20 thoughts on “Trump to UN, "We reject the ideology of globalism." HIGHLIGHTS

  1. Globalism is just rebranded world communism. It is sold in accademia as a secular utopia. California schools are among the worst yet they cost the most. Globalists are pushing a world unelected dictatorship using gangs, mafias, and corrupt unions as violent enforcers. violent Islam and anarchism, such as Antifa, can be seen as useful idiots for the global banksters. It is clear for any wise person to see. History cannot be completely covered up by the super-elites.

  2. Dear, Americans. FUCK YOU! You have a president like him and you fucking dare complain about him? In Europe we would kill for a man like that to be our leader. Socialism, bureaucracy and migration have ruined our once great nations. There is a very specific group of people who gain from socialism, and open boarders and it's not us, nor the people that get into our countries. Just see how much the right wing is increasing in Europe, how many more Europeans are embracing nationalism instead of globalism. Be smart, Americans. Learn from our mistakes, don't wait to learn from yours.

  3. President Trump is the greatest president America has ever had..And thank you President Trump for saving the entire free world

  4. I have absolute respect for President Trump…he has far surpassed expectations as a president. If our Nigerian leaders stood for us half as much as Trump has stood for the benefit of the citizens of America, then Nigeria would be a great country…it saddens me when I see some white people support the deceit called globalism and socialism. Mass immigration is not needed in America. immigration is needed, but not unchecked, open boarder, ban ICE mass immigration. For each person that immigrates serious security checks need to be done, for the safety of the Citizens already on ground. So it is not, and never will be the place of international organizations to enforce global immigration laws that favor mass immigration against the will of a sovereign nation. A nation has the right to regulate who comes in, and how many come in, because they bear the brunt….globalisation will never work! I immigrated legally into Canada, so yes Canada needs immigrants, but 'mass' illegal immigration…hell No.

  5. Everybody that loves Christ should pray for Trump, he is our last hope against an evil Orwellian globalist system.

  6. He should ban the teaching of ideologies in schools. Kids should figure out these things for themselves, instead of blindly believing in one thing. We must have future generations learn critical thinking skills as a priority!

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