Trumpism Is Just A Synonym For Fascism – SOME MORE NEWS

Trumpism Is Just A Synonym For Fascism – SOME MORE NEWS

Hello, I’m a news dude And here’s some news the President of the United States goes by the name Donald Trump and Recently Donald Trump did this and said this and has been doing that while saying this kind of stuff and they’re all things one might Call trumpism which is a sneaky way of saying fascism without having to explain it for 40 minutes 35 minutes I don’t have a watch. so here’s some more news previously on some more news We don’t do previously on Because it’s a news show. Okay. Oh, and I’m talking myself right now Okay, well on the last episode of this timely news show, that just talks about fascism now apparently we discussed how, although sure, Trump talks like Hitler and does some Hitlery kind of stuff sometimes It’s not a fair or helpful comparison, and besides he’s much closer to Mussolini, because fascism takes on comforting and familiar Imagery of its nation and leader as well as some unique personality and culture So American fascism wouldn’t look like Nazism or Italian fascism or any other nations movement it would look All-american it would have that sweet hundreds of years of racism and slavery and mass incarceration But with immigrants’ smell That last episode also discussed how everyone calls everyone a fascist these days and the word has no meaning Even though it does which we’ll get into and anyone telling you the Liberals are the real fascists or Hitler was a liberal socialist are either fascist propagandists or idiots because fascism is less of a left or right Ideology and more of a reaction to the left or as Robert Paxton describes It’s a phenomenon and dictatorial movement against the left. Amidst popular enthusiasm Often collaborating with conservatives for that purpose or as Newt Gingrich recently described Donald Trump exactly that So in order to avoid a boy who cried wolf situation in which nobody knows what a wolf is or how to recognize a wolf Let’s finally talk about what fascism is and how it relates to trumpism Something named after Donald Trump the current President of the United States and a real piece of shit Just a bad freaking turd of a dude Okay, so I guess… I guess let’s take out one of these and we’re gonna type ‘Fascism’ and okay, so let’s look at political scientist Dr Laurence Britt’s 14 defining signs of fascism I’m sure you’ve seen this around a simplified version was once displayed in the Holocaust Museum and spread around the internet So let’s go through the list to officially define fascism, but just real quick. I’m gonna type a little bit more and Dr. Laurence Britt is not a doctor nor is he a political scientist? He’s a former business executive at Xerox who’s written in airport Kiosk thriller called June 2004 and a list about fascism. It was kind of just a list of things. He didn’t like about george w bush and the republican party, so So it’s not it’s not a great use to us So anyway today we’re going to debunk and clarify this doctor’s list while also looking at another list of 14 features of fascism by scholar Umberto Eco who grew up in fascist Italy how convenient We’re also going to take Ben Shapiro’s advice that he gives when he thinks people are wildly and incorrectly accusing others of fascism And we’re going to read a damn book or at least we’re gonna we’re gonna skim a few fucking books Because fascism is to a certain extent hard to define. Oh, how convenient historians have varying definitions, its Reactionary a fluid movement that takes on qualities of nation and leader much of it is about how to achieve power Uneasy and dishonest alliances and policies and compromises due to unprincipled Opportunism saying one thing doing another at one point Hitler claimed to be a social democrat Because in at least some part fascism is a grift for power. It’s a bit of an ideologically inconsistent grift led by the kind of person who was maybe Republican than in the independence party then ran for president as the Reform Party then was a Democrat then became a Republican then became an independent than a Republican and Donated more money to Democrats than Republicans when He was a republican and then became the president. Oh, what the? does he have to become the pres? Okay, he does. Alright great. So Unfortunately, he is the president and he’s an obvious Authoritarian dishonest right-wing demagogue. Who’s playing off hatred of the left and feelings of national decline in order to gain power He is a fascist and just because I can say that right now without being dragged away If Trump was a Nazi does Judd Apatow really think that he’d be able to go on Twitter and say stuff like this doesn’t mean I’m wrong As I said in last week’s video there are stages as outlined in a book I skimmed anatomy of fascism by historian Robert Paxton Stage one is Intellectual exploration where disillusionment with popular democracy manifests itself in discussions of lost national vigor Paxton says all democracies are in some form of this stage there are ideas and feelings that boil up and cause the fascist movement to move forward and before we move forward just Understand if any of these feelings resonate with you or even if I mentioned your name, specifically I’m not calling you a fascist specifically probably I’m merely pointing out that so very many qualities and features and events and emotions and necessary conditions of fascist movements are all related to him and now Trumpism 2018: not as Extreme as full-on literal Nazism but still fascism and Paxton points out how easy it was for respectable people from all walks of life to get swept up in a fascist movement as Professor Jordan B. Peterson says even you probably would have been a Nazi “If you were there For any one of you there’s a 90% chance that you would have got tangled up in it” to start out quick and obvious Fascism is about an insider versus outsider mentality “creating others” as Britt writes Identification of enemies scapegoats as a unifying cause now this is a tactic not unique to fascism though It has heavily featured in it and we can see this in the way Trump talks and the propaganda he uses Umberto Eco though, the fascism liver he zeroes in on this much better with one of his 14 features of fascism a fear of Difference the first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders or like an invasion or an Infestation and if you don’t get it at this point, please get it The bare minimum and most common feature in all of fascism is on Britt’s list powerful and continuing nationalism This doesn’t just mean pride in one’s country though, or even just panderingly excessive pride. It’s not just flags and pins It’s more about national chauvinism and paling genetic ultra-nationalism about the rebirth of a country You know, we used to be so good, great even and yet here We are no longer great still at the death of a nation wanting to be more than good once more So now it’s time to perhaps be… be reborn Renewed national vigor, calling for a great reawakening of America, a resurgence of confidence and the rebirth of patriotism, prosperity and pride the chauvinism part the ultra-nationalism refers to the superiority of the country over all else the inferiority of Outsiders the feeling that a nation can do whatever it wants without consideration of other nations America first versus $#!thole countries chauvinism also requires devotion like let’s say a bunch of citizens burn a bunch of their stuff and boycotted the NFL because some players kneeled during the national anthem and then the President intervened to punish the players if they protest again and also called them traitors and said if they don’t stand for the flag Maybe they shouldn’t be in the country disagreement is treason unlike our reasonable president who treats dissenters well and takes Criticism well and who in response to football players kneeling for the national anthem in protest of state violence? Suggested the sons of bitches should not live in this country Punishing people for not standing for the flag. Perhaps is chauvinistic nationalism like this story of almost exactly that in Nazi Germany and this kind of chauvinism is related to Eco’s “popular elitism” in which every citizen belongs to the best people of the world the members of the party are the best among the citizens Just… just the best people Every citizen can or ought to get on the Trump train or sorry join the party or whatever this popular elitism reinforces hierarchies of elitism, but it includes everyone like… let’s call ourselves from now on the ‘super elite’ we’re the ‘super elite’ This elitism or super elitism is linked to what Eco calls contempt for the weak Perhaps illustrated by the way the current president speaks about and treats people his obsession with strength and cruelty to the weak Spending years saying countless things about your very good genes and then insulting people about their extremely low IQ and maybe there’s a culture of trumpism surrounding his movement obsessed with betas an idea based on a misrepresented and debunked study about how wolves behave in prison and maybe trumpism and Snowflakes and cucks and soy boys an insult about perceived weakness based on a misunderstood study from decades ago about sheep or Sipping your triggered liberal tears while maintaining control over all three branches of government Speaking of weakness. Another of Eco’s features is the enemy is both strong and weak like, let’s say Everyone’s weak but they’re taking advantage of us. But also we’re stronger than the little rocket man. Whom we should fear speaking of fear Don’t because in fascism everybody is educated to become a hero a hero is an exceptional being but in fascism Everybody’s a hero Like maybe the president will pardon ranchers who took matters into their own hands and inspired militias to take matters into their own hands Maybe when there’s a school shooting Maybe that president will say if I was there I would have gone in even without a gun and I would have you know Saved the day and maybe at the next school shooting someone will show up with a gun because he heard there was a school shooting so he grabbed his gun and Maga hat and came down to help so he could quote “make America great again” if there’s a wild conspiracy about a government-wide underground child sex dungeon in a pizza parlor Maybe someone will take a gun there to to save the kids Speaking of conspiracies Umberto Eco also describes fascism’s obsession with the plot. Which often combines Xenophobia with the fear of disloyalty and sabotage from marginalized groups within society like black lives matter is a terrorist group or The illegal immigrants are causing literally all of your problems or like the neo-nazi conspiracy of cultural Marxism out to destroy Western civilization or most things on Infowars or climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese or Climate change is a hoax by scientists so scientists can be rich or Hitler railing against globalism Which we’ve never heard about since or here’s an interesting news the idea of the liberal media as an elite distorting the news to fit their politics was first invented by George Wallace during the civil rights movement to discredit the liberal media’s negative coverage of racial segregation The idea of this mass liberal media conspiracy was popularized by Sir Richard Nixon and weaponized by Fox News but anyway obsession with a plot probably also applies to the president and his movement in that they are drawn to conspiracies like QAnon or the murder of Seth rich or The deep state or thinking Obama’s a secret Muslim who wasn’t born here Now I mentioned cultural Marxism which is a term You’ve probably heard more and more lately and we don’t really have time to get into it too much but real quick cultural Marxism most often refers to a neo-nazi conspiracy theory the progressives and liberals and the media are all secret communists intent on destroying the West it stems from cultural Bolshevism an old Nazi insult for art and Hitler’s distaste for Marxism because it’s eternal privilege would lead to the disappearance of all order and provoke chaos It’s a conspiracy that’s meant to destroy Western Civilization and its traditional modes of being there’s no systemic racism or sexism or homophobia In america you see, these concepts were made up by Marxists whose failed economics policies forced them to invent cultural inequalities in order to destabilize the West for the purposes of Instituting socialism cultural Marxism the conspiracy might be presented as the reason behind overly sexual and degenerate behavior in pop culture whereas a Marxist critique of culture or little ‘c’ cultural Marxism might be that pop culture is sexual because sex sells and capitalism is bad But the phrase cultural Marxism hasn’t been an oft used term until recently maybe because for so long it was used as a neo-nazi conspiracy theory but it’s basically a synonym for sjw’s or the regressive left or progressives or postmodern neo Marxism or according to this video about classical liberalism by a classical liberal Partially funded by classical liberal billionaires. Now we’re just saying cultural Marxism again this post-modernism this cultural Marxism or whatever you want to call it or Post-modernism apparently just whatever you want to call it. So cultural Marxism it is and this all illustrates the unavoidable truth that fascism arises from a reaction to and a Despising of the left when identity is focused less on what you believe and more on what you hate Anything to trigger the libs. In fascism a very short introduction Kevin Passmore partly defines fascism as having an implacable hostility To socialism and feminism seen as prioritizing class or gender rather than nation Like maybe a movement run by a friend of the Trump family that spreads the message Socialism sucks or maybe a professional provocateur paid by Trump’s campaign manageur to popularize fascist ideas and white supremacy popularizing the phrase “Feminism is cancer” Paxton mentions some other emerging enemies for extreme right groups in Europe in recent decades globalization, foreigners, multiculturalism, environmental regulation, high taxes and the incompetent politicians who could not cope with these challenges Moving on to Umberto Eco’s 14 features of Ur-fascism, machismo and weaponry Which yes is about rejecting the feminine and homosexuality but also as Eco states: perpetual war and heroism are difficult games to play So the fascist turns his will to sexual matters So maybe a trumpist would dodge the draft five times and rape his ex-wife allegedly according to her under oath Maybe he’ll assault other women allegedly and have a history of verbal abuse observably and literally say “women, sometimes you have to treat them like shit!” and maybe we’ll have a culture of violence against women and harassment of women due to men’s feelings that they’re owed a woman and men’s Humiliation of rejection and a frustration with being worthless and perceived to be weak while under social Darwinist pressure and maybe that culture will begin to manifest itself more and more with mass shootings by Involuntarily celibate men with histories of abuse and since we’re on the topic of guns Fascism isn’t about gun regulation. You dishonest punks. It’s about the fetishization of guns Anyway, speaking of guns again Britt refers to the supremacy of the military avid militarism and I wouldn’t say that’s specific to fascism either that’s just fucking American man and sure the president wants a military parade and increased our already supreme Military’s budget by billions of dollars and our president talks about our beautiful weapons We already live with a mainstream media that describes any use of missiles as beautiful. I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen “I’m guided by the beauty of our weapons” but Umberto Eco gets a little more specific about this writing that pacifism is trafficking with the enemy because life is Permanent warfare, which actually I guess that’s just this is plain old American too. I guess we’re primed for fascism So these have been a lot of the feelings and ideas that take hold and drive a fascist movement and here’s some more news That’s the end of stage one Welp we’ve run out of time again because there’s just there’s just too much to talk about so in a few days we’ll release part 5 or something in which we discuss more of these features and really get into the collaborations and mechanisms and figures that aid in fascism’s rise from stages two through five and and that That’ll be fun, right? that’s that’s like a like a fun thing we can do for fun Hey everybody, thank you so much for watching that video till the end I know you all did make sure to LIKE and subscribe And leave a comment check out our patreon in the link below To support our show if you’d like to and check out our podcast even more news to listen to it

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  1. Your presentation and your analysis is appalling. You do not understand fascism. If our government were fascist, you would not be on youtube with your nonsense. You really trivialize Hitler,
    Mussolini, and the horrors of fascism.
    The danger to this country is from Orwellian left-wingers like you who believe in free speech but only for those who agree with you and your fellow travelers. For those who disagree, your response is to falsely call them nativists, or homophobes, or nazis, or fascists, or misogynists, or bigots, or xenophobes, or deplorables or worse. Very sad that anybody would drink your Kool-aid.

  2. You should check out "The Suffocation of Democracy" by Holocaust historian Christopher Browning.

  3. Regarding fake news, you could also point out that "Lügenpresse" which literally means "lying press" was a term embraced by the Nazis.

  4. Good news everyone there's a new right wing insult based on the misunderstanding of yet another poorly thought out study: NPC'S!

  5. And here we are months later.. still no collusion, Trump and Americans are still winning, Democrats have shown the planet what unstable unhinged whackjobs they are, and Trump has another judge as SCOTUS. Leftist idiots are getting more violent, and more people are figuring out that most leftist social media manipulators are either paid to be so, or are ChiCom or other foreign shills. No one with any basic critical thought ability believes the mainstream media anymore. Democrats are #WalkAway in droves, Republicans are ahead in the mid-term races in most polls, Veritas and James O'Keefe are showing Democrats for the lying pieces of shit they are. And the economy is still good and taxes are still lower and the border is getting more secure by the day. Trump may actually militarize the border soon. Democrats are known as the party of mobs, vs the Republicans known as the party of jobs. IT IS A GREAT TIME TO BE AN AMERICAN, BITCHES! 🙂 MAGA.

  6. I really appreciate you showing the receipt for Ron Paul posting an anti semitic meme. Fuck that guy all the way back to Texas. And not even with a dick.

  7. I fucking love you 😍, but like in a non-gay way. Not saying there is anything wrong with that….😉

    Making America less fascist again 🇺🇸

  8. Postmodernism and neo-marxism doesn't make any sense together. A neo-Marxist is in no way a postmodernist.. It's so stupid it fails at the title. They couldn't even get that right.

  9. no its easy to define. its a reactonary movement (can also be called a third alternative to left and right) and its based upon taking what works from either and using both sides as a tool to make the state as strong as possible, often in order to combat a communist threat. this means fascism isnt on the economic scale, or that all to much onto the liberal/conservative scale. however the purpose of fascism is to organize the nation in such a way that the industry will work for the state and the state will work for its industry sort of. it will never allow outright capitalism or socialism as that is inneficient for the state. and all to benefit the nation as a whole.

  10. just so you know if this had been facist britain under sir oswald mosley's union of facists this would be considered slander of state, as in his policy on media it is free, however the state is treated the same way as an induvidual in this case. so the media can't lie or upscale/downscale things to fit their narrative. and in your case being just disastarously misinformed.

  11. most fascist movements don't have "scapegoats" as the communists don't count. since they are a legitimate reason for the existance of a fascist movement.

  12. Beautifully put and well done video. Love the mix of comedy and actual knowledge, kept me interested and laughing the entire time. Even lead me to do some reading and research on fascism and nazism which was really interesting.

    I’ll be. Subscribing to Patreon soon so please keep up the good work!

  13. This is the only place I've seen where somebody made the point that trump and the "Republicans" are defined not by what they believe in, but what they stand against (other than the times I've tried to point out that trump is not a Republican, nor are any of his acolytes).
    For so long, "Republican" politicians have been able to claim that they are Republicans because they stood against Democrats, and that, in and of itself, was not anti-Republican. But now, when faced with the choice of supporting Democrats, or supporting trump and facism, they have chosen the latter, when a true Republican would (and do) choose the former.
    It gets really tiresome hearing the media basing my beliefs because of a misunderstanding of what trump is; you all aren't bashing geniuses for trump because you realize that when he claims to be a genius, he's lying (and fundamentally misunderstanding what a genius is); when he claims to be the least racist (or anti-Semitic) person you will ever meet, we all realize he's lying. But for some reason (I know the reason, and to a large degree I get it – "Republican" politicians are the face of the party; they get to set the agenda, to some degree, so that when people define the party by looking at all the individual beliefs and policies the politicians set, rather than looking at the overall ideology and asking whether or not those politicians truly are adhering to those ideals, you end up with a skewed, incorrect perspective of what "Republicanism" is.
    Also, we use the words "Republican" and "conservative" interchangeably, much like "Democrat" and "liberal", which is misleading.)
    So thanks for that.

    PS That tidbit about fatty-face admitting that trump isn't a Republican but is just anti-Democrat is interesting. I'm glad y'all dug it up, although a bit miffed that it hasn't gotten more coverage.

  14. After 2 years, I truly do believe that Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his followers wouldn't mind. If anything, they might cheer it on because it "triggers the libs."

  15. I like that the world in the background is . . . . upside down. Cool stuff.

    I hope you can get through to the majority of the people out there who are . . . . . . ignorantly stupid. And, if they refuse to learn then . . . . they will remain 'stupidly ignorant' and a true danger to . . . . society as a whole.

    "Stupidly ignorant' people are very dangerous to society especially if . . . . . . they are in charge. Like, the trump idiot. He is truly . . . . idiotic.

  16. Talk about Smedley Butler USMC and Prescott Bush, and how Henry Wallace VP USA didn't take over when FDR died. Talk about Butler's book "War is a racket." If any of this is unfamiliar, you've got some reading to do about how we got to Trump the First of All Men.

  17. Speaking of hating the weak or disabled, how about we not equate intellectually disabled people with bad, cruel, vicious, ignorant, or other Trumpian-quality loving people? Is Trump really disabled or is he extremely selfish and unable to take criticism or accusations of weakness? Is he "stup*d" or is he purposefully ignorant and incurious on top of being vicious?

  18. Without going into his policies to see what is right or wrong Trump is not a fascist nor remotely resembling it.If you actually look into it the politics or Hitler or Mussolini don't correlate with the politics or Trump.

  19. But globalism is bad because it removes any given workers job security by funneling jobs to places where wages are the lowest, benefits don't exist and, companies don't pay for safe working conditions.

    Read "Austerity: The History if a Dangerous Idea" written by a macroeconomics professor from the Watson Institute at Brown University, Mark Blythe.

  20. I think the thing about fascism is that it’s rhetoric about globalism and corruption isn’t unique. It’s a response to the failures of capitalism. Straight up socialists also want to drain the swamp and raise tariffs. I bet most of these young men supporting trump would have been bolsheviks in another life.

  21. Book on Topic "It can't happen here". Theme, when fascism comes to america it will have a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. (Sinclair Lewis)

  22. How is trump an authoritarian? Trump uses the powers provided to him by the government. Don't like how he uses it but any president can do the things he does. Hes also a republican meaning he leans right to social issues.

    I ask in good faith.

  23. Green Peace founder and still the head man, said "Green Deal is absurd silliness. Just stupid, and Climate Change is not fake news, but fake science. Know why this baby is doing this, shit?Three reasons, 1) lousy parenting( looks like studio is in garage of daddy's home 2) has no job. This pretend to be a reporter is his 'Career" #) there is not MILITARY DRAFT. This son of a bitch needs to spend 4 years with some branch of the Armed Forces. Uncle Floyd had a better ,more professional set.

  24. I try to listen to both sides of these topics. It always seems that anyone on this side is always extremely sarcastic…… and just tries to make you feel like if you don't view things this way you're probably stupid if you can't see something so obvious. I just see thin lines drawn to tie things together… a lot of skimming through books and thoughts. Meh

  25. You mean by Fascism People who scream at you Face if you disagree with them and try to Silence you ?
    Oh wait, you arent talking about Feminsts or Sjw…..

  26. Why does Jordan Peterson keep getting dragged into this mire? I've seen plenty of interviews wherein he bashes the hard right and explains in detail the benefit and purpose of the (not hard) left, though to be fair, the folks hosting those particular interviews weren't being aggressive assholes. That aside, love this show. Good stuff.

  27. Fascism is accepted by the already-elite professionals, well-educated and respected in their fields, because it allows them an extra dollop of golden radiance beyond what their deeds have already won for them; it's an aura or halo borne at their birth just because of where they are, in the fatherland, a God-given glow He did not give anyone else. They don't have to believe in God to believe in their sacred birthright.

  28. Trump is a fat assed blob of Satan Sperm, with a fascist cult of useful idiots & convenient fools… At least that's what I've heard….

  29. 1:27 if anyone calls you or someone else a "liberal socialist" please feel free to dismiss whatever they say. Because they obviously don't know what words mean.

  30. You know how some people warn you to not overuse strong words like "love" and "hate," lest they lose their impact? That's what the political left has done with the words, "fascist," "dictator," and "authoritarian" during the Trump Presidency.
    If a future U.S. President actually threatened the press by rounding up critical voices and jailing them – Erdogan-style – instead of just getting into shouting matches with CNN's Jim Acosta, maybe that would actually be fascist. Until then, maybe don't use it.

  31. i love how jbp wants everyone to know they woulda been swept up by fascism if they were there.

    its almost like hes explaining himself ahead of time

  32. It isva bit weird i will say shithole countries is a compliment towards my country being it is not a shithole, but also being weirded out because almost no countries are shitholes
    Except usa, north korea, saudi arabia, china and russia

  33. There is a drive in America to label any obstruction as evil. communist, or socialist. It is because we are ruled by rich fucks. Our Constitution makes this plain. Our founders knew that the power of the people would eventually overwhelm the rich fucks. I can not make a prediction either way as to how the future will be, but rich fucks have made it their purpose to put the general population down. They divided us by race, they divided us by class… This must cease.

  34. Oh boy, watching this almost exactly one year later, and Trump just said to 4 US Congresswomen/Representatives to get back to their countries.

  35. It's kind of fucked that just a hair over a year after this we have a rally where he just stands there as the group is screaming to report actual sitting Congress people

    This is a fucking spooky timeline

  36. 4:00 To be fair Hitler was only radicaised to Fascism after he was sent to spy on the Nazi party formed by Anton Drexler by the Weimar government, who were worried due to the fact the party name had worker in it's title.
    He then used his chance to boost himself into political power.

  37. You didn't disprove or prove anything, you just shouted things that displeased you & used negative association to disprove things. "Trump spouts things that Racist people do, he's evil!!" You thick-headed Leftists will never understand actual science in your head, leaving aside human biodiversity & whatnot for destructive Egalitarianism from (((them))). I'm sure I'm not the only one who pretty much easily saw the flaws throughout every single second in this video. Sad, go back to sucking off your authoritarian gov't run by Merchant while you watch your civilization die

  38. Fuck Year, you showdying Cody mother fucker you! Look, the beeps just started so that means I'm running out of time to do or say any of the things I wanted to do and say. Anywhoodles, I just wanted to say two things:

    1. Stay Golden, Ponyboy.


    2. Eggs Benedict Tits.

  39. I mean, the Fascists claimed to be neither Right nor Left, but they hate the Left, ally with the Right, increasingly resembles the Right and vice versa, and end up enacting almost all of the Right's agenda anyway, so if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

    Fascism is the antithesis to Left, the Left represents progress—evolution and revolution, reaction—degeneration and counter-revolution—is the antithesis of progress, Fascism is a reactionary movement, Fascism is counter-revolutionary. I think it's safe to say they're on the Right

  40. Keep it simple, fascisim is corperations work together with a heavily militarized central government.
    We live in a fascist polyarchy both partys change but policys stay the same.

  41. "the incompetent politicians who could not cope with these challenges" yeah holy fuck tell me about it, Paxton

  42. 16:22 yeah because women are totally innocent creatures would never commit an act of evil for selfish gain, simple convenience, or even malice.

  43. I would have ended up in the death camps or I would have killed myself before getting there. So that's always nice.

  44. Goddamn. Whenever someone asks me to define what I mean when say ‘fascist’ I launch into a massive diatribe tribe about fasces, post-colonial theories of ‘the other’, strength through unity and the resulting savagery. I’ll just link this instead now. You’ve saved me a lot of time guys. Thanks

  45. RecuckliCons playing the fascist insult card against libs is HILARIOUS and sooo far from reality. Progressives want to move forward and see progress when it comes to equal right, socially and economically, and support the right to protest. These are antithetical to fascism, unlike Ben Shapiro and his ilk; people who revel in the practice of authoritarianism and “getting in line.” They use code words like, “law and order,” to mask their desire to have a strong man who enforces his will. What a joke.

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