georgia
for 233 total yards and a touchdown in their last matchup. Johnson was injured in the
fourth quarter of the Iron Bowl the week before after
putting up 125 yards, a rushing touchdown, and a passing touchdown against Alabama. Georgia was selected for the playoff and in the semifinal at the Rose Bowl, the Bulldogs edged out Baker Mayfield and his Oklahoma Sooners
in double overtime, 54-48. That brings us here, the
National Championship Game, where Fromm and the Bulldogs
lead the Tide in overtime. But ‘Bama didn’t abandon their search for the quarterback of the
future when he decommitted. They instead turned their
attention to another quarterback they had been recruiting at the same time, Tua Tagovailoa, out of Hawaii. Tua attended the same high school as Heisman Trophy winner, Marcus Mariota, who had taken Tua under his wing. So, understandably, Mariota’s
former college team, Oregon, was high on his list. But Oregon showed little interest, and within days of Fromm
leaving for Georgia, the Tide offered Tua a scholarship. Now here, in overtime, on a
do-or-die drive for Alabama, the championship on the line, it’s Tua, not Hurts, who is under center. Fromm, Smart, and Georgia came
out of half with the lead. Saban, needing to make a change, benched the QB that had
led them to a 13-1 record. The QB that won the SEC
Freshmen of the Year Award last season, en route to a
National Championship Game, that they came within
one second of winning. Instead, he sent out the
freshmen backup out of Hawaii. A three-and-out on Tua’s first drive didn’t do much to instill confidence in his ability to turn this game around. But after quickly getting the ball back, Tua rushed twice for 12 yards before stringing together
four straight completions, the last of which was a 6-yard
pass to receiver Henry Ruggs, for the team’s first touchdown. As quickly as the excitement
came for ‘Bama fans, it was gone. Fromm immediately followed Tua’s touchdown with an 80-yard touchdown pass. The second play of the Tide’s next drive resulted in an interception,
and hope started to fade. But that’s when ‘Bama’s
defense came to the rescue. The very next play, Fromm threw
an interception of his own, leading to an Alabama field goal. It was a 10 point game. Georgia got addicted to punting as ‘Bama put another
three points on the board. Then with seven minutes
remaining in regulation, Tua led the Tide down field. On fourth down, on the seven yard line, he placed a dime in the
hands of Calvin Ridley in the end zone. Tie game. The scoring ceased in regulation, and to open up overtime, the Bulldogs booted a 51-yarder, giving Alabama no choice
but to score on this drive. Tua may not have started
any games this season, but that doesn’t mean he
doesn’t have any experience. Alabama had steamrolled
its opponents all season, giving them a chance to
trot out their backup QB to finish the game on
seven different occasions. In fact, there was only
one game all season in which the Tide didn’t lead at half. It was a game against Mississippi State, a game in which this man became the hero. DeVonta Smith, like Tua, is a freshmen. One that had a limited
impact so far this season, outside of that Mississippi State game. With the teams tied, and ‘Bama’s season hanging in the balance, Jalen Hurts hits Smith
for a 26-yard touchdown with 25 seconds left on the clock. It was Smith’s only reception of the game. In fact, he had never had more
than one reception in a game. Being a deep threat, he was out there only
in hopes of a big play. Tonight, he has no receptions,
and only one target, and Tua’s first drop back
resulted in a 16-yard loss, putting the Tide in a
second and 26 situation, at the 41-yard line. With the championship on the line, Alabama could really use that big play. Welcome to a moment in history. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Tagovailoa
will try to make up for it, fires to the end zone. Touchdown! Alabama wins! – [Mike] Thanks for watching
this episode of Rewinder, there are tons more where this came from, and there’s gonna be
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