Trump’s Rhetoric and the Christchurch Shootings – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Trump’s Rhetoric and the Christchurch Shootings – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– One of the things that got
me about this whole thing was people trying to
blame Trump for it. And I know this is
controversial, but
I don’t blame Trump. I think, in many ways, Trump
is similar to climate change in that I don’t
think you can pin any one storm directly
on climate change, but you’ve gotta admit
that climate change has an effect on increasing the
probability of these storms, and I feel like Trump
is the same thing. I don’t think he’s the cause
of any of these things, but he does, in some way,
raise the temperature enough that we’ll see more of
these things happening. What I have started realizing, and it’s a scary thought, is that I disagree with people who say Donald Trump inspired
this shooter in New Zealand. For me, I feel like
Donald Trump is inspired by the same things as this
shooter in New Zealand. They’re products of the
same white supremacy. They believe the same
things, you know. And Donald Trump and his people will run around always saying, oh, he’s not a
white supremacist. Yeah, but all white supremacists think he’s a white
supremacist, you know. I’m just saying, if Beyonce
and Justin Timberlake think I’m a great
dancer, then… (audience laughs) I’m a great dancer. I mean, it’s weird
to say that I’m not. But he really is, he’s
a product of that, and that’s scary because, when you think that
he’s the figurehead, it makes it almost
easier to just go, if you just get rid of him,
then the problem is gone, but I honestly believe
that Donald Trump is a product of white supremacy. He’s a product of that fear that has been instilled
in many white men in America and in
and around the world who have been led to believe that they’re constantly
under assault, and that they’re being replaced, and their place in
this world is at risk, believe they’re being replaced by Black people, Mexican people, Jewish people, whoever
they’re being told. But they gen, it is
like a weird fear. It’s a weird feeling
that they have. They believe they’re losing
even though they’re winning, and it’s hard for
many of them to see because they are winning. But in America, people
would always argue, yeah, but you look at
how jobs have declined. But look at this guy. He’s in one of best countries
in the world to live in, so what is his argument? Genuinely, what is his argument? You start to realize that it
isn’t only economic anxiety. There’s a larger narrative
that’s being spread online to a lot of white men
in a very similar style that ISIS spreads it’s
message, and that is that, hey, this is your true destiny, this is what’s happening to
you, you should be afraid, and this is how
you can fight back. And I think Donald
Trump is as inspired by that message as
this shooter was. That’s why he need his
Jeanine Pirro’s on TV to help him figure out
how he feels about things. That’s why he’s so stressed
when they’re not on the air. (audience laughs) Think so, baby needs his bitty. (audience laughs)

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Rhetoric and the Christchurch Shootings – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

  1. Lots of guilt involved in blaming everyone else for your problems, it is literally called confliction. Even drumpfs most primitive neurons are arguing for the truth. We need to all blame the "YESMEN" WHO SURROUND THIS MORON. #LEANLEFTINDEPENDENTS #DEMOCRATICGOVERNING

  2. we used to listen to politicians and laugh at comedians
    now we listen to comedians and laugh at politicians

  3. TRUMP is part of the problem…. He believes in white SUPREMACIST and is anti muslim…. anti foreign…. yet the indignious people are Indians…!!

  4. Trump isn't so much the cause, as the symptom methinks. He's part of a larger pattern of rising authoritarianism, and backlash against progressive values around the world.

  5. If anyone asks u what (love ) means. Answer them and say it means ..NEW ZEALAND 🇳🇿 .. that'll sum it up. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. I feel that actually minority groups have more fear of loosing their identity due to the advent of globalization, not white people in America. They didn't have much of culture to begin with, now they adapted various customs from around the world yet they're children of migrants in the past. so, it is indigenous groups and developing countries that are getting westernized and europeanized, not white people….so yes, Nosh is right that white people have a weird feeling that they're loosing when in fact they're winning. Oh wait, victimhood is becoming a trend now, so yes many white people start bitching these days about unreasonable stupidity of theirs. What a worlds we live in, just amazing 🙂

  7. According to the definition of the words terrorist attack, that's exactly what it was. Anybody can be a terrorist.

  8. Wonderful sweet of of New Zealander’s 🇳🇿 and one n only super sweet kind hearted PM luv u all💝♥️💖❤️👌🏽🌟🇳🇿

  9. You don't wanna blame Trump but you are gonna say that Trump is the same as the shooter, you are a sick person Trevor and your race war that you are bringing about will not be good for you no matter how disjointed and rich and PROTECTED yo are from the race war propaganda you push but just look at Jussie smollet , you are just like him Trevor !!!!

  10. the last time I looked white men were still in control of just about everything! any and all segments of any class will always have its fringe elements. what else is new? I don't get it. Whites, Muslims, Blacks, Men, Women – give me a break. it has more to do with tribal instinct than anything relating to gender or race. it has to do with the thin line that separates belief from dogma. the human psyche is far too complex to be explained by simplistic platitudes of reasoning or placing blame. in the end, history is written by the victors and human evolution evolves by the survival of the fittest. when intellect is removed from the conversation very bad things begin to happen. how many times does history have to repeat itself before we understand how cumulative trauma and pain in a person or social order or nation results in an act of an individual or collective hate, aggression, and violence of the highest order. the only way out of this cycle is more art, more love, more compassion, and understanding of the human condition. it's not about what separates us it's about what unites us and what unites us is the need to be loved and the need to understand right from wrong no matter what. do the right thing. love and hate are products of our cumulative experience as individuals. we need to teach one another what we don't already know. truth is always evolving. the human condition is always evolving. we need to work at it together and hope for a better, more just world. remember – there is a big difference between equality and justice.

  11. Trump not responsible for someone else’s mental well-being or hatred. I’m immigrant myself just like you mr. Noah and I am being bullies for my skin color my ethnicity since I step foot in the USA back in the 90th. I came legal tho..and to get to the US for education my parents needs to proved to the government minimum $50,000 in your bank account, take English test and provided clean health bill from the doctor appointed by the embassy’s. I brushed off peps who are bullies because I will not let bullies ruin my confidence, integrity and the love I have for this country. I like your show to have some giggles after long day at work!! Such a tragic what happens in NZ..I live in Christchurch on and off for 6 yrs, my heart goes out to people’s in Christchurch and NZ in general.

  12. Love you Trevor …… Speak the Truth …. I have agreed with you in about 💯 % of humanity’s issues …. Thank you 🙏🏽 for finally speaking what most of us are Thinking

  13. I 100% agree! this is exactly the reason why the jordan peterson character had (has?) such a great following. this will become a really big(ger) problem in the not too far future, I fear…

  14. How great would it be to see as much news coverage and people reaching out to the over 400 Christians killed in Africa the last week or so by Islamist extremist. But hey. they are only Christian, and only black, right?

  15. Islam and Christianity is most accepted
    Religion in this world if was so evil why would 4 billion people accept it.those who say religion is evil bring your evidence God commands killing of innocent civilians and being a hypocrite godless society take there moral values from pornography industry

  16. So calling Muhummadan terrorism terrorism is racist because Middle Easterners. (1) But Christchurch is part of a grand racial conspiracy theory that goes way beyond the shooters objective to conspire to create grand racial conflict. OK, at least Trevor's world view is consistently race based like the shooters. Is Trevor aware that he's following the instructions of the shooter? 1:

  17. Trevor Noah is a nasty nasty person… all he did was find a way to softly blame trump. him and Samantha bee are disgraceful mouthpieces. if you are swayed by these paid shills you are stupid. they do nothing but spew hate. its all for divide and conquer.

  18. The Daily show = trump is the devil. It can be a cool drinking game. Event occurs, daily show links it to Trump… we drink. We would be lit af.

  19. Well, trump certainly doesn’t help!! He effing empowers these hater nut jobs! Come on, Trevor! He is the effing leader of the free world and what he says matters to fools just waiting for validation! I cannot believe you can’t connect the dots!

  20. Am really greatful that Americans have embraced Trevor Noah… Coz I was reading this comments when they first announced the take over….bruhhn!

  21. RIP to those who died. Unfortunately, since Islams teaches muslims to make war with non muslims, there will be non muslims who will rise to the challenge. This will be the first of many. Democracy cant mix with the mean of its destruction. Islam declares war to those who are not under it. The Quran, muslims holy book which is supposed to be the words of God says so:

    Source: .

    Arabic Text: قَاتِلُوا الَّذِينَ لَا يُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَلَا بِالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ وَلَا يُحَرِّمُونَ مَا حَرَّمَ اللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ وَلَا يَدِينُونَ دِينَ الْحَقِّ مِنَ الَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْكِتَابَ حَتَّىٰ يُعْطُوا الْجِزْيَةَ عَن يَدٍ وَهُمْ صَاغِرُونَ – 9:29

    English Translation:

    Sahih International –

    Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

    Non muslims beware.

  22. Sunni muslim supremacists are attacking others for ages. I am surprised that Shia, Ahmadya, Yezidi, Hindu, Kurds etc. are not the first one to act like this!
    It is the will of Allah! Subhanallah!!! Ahmedur Rasulallah!

  23. Exactly. Once Trump leaves office, his followers are just going to elect another asshole to replace him and carry on fucking up the U.S.

    Assalamu’alaikum peace full people around the world 🌍
    Please do pray for beautiful soul , Respect ✊ to others Religions and every human being .
    Spread a love Be unity and peace ✌ see you soon 🌹👍

  25. Trevor makes a great point. White men do fear being replaced and polls, preachers and talk show hosts intensify that point that they will not be the majority in America in the coming years. So it like an overweight woman on a diet, the more she thinks of being overweight and sees herself in the mirror, the more she eats (stress, anger and fear). She can never go back to those teenage years again but she can still develop and maintain some dignity. Beauty is skin deep, how you behave projects the real you!

  26. Worth noting that Rupert Murdoch's News owned media push Islamophobia constantly – a survey of 5 papers in Aussie showed 2,891 anti-muslim stories over one year – Is Murdoch guilty of 'grooming' people like the Aussie shooter who came to Christchurch to kill?

  27. Trevor, you know that talking common sense will go right over the heads of the people who really should hear you.
    But, saying that, I did enjoy what you said and the way you said it.

  28. Trump is a symptom of the sickness… he is way too lacking in original thought to lead anything, even something evil.

  29. Couldn't agree more. Besides Trump is not the only white supremacist with a twitter account. He might be powerful, but maybe, not that much.

  30. So like dispite being Jewish I have many friends that have fallen for the alt right racist bullshit and have realize what it was and gotten out. From what I can tell most poeple who fall into it are in a low time in their life and don’t have a community and are lonely. For my friend it was because he didn’t get into the college with all his friends and he is kinda socially awkward and found it hard to make friends. He was taken advantage of due to his low self esteem and lack of relationships. This followed with poeple basicly provided him with the the community he lacked. He could relate to a lot of them because a lot of them were like him. People who for whatever reason lacked a community. He told me he left when realized that they weren’t accepting him for who he was but rather accepting him so he confirmed to their ideals and spread their beliefs. It’s a cult. I think that we need to re adjust how ideas and cults and lead to actual harm and now a lot of people are indoctrinated into this and telling them reality doesn’t do anything to convince. They believe that they have the truth and everyone is misguided. It’s sad that shit like this happens and the best way to deal with it is to try and treat them like indoctoraned cult members. Everyone attacking the cult is an enemy to the cult leaving the cult means losing any friends that you made within it. Denouncing the cult can be dangerous and sometimes people won’t respect them for being in one in the first place. There are many reasons one would be afraid to this an also you have to convince them that their beliefs are not a correct version reality. Basically most people fall into this cult like belief system due to hard times. Some people don’t believe that a political identity can be a cult but i think the similarities need to be explored. My friend often apologies for the worlds he said to me but I understand what happened and now that I am able to be with him more as he transferred to my college I understand better and I employ anyone who sees this to take this into acount.

  31. Similarly, Islamic terrorism has to be a product of Islamic Supremacy — I'm sure you'll agree, Trevor?

  32. I really like and buy what Trevor has to say about this. But "Shooting" and "Shooter" are not the right terms, we all know what the rightsterms are…

  33. Every one is responsible of his actions.. Not Trump.. Not Christians.. Not Muslims.. So let's learn how to listen to each other.

  34. Trump and his people will only be happy when the plantations are kept open indefinitely. Many people Muslims and nonmuslims , black and brown and every other shade of humanity are constantly working in an economic system designed to ensure white supremacy.. The white supremists are laughing all the way to the bank.

  35. The only one that doesn't make laugh,
    Cause it's true, it's fear that is inside people heart, God bless you Trevor.

  36. Brilliant commentary! It is very strange indeed when the privileged claim they are not privileged, even when their rights are spelt out and they are living in countries which consist of themselves mostly and are run by themselves. Your commentary cuts across all those supremacists, all over the world.

  37. These white supremacists are spoiled little bitches. They stand in the winning position OVER others & whine about sharing a winning position; SHARING their status, not losing it. Baffling. Why must they be THE winners & everyone else losers? They appear to be control freaks.

  38. Alzo equip for them as much as possible what you could of power equipments and steeds as a means to terrify an enemy of Allah an enemy of yours in addition to others you don't know them but Allah does know them. QUR'AN SURAH The Spoils of war vs

  39. hahahah. wow. more political charged nonsense from the guy who says they're a comedy show, whenever someone criticizes his views. which is it? whatever's convenient? tell me when you're funny enough to ignore your idiocy. aka never.

  40. What happened in Christchurch is obviously horrific but Trevor is wrong when he is saying that the killer was a "white supremacist". White supremacy is when you think that white people are superior to other races. The killer didn't think that white people were superior he was thinking that non whites were "invading white countries". That's what motivated his act.

  41. Bolshevik Propaganda is deep rabbit hole of Jewish cartel fraud … 153news and Bitchute will get you the reality of this NON EVENT being media blitzed to the MASS MINDLESS wonders of the world .. THINK !!- ITS NOT ILLEGAL YET

  42. Proud of our prime minister our people the WAIRUA of haka and love for all nationalities ..peace over AOTEAROA …nau Mai Haere Mai tatou katoa..stand as one ..

  43. This was so incredibly stupid…

    "Trump and the Christchurch shooter are inspired by the same white supremacy…."

    How many baseless accusations and ad hominem comparisons can liberals and Democrats make? Are they trying to achieve some kind of record?

    The overwhelming majority of mass shooters are young males who ppl speculate lean left, not right….

    But leave it to the left to highlight political stance whenever it suits it to do so whilst categorically ignoring times it doesn't….

    I feel sorry for anybody who thinks liberalism in 2019 is about objectivity.

    It is very much not. It's about selective obfuscation of objective reality to sell a narrative that is at once narcissistic and megalomaniacal at its core.

    It would be comical if it were not so filthy.

  44. He's saying he's going to be a cause. You double speech jackass. Then again your for whites having their land taken in your native South Africa. It's social cohesion your against. You use race to implement your bullshit.


  46. Trevor, right after that terrible attack NZ Muslim leader Ahmad Bhamji accused the Jews to be behind it. Would you say that this is antisemitic rhetoric? If yes: Why don't you mention?

  47. and now we have the revenge bombings in Sri Lanka in retaliation for what happened in New Zealand. This is a never ending cycle. 🙁

  48. Trevor, 1) terrible terrorist attacks like 9/11 predate Trump's preidency. 2) Do you think the numerous bombings/massacres in European cities are real enough to explain why Europeans are afraid they might be next? In case you do not: Ask someone who visited Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester some two years ago.

  49. What is under assault is freedom and liberty. Men in red directed the shooter, it was an opp , a black opp, white supremacy is the narrative we are told, like in 9/11 19 suicidal Muslim hijackers with box cutters is the narrative we are told, LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE see Christchurch – How they did it – Max Igan

  50. so why is trevor noah is silence about sri lanka bombings? ok i get it. trevor noah's job is to attack trump and sri lanka bombing is muslims killing christians and nothing to do with trevoh noah or stephen colbert.

  51. I hope that in the history books this time 1999 to 2020 is labled as the era of fear like how the early 1800s was the era of good feelings.

  52. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    This is the fruit of die-versity.

  53. 8.3.19 After 2 days of mass shootings by white terrorists your words ring loudly. Yes, it's not a hate crime. It's terrorism. Fear mongering about an entire segment of humanity. Hate was always there. It's just ok and praised by America's politicians who fear losing NRA support. Cowards.

  54. I have yet to see anyone get it as accurate as you did in this clip Trevor. For the most part people either A. Blame trump entirely or B. Doesn’t blame him at all, but you got it exactly right and the climate change analogy was the perfect example. Not long after the El Paso shooting when it was found out that the shooter targeted illegal immigrants I thought about this video from 5 months ago because it stuck with me and sadly it is something that continues. We need more people like Trevor. Pray for our country people.

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