Truth behind Astrology & Mind Reading | Explained by Dhruv Rathee ft. Karan Singh Magic

Truth behind Astrology & Mind Reading | Explained by Dhruv Rathee ft. Karan Singh Magic

Hello friends Do you feel mind reading is possible? Could someone read your mind without talking to you? Do you think hypnotism is possible? Could someone hypnotize you? All your beliefs about mind reading and hypnotism are about to change after watching this video In this educational video, I’d tell you the truth behind these things Come, let’s see I have with me, Karan Singh The magician that has tried tricks on a lot of celebrities You must have seen his videos on Youtube -Karan, first of all, should I call you a magician or a mentalist? -Call me a psychological illusionist -Psychological illusionist? -Mentalist is closer to it -A lot of people wouldn’t understand the word “mentalist” Would you please describe what a mentalist is? -A mentalist is basically someone who can read your mind and can influence you to think certain things but for entertainment form, not for any ulterior motive -So let us come directly to the point What you’ve done with the celebrities in these videos, have you actually read their minds? -Umm, truthfully, mind reading cannot be proven scientifically. That is very, very important to know But yes, it is the closest thing to mind reading It is an illusion that the mind can be read It is an illusion that I can tell you what he is thinking Nothing is scripted. Its also important to know that the people are not acting But it is an illusion of mind reading So it has both a magic trick as well as psychology When they are mixed together, then it seems like the mind is being read -The psychology part is pretty interesting because that’s how the people can understand what actually happens Things like these also happen in real life. For instance, there are advertisements and even some politicians who try to influence us through psychology So, first, let us exhibit a real life example to people to show what’s possible -Alright! -So read my mind -The mind isn’t going to be read. I have a card with me you’re going to tell me which card this is -Okay.. -I haven’t told you which card this is or anything of that sort but you will try and guess And not just you, all of the people watching this video, try to figure out what card I have in my hand at present -How would they know what card this is? -They do not know but whatever I’m going to say will not only influence you, but also the people watching at home -So in a way, you can read their minds right now? -Yes, through the video -through the video…? -Yes, through the video! -This is something that the babas also say! -They all do the same. All the babas say the same I did exactly the same thing on my channel and through the comments, the people got to know they too, were thinking about the same card So let’s try that All of you sitting at home, follow the instructions that I give. Hopefully, you will think of the same card as Dhruv and the one that’s lying here So let’s start, Dhruv. First, you have to think of the color of the card. So get a bright color in your head Then, I’m telling you its a number card Its not a picture card So think of a number between one and ten And its a warm suit, so think of a suit in your mind And the ones sitting at home, think of a bright color, a warm suit and a number between one and ten Visualize that card in your mind So at this point Dhruv, you’re thinking of a card, and hopefully, so are the people watching the video at home And hopefully, that is the card that is kept here …which sounds impossible -Yes! -What card have you been thinking of? -I thought about 7 of hearts. -7 of hearts? -Hopefully, the people sitting at home are also thinking 7 of hearts And the card I have here… Its the 7 of hearts So this was a kind of psychological trick -People might feel that this was planned. But this wasn’t planned actually -It wasn’t! The people watching the video must have been thinking of the same card -So how was this possible? -So, I’m going to break a golden rule of life here… -Normally magicians and mentalists never reveal their tricks, but you will do so here, to educate people -Yes, its very important. Its important so that you are not influenced by things No body is able to steal your money by showing you such things You should know that this is just a trick So I’ll break this down and you can go and re-watch the video carefully The first thing I said is that you have to think of a color The options are only black and red And then I say, “think of a bright color” As soon as I say bright, red is going to come to people’s mind Black would rarely pop up as black is not bright Then I tell you to think of a number between one and ten Now, psychologically, if you go anywhere and tell the people to think of a number between one to ten, 8 out of 10 people are going to think of 7 -Why? -Don’t know why this happen But this just happens psychologically I did something else to make sure this happens which is more subtle. If you rewatch the video carefully, you will notice this I say, “think of a number between one and ten”. And I do this I’m literally pointing 7 fingers This is noticed by your peripheral vision -Okay! -Even if you’re looking at my face. You’re looking at my face in the video too But 7 will be visible to you in your peripheral vision So, psychologically, that is what you are going to think It is already a very powerful number to think of People consider 7 to be their lucky number. Things like these happen. So when I out that together, then I say, think of a suit And I do this And I literally draw a heart in the air So the people watch this while thinking of a suit And I also say, “get that in your head” and I point towards my heart So automatically a heart would pop up in people’s minds I’ve already said a “warm” color, a “bright” color, which is red And this is for 7, so the (result is) 7 of hearts -So in a way, this relies on probability. That some people always think certain things Another great example of this is that.. I read somewhere that if someone is asked to think of a tool A tool of any color So people think of a red hammer -Right -So this is a probability here. But another thing is that by using your language gradually and by using your words, you are influencing people’s minds to think a certain way -Exactly -The way you drew shapes and did other things… -This could entail other bigger things Obviously when you go into mind reading, it is more than this.This was purely psychology that will not work on everybody This will work on 80-85% of the people. This might not work on everybody But when I do a trick, I might also incorporate a traditional magic trick If I’m reading someone’s mind -So traditional magic tricks are also illusions, in a way, right? It is bluffing the people by any means You could do things by concealment or distraction This is how traditional magic tricks are done -Yes that’s how they are done. But ofcourse, my intention is not to bluff My intention is to entertain A lot of people have the intention to bluff. My intention is to entertain I always state in my shows that I cannot actually read minds It is an illusion. This is the first line of every show of mine But a lot of people still think this is real -But some of your tricks are so awesome, that I don’t know what to tell you He once did a trick to reveal the pass code of your phone Simply by reading your mind. He won’t ask you anything. He’ll only ask you to think of that passcode in your mind -So you asked him to think of any four random numbers from anywhere and then you revealed them -So obviously, I will not tell you exactly how this works because my livelihood depends on it But yes it is somewhat similar.The psychology of the people and the expressions of people thinking things are used For example, when I hold Anurag Kashyap’s hand like this and I ask him to think of a number And if I remember correctly, he thinks of 1 in that video Then I tell him to imagine this as an ATM pin And you’re typing the number, so I can feel this finger moving And consider this as 0 1 2 3 4 5 so I can feel a little bit of… -Such little… -Yes, its a small thing But over the 10-12 years that I have been working on this, I’ve learnt to pick them up So I know that it is 1 You can pick up small things like these. There were little expressions when I was telling him to think of certain things repeatedly So some expressions will show up on the face in response to that For instance there is a video of me with Viral Kohli in which he thinks of a name “Piyush Nagpal” who is his childhood friend So when I tell him to think of a name, Then initially, there is a slight expression like this on Virat’s face So I know that when someone does this, then it could be P or B because when you say P or B out loud, then the expression of your lips will be exactly this Similarly if someone thinks of K or J… -So if we watch the video again, will we be able to see these little expressions? -These are very little expressions and it takes time for the human eye to catch them Since I’ve trained myself… I’ve been doing this since I was 11 years old So I’ve learnt it automatically If you give 10-15 years to yourself, you will be able to do it -So this a skill that you have learnt through practice -Yes, its a skill. This is no God given power or strength This isn’t a scam either. Its just a skill -But this is a very interesting thing because there are a lot of people in our country who are “wrong number babas” I’m not pointing at you, I’m talking generally The wrong number babas in reality, use tricks like these to bluff people You told me earlier when we met, that you too encountered a similar case in real life -Yes, an exact same (case) -So this was your paternal grandmother. What happened with her? -Its been 6-7 years since this incident Some people came to collect money for donation to my house I am a Sardar. A Sikh. It was some occasion at my house.. Guruparb or something Some people came to collect money for donation to my house We knew that this was a scam because nothing happened in the ground that they were claiming to conduct a festival in But they came. I was sitting in my room and my paternal grandmother opened the door I didn’t go outside because my grandmother had already opened the door But 3-4 mins later, I heard a scream I ran to find out what had happened But it was a scream out of shock because the man told my grandmother that he knew she had two grandsons One of their names is Karan, that is me. And he also took the name of my brother And he also told her where he lived. He told her that he lived abroad and not in India He said all this and my grandmother was shocked. She felt like she should give her lifelong earnings to them because they had powers from the Lord They claimed to have God given powers and that they knew a lot of things and they told everything By the time I reached outside, I realized what was happening And I realized that my very own grandmother was being scammed when she knew that I did similar things But since they claimed to have God gifted powers, she believed them So I told her to wait for a second. And I told the people that had come, their names their fathers’ names and what they did. I played the same trick on them And they told my grandmother that her grandchild also had God given powers to fool her So I told them that this was no God given gift. And I don’t think anyone in this world has such powers It is all a trick, experience and practice And I feel it is wrong to tell people that it is a God given gift and extort money from them -But some people don’t understand this. When they see it for the first time, they think that it is black magic (they think) What is happening? How could this be possible? – I have another anecdote regarding this Where I have a small office.. When the office was shut, we were standing outside A construction worker arrived and my friend asked me to do a trick on him I did a trick and the person ran away saying there’s a demon inside me and that this was devil worship He didn’t come to work for three days out of fear He said that there were “powers” here that he was afraid of So this does happen that people think that this is unreal, or that there’s a ghost or a genie But it is nothing of that sort. It is all a practice and a trick …so that the people are aware -Is hypnotism real? If you could call it hypnotism in a way. What is hypnotism? it is basically getting the people to do what you want them to do So can this be referred to hypnotism in that sense? -Umm, like we started with the 7 of hearts If I would have said that this isn’t psychological, then I would have said that I’m hypnotizing you and the viewers to think of 7 of hearts Then a lot of people would have believed it And a lot of people do this I’m not saying that they can’t do it , I’m only saying that this is another way to do it, which isn’t hypnotism So, when what I’m doing isn’t real, what’s the guarantee that what they’re doing is real? -So do the people need to be afraid of what you do? because a lot of people would find it mind blowing that such a thing is possible and this is how it is done So need the people be afraid of the ones who possess a skill like yours? ( need the people be afraid )that it could be done to them? -There’s no need to be afraid. I’m a very safe and nice guy I don’t mean to harm anyone -For instance, like you could tell the passcode of the phone. Could you tell the passcode of a passerby? -If it is a controlled setting and somewhat of a performance, then yes I could If you ask me to tell what a passerby thinks, I’d not be able to tell No one can do that -Because, its not showcasing on his face and you can’t see his expressions.. -The body language isn’t like that. The trick part isn’t incorporated So everything matters. I cannot prove scientifically that I can read minds But if I start to say that I can read minds for real and I have powers, the people would believe me And despite me making it clear, people come to me after my live shows and say we have a paralyzed son/daughter or they cannot talk and communicate. Could you tell what they are thinking? which is the sad part because I can’t tell them So I try and tell them in a nice way that this isn’t possible But people try to pin their beliefs. I think they like to believe that such powers exist -…that some magical things like these exist in the world. -Yes, the ones that cannot be explained Therefore people believe in God and things like astrology -Don’t you think astrology is real? -I don’t think astrology is real at all I know that I would be badmouthed a lot for saying this -But Baba Karan Singh is saying this And he has proved what kind of powers he has so his talks can be believed -Yes, because I do this on my shows. I make anyone stand up and say “your star sign is Cancer or your starsign is Aquarius”. Simply by looking at them But there’s a trick to it. It involves psychology. It does not involve astrology But if I say I am an astrologer, they’d believe me. They have no other reason not to believe – I was also fooled once.I presumed sometimes people guess the starsigns of others by observing their behavior -Think about it. There are 12 starsigns. So if I go to 12 people and say the same thing, I’d be right atleast once I mean if you think probability wise Go to 12 people and tell them “your’re Libra”. Out of them 1 is bound to be Libra Usually, a lot of people are born in October, November in India for reasons unknown So you can figure that out -So is that so that Usually, a lot of people are born in October, November? -Yes, in north India, usually, a lot of people are born in October, November -Can you guess my birthday? -I can guess it in controlled settings, like when I’m performing on a stage -You’ve already guessed half of it So you combine a lot of things and use them in your tricks Psychological tricks, probability, you read people’s expressions some places and some places by chance… What is the term for these things? You told me a term earlier -Psychological illusionists -It was something with B -Barnum statements There was a man by the name of P.T Barnum. This wasn’t for this. It was for astrology P T Barnum said that there are certain statements that apply to everyone in the world But they sound so personal and private that you feel that they have been spoken only for you But they apply to everybody -Is this also used in astrology? -It is used in astrology, Tarot card reading, even palmistry For example, if I take your palm right now and say that this line tells me that you’re a very strong personality you’re very generous. Your hand is always like this and not like this So you’d feel that this is true because I’ve said something nice about you No astrologer is ever going to say anything bad about you He’ll always say good things about you and you’d feel that you are indeed that way For example, I told you that Your hand is always like this and not like this. You’d feel that you are this way Everybody is this way. So they apply to everybody If you pick up the newspaper and read the horoscope of Libra for a month Next moth, read the horoscope of Cancer and think that you’re reading the horoscope of Libra, It’ll apply to you also If read the horoscope of any other sign and try and apply it to your day, that will apply to you -I’ve wasted so many years of my life reading horoscopes everyday.. -So have I I made tricks out of them and you made this video Hope you would have got to learn a lot from this This was an educational video for you You can subscribe to Karan Singh’s channel He’s done a lot of tricks on other people. And you can see how entertaining these tricks can become by combining all these skills We will meet in the next video Share this video if you liked it. Thank You.

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