Trump's Shocking Answer on the Threat of White Nationalism | NowThis

Trump's Shocking Answer on the Threat of White Nationalism | NowThis

44 thoughts on “Trump's Shocking Answer on the Threat of White Nationalism | NowThis

  1. It wasn't the work of a Nationalist. It was the work of a mentally unstable, easily led damaged case. Nationalism is not blind hate or prejudice.

  2. The question in the video wasnt if he Disavows whit nationalism the question was does he think it's a threat, this was a very mundane and reasonable response.

  3. I believe President Trump was telling the truth.
    And by that I mean, he and his ignorant, backwater, “me and my own first” cult following don’t even understand what the real definition of white nationalist means.

  4. I hate a lot of people and i do mean hate. Loathe a bit more accurate. But ive mever wished so hard that some freak accident would pulberize some1. What a waist of flesh. Im not sure whos worse. Him or his insanely ignorant supporters

  5. What I said wasn’t shocking, it was a good answer. Wtf are the liberals getting triggered about?

  6. Honestly as a moderate liberal that was a pretty good answer, he not only actually remain on topic, kept his temper, and articulate but also he's kind right, white nationalism isn't rlly on the rise, hopefully it'll die out

  7. So he thinks illegal immigration is a National Emergency when these white nationalists are more of a threat.

  8. The Media lies about Conservative Whites and seeks to put all of them in the same group if you oppose allowing groups into America who do not want to speak English or assimilate with American society. Too bad the new Zealand Shooter didn't attack the headquarters of CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC , OR. NBC

  9. Why is this a "Shocking Answer"⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️ what type of president wouldn't be a nationalist???? It just means you put your country first!!! Thank God we didn't get billary. She would have been a globalist👎👎👎👎.
    Typical leftist propaganda. To stupid to realize they are cutting their own throats…

  10. As much as I hate Trump, this title is so sensationalist I hate it. SHOCKING RESPONSE FROM TRUMP!!!!!!!

  11. He's describing himself and his followers…. "a small group of people who have serious problems!"

  12. ~40% of Americans actually approve of what this xenophobic bigot has to say – as they themselves are either xenophobic bigots as well or they passively approve of it. These are very sad facts, if this was untrue his approval numbers would change when he says absolutely outrageous things like this and goes on a 50+ twitter storm over the weekend. THESE ARE NOT NORMAL ACTIONS FOR A NORMAL MAN, LET ALONE A PRESIDENT.

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