Trump Tweets To Appeal To His White Nationalist Base

Trump Tweets To Appeal To His White Nationalist Base

Farron, the President went on this week to
question, I don’t know. There’s a lot of people who are interpreting
this in many different ways, but Donald Trump clearly feels like Abraham Lincoln may have
dropped the ball a little bit. He is clearly, and there’s been a lot of talk
about how Steve Bannon is on his heels in the White House. I think that’s true. We saw Seb Gorka basically make his exit this
week or at least it was announced and we can talk about him in a bit. He was just sort of a run of the mill, a neo-fascist
Breitbartian writer who for some reason was walking around the halls of the White House
claiming to be a counter-terrorism expert. Putting that aside, I think Donald Trump’s
talking about Andrew Jackson this week still is indication that if Bannon is not still
in his ear telling him how to succeed with his base, he’s still in his mind telling him
how to succeed with his base. This was just one of the oddest statements
I think that we’ve seen from Donald Trump so far. That says a lot, really, because this is one
of those things. He didn’t have to say this. He didn’t have to say anything at all regarding
the Civil War and Andrew Jackson, and just decides to randomly throw out this piece of
information about he’s a lot like Andrew Jackson who, as we all know, almost stopped that Civil
War, if only he hadn’t died a decade and a half before it began. Donald Trump didn’t know that little piece
of trivia there, and so comes across just looking so much more childish and ignorant
than he normally does. What’s funny is that you do have the different
reactions from the various different groups and to be honest, one of my favorites has
been Joe Scarborough who seemed genuinely concerned about Donald Trump’s mental health
following this statement. Goes on his show in the morning and says look,
this is getting worse. There’s something wrong with this incoherent
rambling that the President is currently doing. Honestly, he seemed very sincere, like he’s
genuinely upset for this man. I agree. I mean something-
I’m sorry. Let me stop you there for a second and let
me tell you why I think a lot of that I find to be hooey. I think the idea that he didn’t know that
Andrew Jackson had passed away is hooey. I think he said it in a sloppily way, said
if he was around then or something like that, he would’ve had a problem with the Civil War. I think of course Donald Trump hasn’t read
one lick of a history book that would tell him what was going on. It’s obviously a story he heard. But I think he also knows that Andrew Jackson
is a signifier to his white nationalist base of where his sympathies lies. Jackson was a guy who committed genocide on
behalf of the United States. He’s a much more complicated figure than that,
but based upon the average Trump voter, that’s what they know about this guy. The whole construction of did we really need
to have a Civil War, this has been, this question and the subsequent answers that it provides
has been bouncing around right-wing fever swamps and frankly, not even the fever swamps. Jon Stewart was in a debate with Judge Napolitano
years ago where the question of why couldn’t Abraham Lincoln just buy the slaves. This is something we hear all the time from
libertarians. This is Donald Trump signaling to his base
that the Civil War was a war of aggression by the Union forces. That’s what’s going on here. For people like Joe Scarborough who claims
in his 54 years to have never heard such a question, there is no doubt in my mind he
heard that question. I know where he’s from the south. You know where he’s from. He heard that question many times. The Civil War was a war of aggression to a
large subset of people in this country and there is a pretty consistent one-to-one relationship
of whether or not they voted for Donald Trump. That’s what this was about. This was about shoring up his base by saying
something that to the rest of us, sounds rather incoherent. It’s only for the fact that I spend so much
time dealing with right-wingers that you hear these type of things. The idea that he could’ve worked out a deal
in some fashion. I mean, what would the deal have been? The deal would’ve been I would’ve paid for
all of the slaves. Now of course, Lincoln offered that to several
of the states that were on the borders of the Confederacy. They didn’t take that deal, but there wasn’t
enough money in the treasury to buy all those slaves in the first place. And let’s be honest. It’s not just buying the slaves that the southern
plantation owners were … It was about everything that was generating their wealth. There was a lot of economic reliance, yes. The south wants to argue it was about economics,
yes. It was about somebody coming in and trying
to take away your free labor. I am not so sold on this notion of there was
oh my gosh, is there gambling here? No. I’m sorry. There’s an attempt to make this a unique phenomenon
that is only a function of Donald Trump, but this is boiler plate conservative meme questions
that we’ve heard for years and years. It is that. I mean look, that’s probably the best analysis
I’ve heard of that and to be honest, not something you’re hearing about too many other places. Put that into perspective with what Joe Scarborough
said. For the record, Scarborough’s a guy who, during
the time, did everything he could to prop up Donald Trump. I take his half-hearted concern for the man
with a grain of salt. When you do, perhaps that’s misdirection. Perhaps that’s Joe Scarborough saying look
away from the racism and maybe there’s just a problem here. Maybe he’s just not thinking clearly. Maybe he’s just rambling, doesn’t know what
he’s talking about and misdirect away from the dog whistle politics that Trump is playing
here. Spot on analysis there, I have to say. Again, not something I had heard anywhere
and certainly not something that I had thought of. I do appreciate that. I spend too many times taking phone calls
from libertarians who tell me the same thing. I mean, you hear this stuff all the time. I think some of these right-wingers call Lincoln
the evil, the most evil of the evil because of his war of aggression on the south. This is more of Donald Trump basically sloppily
but trying to send a dog whistle to his base because we’re looking at a guy who has had
unprecedented unfavorable ratings this early in his administration. He’s been unable to get anything of his agenda
passed where it involved somebody else having to do something. He’s been unable to move a single item on
his agenda. When it came to signing executive orders,
when it came to changing the policy that ICE uses to determine who they’re going to go
after in terms of undocumented immigrants, he’s been able to do that. He’s been able to unilaterally destroy the
EPA in many respects in terms of its regulatory functions, but whenever it involved anybody
else signing off, this amazing deal-maker was able to do nothing at this point. He’s trying to turn his situation around.

46 thoughts on “Trump Tweets To Appeal To His White Nationalist Base

  1. I like Farron a lot, his passion, the way he parses words, etc. He doesn't seem comfortable smiling, but it's nice to see him allowing himself to do so a little bit. The content of this video is spot on.

  2. Joe Scarborough immediately jumped on board the DT chain when he realized he had a chance to win. He doesn't care about the racism or misogyny of DT. He socializes with the man, so he knows the man is cuckoo . . . His diatribe about Trump's mental state is nothing more than bad theater. Ugh.

  3. This was exactly my conclusion. It is more dog whistling. It is nonsense and noise to us. It is what we already expect and does not change our opinion of him, but it has real meaning to a certain group.

    The people that was aimed at don't care if he got factual details wrong. Truth and accuracy is just a liberal conspiracy. They got the important message: He is on the side of the slave owners who were really just benevolent employers of less fortunate races, smeared by a hundred years of yankee propaganda.

    The media gleefully thought they were scoring points. All they were doing was giving him vast free publicity.

  4. "America First" wasn't a slogan, but a warning about the first people he was going to harm as soon as he would be elected into office.
    – Jon Teh

  5. Trump is the irredeemable that appeals to bigots who shoot themselves in the balls then blame all the blacks.

  6. Now every white nationalist buthurt cause you calling them out! He's the puppet to stir the political pot

  7. of course it's to his base, any time a republican brings up the civil war it's usually rooted in racism, unconscious or not. ❤sam seder❤

  8. Here's how Lincoln fuked up – He should'a let the South go. We would be much better off now, here in the North, if he would of let Crackerstan leave the Union…IMHO

  9. This latest asinine comment about Andrew Jackson, which was probably regurgitated from Banon’s saliva, tell us that Trump does not have a spec of an original thought in his cheeto head.  This guy is like a five-year-old who repeats curse words or things that adults say because he doesn’t know any better.  How much longer before the 38% that support him are deprogrammed?  Sadly, probably never.  It is pretty hard for a cactus plant to give out apples.

  10. You idiots wonder why you keep losing. Insulting people by going way over board on everything.

    Trumps executive cabinet is actually getting shit done that media refuses to acknowledge.
    When you never change and trump ends up with a list of results in 4 years – don't start a fire when you lose again.

  11. Trump has no white nationalist base, he was elected by blacks, whites, latinos, asians, and all the normal American citizens that live in the United States, nice try though, 2016 called it wants its conspiracy theories back

  12. Trump knows his base and he knows how to kick start them without directly saying it. Just like at his Trump rallies, he would get his supporters to go after the Anti-Trump protesters with violence without saying it out right😮

  13. You are overestimating Trump. He does not fake his inability to understand humor and metaphors. This and other behavior Trump displays are clear indications of developing dementia. Trump will be so diagnosed within 12 months, and then removed from office.

  14. Exactly – there ya go, red-meat for the right wing frothing-at-the-mouth but please, let's not excuse/explain it as some kind of Drumpfian political acumen when it is as clear as the rhinophyma on Bannon's face that the President's brain has long been MIA.

  15. Jackson founded the Democratic party, while Lincoln founded the Republican party.

  16. Trump has no appeal for a thoughtful, generous-spirited, rational, informed base. In other words, the best of America.

  17. Andrew Jackson would've never freed the slaves{that's the Trump message} & yup Andrew Jackson is a signifier of racism….& Trump IS a RACIST….

  18. Am 55 yrs old an person of color an a retired marine.. Chump turds even give stupid a bad name racism/scapegoating US because those poor stupid fucks weren't smart enough to take advantage of there white supremacist/white privilege world .. If your white and you cant take of advantage of your golden ticket of whiteness chump turds then you are just wasting your whiteness .. # MAGA MORONS ARE GOVERNING AMERICA !!!

  19. Sebastian Gorka is like a cheap version of Tim Curry's "Cardinal Richelieu" character in 1993's "Three Musketeers", especially the speech pattern and gestures.

  20. Exactly so Sam! He also makes Klan gestures all the time and no one calls him out on it. His trump logo of several Ts are positioned to make a swastika w the negative space. He and Bannon know how to cater to his base

  21. The southern slave owners also believed in the heart of their hearts that they were justified in owning slaves by their bible. They believed that it was their god's will that they own slaves, that the sons of Ham (what they believed the slaves to be) were born to be enslaved. This "faith" was engrained in the white southern christian religion. I even heard it when I was a child in the 1950s. What most do not get is that the descendants of those people are the people running and participating in the republican party. The were dixiecrats until LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act and then they fled to the republican party and took it over and this is what it is today. Today's republican party is NOT the same political party it was in Lincoln's day and hasn't been since the late 1960s. Lyndon Johnson knew he was destroying the democratic party in the south when he signed the CRA but he also knew it was right and it was necessary. The last Lincoln era republican president we had was Eisenhower. When you know the history, it makes it easier to understand the present because you can see just how we got here. The south vowed to rise again and using the republican party, it just may.

  22. I have yet to hear how the south didn't want to fight for secession. I understand they only have the one book down there but the should know all about the civil war. Aren't they still fighting the damn thing?

  23. Is it really wrong to ask if we really needed a civil war? Every other western nation in the world ended slavery without a bloody war.

  24. To perpetuate themselves, Elite planned divide and conquer to stir up
    unwashed masses to think working class is enemy. Many comments and
    replies on internet nowadays are web crawler algorithm generating bots for that purpose, beware, they're not what they seem.

  25. And the other Revisionist History out there: The South were paying all the taxes and made 85% of the wealth of the country… lol

  26. Trump not only wasn't aware that Jackson died before the civil war. He asserted that Jackson was very angry about the civil war. Once again, Trump made something up, and asserted it as fact.

  27. this is fake news garbage. go to southern California LA and you will see a whole lot of racist la Raza there
    fact.illegals stealing your jobs..

  28. So Joe and that dolt Mika helped walk that madman racist into the WH, and to celebrate they announce their engaged? They've been doing the Lambada for quite some time now, so who really cares? Couple of home wreckers if you ask me. But take a look at their decision making, as well as timing. This is also a ratings grab. Well, you know what they say: Help elect a Klansman for ratings, then get engaged. That's the way Dad did it.

  29. I think Sam is giving Trump too much credit about using Andrew Jackson as a signifier. I bet money he had that comment about Jackson, civil war etc said to him within the past 24 hours. They may have been using it as a right wing viewpoint when they said it to Trump, I doubt he knows even that

  30. Just saying he is crazy is just a trick. Being from the south makes me know what he meant speaking of the civil war. Southern code language. Wake up.

  31. I think Joe Scarborough is correct; David Pakman has also explored this issue and I think they're on to something, Trump seems to be in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's.

  32. I'd like to believe that I'm as reasonable as the next person but don't you think this whole thing being a dog whistle for Pepe's kids, as a notion, is a bit of a stretch, here? I think, as his previous tweets will support, his is a more general point of view through the lens of ignorance or insanity.

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