Hello everyone I hope you are well, I'm very happy to meet you today for a haul Zara, so a haul of autumn I went shopping last week, I think you can find everything in stores. For those new to my channel, do not hesitate to subscribe by clicking below. If you want to follow me on social networks, I put you in the information bar and at the end of the video. So we will start right away! I will take everything in the order in which it comes to me because otherwise it will be a disaster. I kept the receipt to tell you the exact prices because … So let's start … So first I took this snake t-shirt in brown tones like that. So it's a pretty big t-shirt This one I took in size S because it was the smallest Personally I think I would have taken more XS if it existed but It's not at all my style usually patterned clothes like that I'm not too used to put it but I thought it was going very well with one of the articles that I will present right after! So it cost 5.95 euros. I was quite surprised this time at Zara's price level I thought it was a bit cheaper than usual. Then I took this sweater Color a little camel I found it super soft, it is super nice to wear This one cost 15.95 euros, I took it in M because I wanted to wear it a little wide, I think it's really great for the beginning in season, where it starts to get a little cool but not too So here, it existed in several colors! So this one is exactly the same, so I took it in gray too I took it in M too Then there is an article that you could see on my Instagram … I posted you a photo with, I love it! I love it too much ! So it's a dress at the level of the pattern, I do not know at all how it's called I'm sorry I'm a bit nil for that So it's a dress that is not super long, it's not short either, I think it's the right size This one I took in size S, but frankly I love it, the material is a little thick so perfect if it is a little cool! There are two small pocket details, like this, with little gold buttons. I really like. So she has short sleeves like that. And so it cost 17.95 euros. So then, to continue in the dresses, there I took the same one in two different colors. It's a sweater dress like that with a collar a little amount with sleeves three quarters It's a basic, but I think it makes it so well worn. It cost 12.95 euros. They are a bit thick, frankly it's … There the size S was the smallest also I'm sorry, I keep looking up to see if I show you the items even if it's not too lol. It's not a close-fitting dress though if that's what you're looking for It's really … a sweater dress ! All large I took it in color a bit rusty too … It's a mix of red and orange, it's really fall for the shot. So then I took this sweater with colors that always remind the autumn, a little red burgundy that pulls a little towards the chestnut. This one has puffy sleeves like that These are three-quarter sleeves also it's a bit like bath towels, but it's nice to wear it's a little lighter than others but … And it cost 15.95 euros also it's a bit the same cup that I presented to you just before, it arrives in the lower belly, it's not long, it's not short Then, other sweater, so, it is like this It is much closer to the body than the others, the material is super soft but it puts lint everywhere! At the level of the color it is a light beige, I do not know how to define it it is a little thick, it is really super nice to wear This one I took in size S also It cost 12.95 euros. It comes a little above the waist Then I took the same sweater twice, finally there are more sweatshirts, with a little light jeans or or in fact with anything heels or sneakers that makes it great I think the interior is soft I took it in black and white, these are really simple sweatshirts with big sleeves. It's really basic! When we do not really want to break our head to get dressed, we take that a little jeans, a small pair of sneakers and the case is played and so in white Really super simple This is a big camel sweatshirt, like that with a hood with two cords in front at the bottom too, this one is a little more … this one is very long, I was going to say a little bit more long but it is much longer it cost 29.95euros, I can not wait for it to be a little cooler to put them with a little black jeans and my Timberland that, it will be nice Then I cracked for two skirts, the first is like this She is camel with four buttons at the top I find it really cute, it's a little basic of autumn I think, last year there was already quite a lot, it's still quite thick as matter, and it cost 19.95 euros I took it in size XS, I tried it in size S also but I thought it was too big even there in XS it's a bit wide anyway so tried there really before taking it Then the second skirt I found it on the same wearing but she is not the same, she has more buttons so the buttons go down to the bottom of the skirt This one is black, at the level of the matter it is the same one. It is with this article that I saw this t-shirt I will show you them worn. I think it did not hurt There are two small pockets, right here. It's really a cute little look I think, with big boots or even with heeled boots I thought it was really nice. And so we go to the last room, the thing that I We saw quite a lot last year but this year I really cracked on This is this big jacket, so with the toupee inside to keep warm in winter when it's cold with little details at the collar … at the bottom… the silver closures like that, it's too good It is really too beautiful I love it It cost 69.95 euros I think it's not super excessive for a big jacket like that that especially from Zara because we know the prices of Zara … I love it too much! I took it in XS, I had tried S also but I thought it was a bit too wide I wanted a little more bent so I took it in XS So that's all for my Zara cracking for the fall I think that I have something to do! I'm a little disappointed not to have looked at the pants because it's not what I miss especially but I would have liked to find a little more but I did not really look so so … here ! That's all for this haul from Zara for the fall.I am I'm really happy with what I found, I really like everything, it changes a bit of what I'm used to. I'm not someone who craves for very colorful clothes I know that for you there are not many colors but for me it's already not bad I hope you enjoyed this video, that it may have helped you crack like me! Do not hesitate to put a thumbs up if that was the case, again, I put all the social networks in information bar and at the end of the video. subscribed do not hesitate to do just click below it would make me super happy! And so here, I make you big kisses and I tell you next week!

39 thoughts on “TRY-ON HAUL D'AUTOMNE SPÉCIAL ZARA | Lisa Ngo

  1. La robe droite noire et blanche est effectivement plus plié avec la ceinture noire. Une ceinture de couleur camel aurait pu bien donner aussi peut-être 🤔

  2. Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne, j’aime bien tes achats c’est simple et pas trop de blabla 👌🏻 t’as une voix un peu monotone mais tu vas t’améliorer 😊 j’étais étonnée que tu aies aussi peu d’abonnés ! T’es magnifique en tout cas

  3. Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne et j’ai était choquer de voir que tu avait aussi peu d’abonnés tu en mérite plus ta vidéo est bien faites, tes achats sont top et tu est très mignonne tout te va très bien le soucis c’est que tu parle pas assez fort et tu a une voix qui tremble un peu

  4. Nouvelle abonné j’ai beaucoup aimé ta vidéo tu est calme tu parle pas trop quand tu présente un article tu raconte pas ta vie comme les autres youtubeuses qui soule avec leur blablabla elle mettent 1an pour te présenter un truc franchement continue comme ça ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Merci beaucoup pour ce haul ça donne des inspirations j’ai acheté 3 pièces suite à cette vidéo ah ah ! 😊
    Pour les vêtements, tu mesures combien ?
    Good job 💋

  6. Cc Jaime bien la ceinture que tu as porté avec les robes sara tu pourras me dire où tu l’avais acheté ?

  7. Coucou ma chérie, tu as dit que tu mettais du xs mais combien mesures-tu si ce n'est pas indiscret (c'est juste pour mieux comparer les vêtements sur toi par rapport à nous) ? Des bisous et bon courage pour ta chaîne ! Tu es tellement belle et maman à 20 ans tu es gâtée macha'Allah 🙂 je t'espère tout le bonheur du monde avec ta jolie petite famille !

  8. Salut je ne commente pas souvent les vidéos juste pour te dire j'aime bien ton style et tu as l'air posée calme de plus maman de deux enfants dont la dernière 4 mois chapeau on dirait une sportive de haut niveau ahah 😊

  9. J’ai eu ta vidéo en recommandation , et je te trouve tellement mignonne 😊
    Et super achats avec des try on, tous se que j’aime quand je regarde un haul vêtement, continue 😘

  10. Hello ma belle je viens de découvrir ta chaîne et j’adore tes achats! La robe que tu as acheté est motif pied de poule! Bisous 😘

  11. Je viens de découvrir ta chaîne. J adore dont la façon tu parle tu es très douce. J adore tes achats

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