Trump tweetstorm targets Macron over nationalism rebuke

Trump tweetstorm targets Macron over nationalism rebuke

29 thoughts on “Trump tweetstorm targets Macron over nationalism rebuke

  1. Juan always plays the RACE card and is ever in DENIAL about Obamas crimes and screwups., and President Trumps accomplishments.
    Juans views are a crock of ****.
    Lets buy him a RACE boat and send him to Egypt. He should feel right at home with deNILE CROCs.

  2. its a slight from macron.all he knows is how to be an asshole but his eu army idea is longstanding.
    but the loss of our experience in intelligence,deployment,assessment and implementation.they will never bevable to match.
    i.e. we would kick ass,they wont.
    honestly though,if the eu lasts the next 10 years it will be to rescue exit countries from the communist front the EU

  3. Hey americans, i am really pissed of your remarks about french last victory…cowardice…
    During ww1, we won and your army, arrived at the end of the war, obeyed to our commander in chief foch.
    During 4 years, an average of 1000 french sodiers died daily, 1 400 000 died…ok…? so shut your mouth and think about how you built your nation on the corps of native americans and slaves…very bravely

  4. Germany was by far the best army in both world wars, what they managed to do and how long they managed to stay fighting is a victory in itself.

  5. The only friend of your great leader her Trumpf majesty is KIM YONG-UN, every thing ok with you ? Trumpf the tambourin man so right!

  6. Only bad wines are hard to drink !!(so to sell). Taxes differences: 3cts $ to 10 cts $ ! But your president is working for its one cie's wine. What a shame.

  7. Switched over to Laura's version of this as soon as I noticed Juan. His never makes a logical point only parrots liberal newspeak.

  8. Well what jaun doesn't know is that you can't fix stupid!!! But you can let everyone know point and laugh at him. That way, maybe he can see himself for the Jack ass his making himself look like.

  9. I know wine. I drink lots of wine. That´s what Trump will probably say next. Ignorant and uncultured load of Rep and Fox idiots. Who wants to drink that US Plonk Trump is trying to sell to everybody.

  10. Trump is no different than any other president. He does not want to do anything to Saudi Arabia. He said he a nationalist to get the alt-right vote. He did not serve, he got mad when he was standing in the rain and a serviceman was sitting under a covered area in the rain. Trump made a joke of it but he was mad. He did not serve and in my opinion he thinks all veterans are beneath.  him. I served my nation, deployed twice I don't have to knock on the door to get into a VFW.

  11. So good now usa will drink trump's cie wine!! In France we would use trump's cie wine only to clean our lavatory .

  12. Juan, Trump IS our President and even if you don’t like him you should support him. He has done more for this country than any President in my lifetime. Obama just went around embarrassing and apologizing for the greatest nation on earth!

  13. I care for the moroccan king! You have a Clown as President!!! Our King has studied and is thousand times intelligent than this dump president!!

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