Trump’s handling of coronavirus is comforting to Americans: RNC spokeswoman

Trump’s handling of coronavirus is comforting to Americans: RNC spokeswoman

100 thoughts on “Trump’s handling of coronavirus is comforting to Americans: RNC spokeswoman

  1. Trump didn't even know they had flown all those infected people from the cruise ship back to the US , his underlings were probably too scared to tell him in case he nutted off and fired them all … Last week he announced that it will ' disappear in the summer heat .. ' as with everything , the man just doesn't have a clue … stay safe America

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020…

  3. People in Costa Mesa California may beg to differ about feeling comforted, as should most other American take note. IDK how their injunction went today to bar the Feds and CDC from relocating 50 Corona Virus patients to an old, dilapidated, unsecured, non medical facility in a residential neighborhood in the middle of Orange County California. Somehow this is better than the top notch facility at Travis Air Force Base where we were initially told serve out their illnesses/quarantines. Our leaders are either incompetent or are actually trying to bring us harm, or so it seems. If this virus hits the streets of LA or San Francisco we will have a medical emergency for all as the hospitals clog and shelves empty. Why did we not kepp infected at secure medical facilities in the Pacific on an island or something?

  4. See Bernie in bed he's dying
    He's been lying his whole life through
    We got to get out of this place
    If it's the last thing we ever do

  5. Never mind angry, they should have been prepared, their either professional s or con artists which is it? WE THE PEOPLE DON’T NEED PHONY EXCUSES LIKE THE DEMARCATES GIVE. fire the ones not capable of doing their jobs. This has lead to an out break that could infect the nation. An that older CDC female that said this was no kind of national emergency for any one to worry about should have kept her Demarcate opinion to her self. Causing people negate their responsibilities in their rolls to out breaks a quarantines.

  6. The Corona virus is a biological war weapon released by mistake before testing was finished, and now, it’s getting out of control!

  7. True BS in its purest form. Only a few cases have been found among the population, and little fear of anything of than a few new cases now that officials are alerted. Not a vote getter.

  8. A far greater threat than the corona virus, to the economy and welfare of the Citizens of the USA, presently seems to be the Bernie virus.


  10. Some countries are intentionally not reporting, Trump needs to stop people from coming in from all southeast asian countries.


  12. America 🇺🇸❤. Small example; when Trump was impeached a few said things that made people think the country would lose it's feet. Enemies – America did NOT fall even a little. Small example; when Trump was acquitted our feet stood firm on the ground,waters and skies. Enemies – of those that hate the following and trust of God himself. America 🇺🇸 will continue to stand together as the family we are together we stand. The strongest country in the world and the most beautiful one both by sight and heart. We will never allow a brake of evil in our hearts. We stand together even when we disagree and we fight together even when some are scared. True Americans love all souls of this earth and together we will have the world; a better place a place where we don't always agree but we live in peace and live another day to fix any complications. America is America we have a history and we learn from it paving the way to a better tomorrow for everyone. 🇺🇸❤

  13. What Trump wished for will now happen, the Chinese will not sell goods to the US any more for the next couple of months and a lot of people will recognize what that means. The traders at the stock markets allready react.

  14. Trump is responsible for the mishandling of the Diamond Princess.
    It is an american company that runs the swimming Petri Dish, and you know it!

  15. American Patriots, China was nothing until politicians sold our intellectual properties to them. Now, they've closed down their production. Don't sleep! This is your time to shine! Go! Create goods and services for the country! This is your time to act!! Go! Patent your ideas!!! Go produce!! In Jesus' Name!! Hallelujah!!!!

  16. The World Economy will tank well before Nov 3 and Trump will lose in a landslide ..America will opt for SOCIALISM just like back in the 30's…..

  17. President Trump is so magnanimous with his opponents. He is gracious enough to praise them when they win in their own primaries. Compared to Sanders who is not only ill mannered and rude and keeps saying that trump is corrupt etc but Sanders' heart is filled with envy and hatred for the rich people . that hatred is so embedded in his dogma you can almost feel it. That hatred probably keeps him awake all night.

  18. It is good for president Trump to lose in the CBS or any left wing polls. Otherwise, republicans will be overconfident.

  19. The CDC says around 56000 die from flu each year 2600 or so from coronavirus approx. I hope the Right doesn't start going crazy segregating our population etc. This issue needs to be addressed but I hope the Right doesn't go crazy out of fear and lack of understanding.

  20. The virus has been out there for three months and people still talking about stopping flights… it’s TOO LATE now thanks to the money-comes-first authorities.

  21. This man is remarkable.., after all these years of insults against him by his democrat opponents, President Trump still does show himself more of a gentleman than his challenger. This is just other clues or evidence that show proof of President Donald Trump to be a warm, humble and understanding person.., he respects the leadership competition. Please, this is me personal observations.

  22. The regular flu does more harm than this new one but many people don't bother with annual flu shots! I'm not at all worried about the virus.

  23. Coronavirus cases suspectedly reported in Republic of Congo in a locality neighboring the third largest city Dolisie. Chinese executives and engineers expats working in a Chinese Cement Plant named Forspak just came back to their rotational leaves from China down to Congo to resume their duties. They flew Ethiopian Airlines which landed to Pointe Noire.
    Among those expats, one died suspectedly while on duty from Coronavirus according to what's being said at the Plant, two days ago. Four among them are in a critical conditions being quarantined at the Plant.

    Congo in third country and probably among the top five poorest countries on the continent with leaders governing the country in a heartless bad faith. So, this is an alert to the international community to prepare for the worse and get ready to plan for an efficient and swift response.

  24. Money is all u chumps can think about how about we need 400 million anti viral pills 2 trillion masks new hospital it’s been over 50 years since the Spanish flu and there still no facilities to house thousands are communist country is changing infected numbers daily they sai 30 then it was 70 then it was 58 then it was a thousand in California why does Elton John have pneumonia??????????

  25. trump never cease to amaze me with the clarity that he answers questions & his vocabulary is superb! NOT.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  27. No it's not.
    He cut millions of funding to the CDC and fired 80% of the Global Health Security Unit in the last three years.
    He also thinks windmills cause cancer, so why would anyone think he could handle a pandemic?

  28. All the countries flew their nationals/ citizens back to their respective countries, except Pakistan because they do not have the public health infrastructure Many of the U.S. hospitals can accommodated acute critical care and have isolation units . The number of confirmed cases in the US are low, the unconfirmed cases are 7000 self quarantine at home. I think the quarantine time should be for 60 days because cases have emerged that people can incubate the virus for 42 days better safe than sorry.

  29. Looks like US news is intentionally not covering this. Have to go to foreign media to get news about the outbreak in Korea and Italy.

  30. Didnt he put 5 infected Americans into a hospital that hosted healthy, normal people? And there was a riot in the hospital?

    This is a question, would someone confirm or deny this?

  31. The only leadership that Bernie Represents, is to tear us all down. He is a COMMUNIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Trump has no idea what he is doing. His tweets are meaningless.

    Fox continues it's gaslighting for the biggest POS on the planet.

  33. I’m in AU and they’re screwing up like they did with the bushfires, but I’m not seeing the US so far as much better.

  34. 1/5 of all American cities are homeless. How is America containment happening?

    When homeless don't have access to hygiene facilities, when you can't track them down, when they exasperate the spread because they're all public places, when they don't have access to Healthcare, when can't be place in home lockdown!

    When Trump said, "Make America Great Again." He's let down a lot of people on his 3 year tenure watch. …And now the economy has faltered! I'm sure Trump will loose plenty of votes 8 months from now!

  35. Are you a saved person, walking with Jesus He promises he will take of his own, his children Nothing to fear If not now is the time to give your heart to Jesus Don't wait!😊

  36. can u imagine our thug in chief downplaying the corona virus here if it affect his standing… do you think his yes men would go against him… hell no they wouldn't.

  37. This just the beginning. Nothing will stop this Pandemic. Funny I knew about the spreading for the past 3 weeks. In a month everything about politics is going to get a second seat in the house. Take care of yourselves.

  38. I can tell you this, if the American economy crashes because of this virus, the left will be out dancing in the streets. They know that a big economic downturn could be the key to beating President Trump. And they don't care how the American people have to suffer, either through health or economically!!

  39. if the coronavirus makes it to the US im 100% Sure that there will many Many MANY Riots and Break Ins. and im not talking about the 30 or 40 infected im talking about WhHaBaaBaam ! Get ready for insanity to enter chat … ill be in the mountains if ya need me ⛑😹⛑

  40. Halt all international flights , simple solution. They did it for 9/11 they can do it for this , The coronavirus is a terrorist and should be dealt with like so

  41. Trump has praised China for how they handled Covid-19 and claimed this infection would "miraculously disappear when the warm weather starts". Both of these statements are so far from reality that Trump would be better to just stay quiet. The US is woefully unprepared to face a world pandemic and have done little to nothing.

  42. Watch out all generic drugs are made in China and all medical supplies.China is about to fall apart. The coronavirus is in 30different country. This is a pandemic no one wants to say it. China has locked down a with a 70 million population and no one can leave their homes. Only one person of the family can get food in store if they have any. Government is lying. People need to start watching some of the crisis on you tube. Every thing is made in China. Pandora’s box has opened and only thing people is talking about is the market. You will not need markets if people start dying . China has refused top doctors from all over different countries to help them. The coronavirus was leaked out of a lab near the market place that makes biological chemical. What that tell you. Shortages will happen soon.

  43. He needs to do way more. We are still getting planes from china and korea. We need to stop ALL air travel til the virus is under control!!!

  44. 🤑I learned to live one day at a time, today I'm living the American dream. Prosperity 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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