Trump vs May: Populism And Its Discontents

Trump vs May: Populism And Its Discontents

hello everybody she was being quite a weekend merry old England so I thought I'd have a bit of a roundel about it sort of it just a bit of a relaxed Sunday 1/8 ramble about Trump me and the current situation so I mean the takeaway from a boat all this with Trump's remarks on immigration and where Europe was going so I just dig into this a little bit and have a look at it because I think there's a lot there's a lot there being I mean let's just get straight also the President of the United States comes to Britain and right in front of the British prime minister he says that mass immigration is destroying Europe his dark times ahead he mentions terrorism he says it's changing the fabric of Europe the enemy says it's a sad thing and it is it's he said it was a shame he said and this is this is the rhetoric that we want from trumpets why we are sporting might in 2016 that shift things massively the waters what we want be here and I'll get more on that in a bit what but then in response to that me me me one tweezer me I said in response to that was just absolutely pathetic it was genuinely pathetic it was the same around technocratic song baits just just waffle nobody believes that I wanna I wanna go a little bit as well it's it's it's good for the economy she said it's it's good for and they make valuable contributions to a walk culture and it's just this sort of anodyne synthetic globalist boilerplate tripe but the the pump out well let's let's just take that so Donald Trump said well yeah it's dark times ahead event just terrorism and changing the fabric of Europe and the trees army response to that with an economic argument well it's alright I knew it's bollocks you know it's bollocks we all know it's bollocks but let's roll with it because that's what our masters are telling us we've got mass immigration because of economics so let's as they say let's let's steel man the argument yeah then let's let's go for it let's understand that the standard response now is for everybody it go whirling around digging out statistics on how immigrants are not contributing to the economy and everything like alright let's go with it let's just assume that they are ok because no no don't mention terrorism and last year we had terrorist attacks here 22 dead in Manchester me and the young girls one of them was called just to pick one out Safiye Rousseau's my shoes were 6 or 7 years old let's not forget the white girl moon toothpicks by second-generation Muslim immigrant I'm Manchester Arena so I mean what if we're going to take me this economic argument seriously for a little bit I'm not gonna get to Korea cause it's garbage well let's just how do we conquer that one let's let's break this down because of what matters is the economics which is what too easily as argument is now let's let's let's quantify it let's let's get into it let's pin it down if the immigrant population increase our GDP by five percent is it worth living in a police state with mass rapes and 24/7 surveillance and every now and then a little girl gets blown to pieces on a pop concert if we've got the money as it were because I'd be saying let's do without the money let's let's just be poorer let's just be poorer I live in a country where little girls doing get blown to bits pioneer bombs they're not that's the end of the organ are there is no economic argument but because you can't quantify everything in economics I wanna be poorer and live in a country which didn't erupt in mass murder from time attained sporadically but the thing is Trump knew her response would be pathetic he knew left she's an idiot and she's crippled by political correctness he also knew her response would alienate her still further from the average European watching the exchange I'm just reading from a few notes that I've jotted down here and that's all we speak until he was speaking to the people who brought him into power to see what he was seeing he was fulfilling his rule and he speaking all the pissed-off white people who are watching the nations disappear before our eyes at the hands of technocratic useful idiot goyim like Tereza me so we know where trump's coming from we know who he's talking to we know why he's saying it he is the democratic process actually working the who's three is a male addressing who who was she actually speaking this dis rubbish – who who does she think she's listening though is listen to her I mean it wasn't even a base because she just stopped them in the back a few days before with brexit they've been shafted by 50 years of fear conservatism it's only ever given way to the left to the point where there's nothing left there isn't actually a conservatism that they've conserved nothing and you see it because when you say who was she talking to who who was actually in her come and supporting her well you saw them you saw them on the streets of London all the trannys and the we arrows and the perverts gruel men who should be laying bricks and pipes and building roads prancing around London with dildos on my head's probably fighting the calls for commodifying humanity on behalf of central finance that's that's where she is now that's not sue she supported by and of course all these trainings and freaks and weirdos they don't they don't even know that they don't know where they've come from they don't they don't know where they've been they don't know where they are and they don't know where they're going – I like insects scuttling about under it living only for the here and now and that little bit of glue there get because the BBC in there and the Guardian and then some some lefty lefty Facebook group has told them to go out and prance around like a pervert dressed as a some sort of demonic transvestite wizard on the streets of London it's it's and this this is the closest thing that the Conservative Party in Britain has got but it isn't of course it's just globalist it's just globalist she's just ariza me it's just a puppet and yet despite at all Tereza me and her masters and the masters of all these we had who was on the streets of London they can't even try and promote a vision of a better tomorrow you can't live lost it the globalists have lost the ability to actually put forward a positive vision of where we're all going where we're all heading it's not there it's not there and I know that it's not there because all they've got is food force here to pitch laws and terrorizes and ups the native population well you'll notice the Trump was true was talking about where we're all gonna go with us he was looking into the future and he was used giving us a grim picture of the future he was scaring us he's trying to scare people in action as a hero I'm worried about and it's a shame when there's terrorism and it's changing the fabric and everything like that but Theresa mayor's response she didn't actually try to count on that vision of the future whatsoever she cited the past she said Britain was always a nation of immigrants well I mean that's a lie as well that's a lot of rubbish but it's a there rewrite these they don't help they no longer have a positive vision of the future all and they don't know they're losing ground in the present it's chaos and what they do is then rewrite the past to create a fake narrative of the past if it's it's completely me it opens nothing there has any kind of relation to live to reality yeah anything any kind of authentic truth there's nothing there even the past at least sight of Britain being an immigrant nation is lies and but by again the Trump is looking to the future and saying well it's going to be dark and Teresa Mays looking to the past and saying well it's always been this way in a thousand Trump's closer mark because well if she was that confident in where this this globalism is going why didn't she laughs in Trump's face and say and present the evidence wasn't it obvious isn't it obvious where we're all going your nightmarish vision of the future of Europe is obvious it's obvious lies and here's the evidence here's our vision I mean the fact that it's all gonna be wonderful is completely obvious he has a set of arguments to tell us that it's going to be the shining globalist vision of humanity waiting just beyond the horizon why didn't she present it because they don't believe in it anymore they don't they know it's ridiculous they're the globalists establishments just living hand-to-mouth now they lurching from one crisis to the next and it's just getting worse and worse what they do more and more is look back to horrors of the past of course world war ii when it all began especially and on the one hand they tell us well you was always we've always been racist but we've kind of got all over that and then out the other side of the mouth I see well it's always been like this we've always been a nation of immigrants we've always been progressive this is our core values rubbish it's just all it's just all fluff it's just all fart noise it's just waffle but you're watching a woman the prime minister of this country stand there and say absolutely nothing and they won't even attempt to put forward a positive vision of the future anymore they have lost that the the globus of lost art now or something that I have noticed about cultural Marxism as I its it was designed as as a sort of tribute as a cannon it was designed to be an attack weapon but they can't do defense and this this again he saw the game with Tory's army and Donald Trump she couldn't D actually defend where we are now or where we're going in the future she had to go back to the past it's in other words she didn't even try to conquer as I say she didn't even try to counter Trump's point about where we are going out in the future is it as a nightmarish sort of dystopian health get its it let's just think of the past and and well least one are Nazis pathetic absolutely pathetic they call it progressive what they're always stuck on 1946 they do have a positive vision for a future negation of the past and Truman populism offer only dog visions of the future which is a little bit controversial to see what it is and the other critique of cultural Marxism they they are there a contact critique they're there they're reactionary so cultural Marxism can't defend itself and where it's led Europe but at the same time the the sort of trumpian populist civic nationalism but it's teetering on the edge of going somewhere else that's where all of these cultural battles are taking place now which where is all this going to go it's under Islam and anti-globalist and anti political correctness again it's it's auntie auntie auntie and not Pru anything but that does need to happen it does we do need a wrecking ball against the globalist consensus and morality it does need to be destroyed and taken down but I can't go on like that forever what we need to do my opinion is real the true right ethno-nationalism needs to begin getting its act together to formulate a positive vision of a future and move us along on those grounds because things are beginning to move quite fast and I see the populist movement is kind of nihilistic it doesn't have us a kind of overarching intellectual or philosophical framework and I think that's its weakness it's again if you think of the there was a rat in an article a few years ago about the cultural Marxism and in a way this sort of populism as it is it's sort of mirror it's its old nemesis and buh-buh-buh-buh the the cultural marxism especially was like these great real twins the real real common dreams they had in World War two and you could fire a missile projectile weapon from these gigantic tree anxiety hell on trucks and if you're on the receiving end of the shell thank my god you're going to get punished it's really gonna hurt but the train itself is almost defenseless and can be blown up really easily and when you do that you put the wet note of out of commission populism is it so we've got now this sort of populism and cultural Marxism firing against each other but both one of them has relied on the past which despite the name is EDD sort of cultural Marxist globalism and then the other one populism is going over into the future and to be fair in the here and now the rift the rips the killing the casual violence the displacement of Europeans and the draconian here speech laws are working against the people who promote them as well terrorism these hordes of refugees from in Europe unknown along law the standard stuff that you'll see on Breitbart every day and again it has its place it has its place but there's something more we need real naturalist need to be looking at it and taking notes and deciding well it's time to it's time to check out of this this because almost I mean populist nationalism and degree eight a book of all strands of nationalism gear or primarily engaged in a counter critique this is important announced to happen but essentially it's also a negative philosophy a negation of the current order whether or anything that replaces trope offers dark visions of what is to come and he's right the technocrats of and misinformation but neither offer a viable way out I think the time is approaching when a deeper sense of purpose and meaning must be injected into the Evergreen populist movement the time for a true European nationalism has arrived that's what I don't know what a dole on this Isle it's it's difficult to present a foreword by me now was a few weeks ago our Peter visit Durham Cathedral absolutely beautiful stunning place its we don't we don't build places like that anymore we don't have the spiritual life we don't have there again just to get back the the beats that I'm hitting in this video we do have a sense of where we've been where we are or where we're going don't Cathedral took 125 years to build 125 years to build on feed room imagine that now and in this quick fix sort of 24-hour news cycle that's five or six generations of people from my area building the cathedral saves a lot of all the perceptions of time time place and being it's the complete opposite of the dildo weaving insect people of the globalist establishment today the most people are like motes of dust being blown around on the winds of history Doren Cathedral is history the man who built it stepped out of time'n area they were all of the place they belong to the place and they were actively shaping the future of the place and the key here is ethnic and belonging and being its I mean in a word its permanence the permanent continuation of the ethnic and racial blood and soil the problem is when you begin to think in these terms it naturally means that the final and permanent end of the entire liberal order because then you're gonna set things up to cuss way out into the future instead of having Donald Trump's dark vision of the future that's all permanence that's offer this is the way it's permanence its safety and security forever whatever that takes that is primary how what we have to do to get there is largely irrelevant because while you are doing it there's gonna be people trying to stop us and we say you can go you get out to leave and at the same time the entire culture will change to facilitate our well-being not anybody else's and again within that cultural realm you'll see the past the present and the future synchronizing around one one people and one group it's it's a it's a beautiful vision actually I think but for now the populist sand the the idiot lefties we had you know and we had costumes pererro in the streets that just like these little insects these these motes of dust and history just being blown around it absolutely rootless they come from nowhere and they're going nowhere and they don't know where they are now and I think a positive vision is permanence and you need strength and everything that comes with that so I think I'll leave up there thank you for watching everybody and I'll see you

20 thoughts on “Trump vs May: Populism And Its Discontents

  1. “Just because they kill in the name of Islam, does’t mean they are killing in the name of Islam” Teresa May
    An real quote

  2. Morgoth your commentary is blowing me away. What you've said about Durham cathedral on the end of this stream re the 5 generations who built it and their perception of time is poetry. You are quite the past looking, forward planning romantic. I love it. I'm in NZ (Christchurch born n raised, I'll mention since now we're now infamous), and I had some Northern Englishmen in my life (my dad was from Liverpool) who made me not warm to the people (my a typical boomer leftist mothers attitude didn't help), mate you're an eye opener. Keep up the great work sir.
    Your classic liberals are the fat boy keeping the toilet seat warm comment, is making me still laugh now thinking about it.

  3. When these people talk about 'the economy' what they really mean is 'my personal wealth'. Mass immigration stifles wages making the less well off poor and the well off rich. These new rich do not suffer the negative consequences of this mass migration. For now. When they realise what they have done it will be too late.

  4. Your good humour and positive vision are uplifting. Ultra red-pilled. Good introspection, insights and analysis. Not rambling and repetitive like most e-celebs. Really touched on some deep stuff.

  5. What is it about Muslim majority countries that fare so badly and why do some in our society think that these values will somehow “enrich” our society? It is no use pointing to some supposed vanished “Islamic Golden Age” or to make the spurious claim that Muslim science made Western progress possible in the first place. In response, we can simply ask for evidence of any 21st-century society that is being run according to strict Islamic principles that is a beacon of hope and justice to which people from around the world are flocking.

  6. Our cultural elites would have us believe that what we really need is for our society to be “enriched” by elements of the very cultures that turned many countries into places that people can’t wait to get away from.

  7. My God every word you say is true God bless Donald Trump and vote for UKIP or for Britain but for fucks sake don't vote for any Ms political parties eg labour especially labour Tories or fuckin lib dems oh my God sometimes I get so scared for my children and grandchildren

  8. Ironically I'm watching on the day that anna soubry et al left the conservative party because it's muh far right.

  9. Ironically I'm watching on the day that anna soubry et al left the conservative party because it's muh far right.

  10. The History lessons in the schools are shit ever since I was at school, we learned fuck all apart from slavery and how Europeans killed the indians in america.

  11. Leaders without kids do not share our concern of the future because they don't give a shit they have nothing invested in it. Merkel, May, Macron,Sturgeon and Junker on the other hand Trump and Orban etc…

  12. What you said about Durham cathedral and the men who built it was very beautiful. It really puts things in perspective.

  13. the only people who benefit from immigration is the big end of town. The average poor bugger taxed to fund it doesn't benefit. It's a cost, not an investment. That is Europe not counting the rest

  14. Went to Manchester centre for the first time. I tend to stay out of cities now. Had the big diversity barriers up and all the homeless people the diverse people walked by and ignored were white.

  15. Great video. I had the same reaction listening to that press conference with Trump and May. She didn't have the slightest bit of emotion when reeling off her lines. It's like she has no real convictions or beliefs whatsoever. When Macron does it you can tell that he has a real hatred for French culture and people, so maybe it could be worse.

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