Trump Thrives on Cruelty

Trump Thrives on Cruelty

Donald Trump’s approval ratings are at an all-time low. But despite the statistics, he will never lose his most ardent supporters. For them, his cruelty towards people they hate and fear makes him the ideal President. For the past few years, we’ve watched President Trump hold these big rallies where he goes after his perceived enemies while the audiences cheer. These events serve as big ego boosts for the president, but they also serve as community-building exercises, where the president tells his biggest fans who they should hate and why. So as you can see in this clip, this is the President mocking New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a disability, and you can see the audience enjoys it. They’re laughing. And there are a lot of clips like this. You can go and you can see the clip of the President encouraging the police to abuse suspects, and you can see police laughing in the background. I used to think these were mostly events meant to feed the president’s need for affirmation. But something else became clear to me in October, when the president had a rally in Mississippi where he mocked Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who came forward saying she had been assaulted by Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. She told Congress that the thing she remembered most about the encounter was the laughter— and then the president held her up, before the eyes of the nation, as an object of ridicule and scorn. Even if you thought Ford was lying, the president’s mockery stands to deter future survivors of sexual assault from coming forward— including, almost certainly, people that the attendees at these rallies love and care about. joking about police abusing suspects, mocking the women of the MeToo movement, It was then that I realized the cruelty is a big part of Trump’s appeal for many of his strongest supporters. Separating children from their families at the border, leaving Puerto Rico to its fate after Hurricane Maria, revoking protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, joking about police abusing suspects, mocking the women of the MeToo movement, or attacking football players for protesting police brutality: Trump’s fiercest backers enjoy his cruelty towards people they have decided deserve it. For them, the cruelty is the point. Taking pleasure in cruelty isn’t unique to Trump supporters. For example, kids often gang up on other kids and tease them, in the process making it clear where the lines between “us” and “them” are. But what Trump has done has taken this human impulse toward cruelty, and elevate it to a political virtue. Trump has invited his supporters to feel joy in the suffering of those they blame for their problems, an act that binds them to each other and to the president himself. And that sense of belonging, of community, forged by this cruelty will ensure that the president’s most committed supporters will never abandon him, no matter what he does.

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  1. Here's a radical opinion
    Your view is entirely one-sided and build a strawman argument of all those you don't agree with.
    Perhaps instead of half of the country supporting reasonless cruelty there are legitimate stance to be heard.
    Don't be hypocritical.

  2. Ok everybody, here comes the unhinged rantings of the moronic, sociopathic Trump-humpin' lunatic fringe in 3.. 2… 1…


  4. Predictably, Russian shills and Trumplodyte trolls are proving Serwer's point. Don't respond directly to their LIES and illogic. Thumb their stupidity to oblivion.

  5. How could they let him shoot this in that shirt? You'd think a producer would see the faded spots on the collar and put their foot down. If you're going to insist on putting print journalists on camera, the very least you could do is spring for a decent outfit.

  6. When someone needs help, we tend to feel bad if we don't help. The easy way to stop feeling bad is to find a reason why this person should not be helped. If you can attack their moral character, you remove any reason to provide help. In fact you can tell yourself that they are getting what they deserve. In order to support this view you have to convince others that this view is correct. The easy way to do that is to attack those in need.

  7. The cruelty is the point of the bigotry. They don't care if his polices make their life worse, when they do, they will learn far too late. he supporters never talk about whether trumps policies benefit them, because it doesn't matter. Its about making them "feel" superior to people they hate. The "economically anxious" that voted for trump still support him even though there are massive layoffs and less benefits for them, while the CEO's have gotten richer. Fear also has nothing to do with it. Fear is the final fig leaf the media will use to make excuses for blatant bigotry. These "people" are not afraid, they are hateful.

  8. Hilarious! This bald guy is either utterly dishonest or a moron. The only group that thrives in cruelty and violence are the liberals and democrats. Who are spreading violence, rioting and destroying propertiea just because they lost in 2016 again? Ah! It's the democrats and liberals. Lies and fake news no longer work, balding comrade…

  9. It only proves sociopathic behavior is amongst many Americans its not a good light but Trump brought them out from hiding his base are just as despicable as he is.

  10. This is a very important issue. I'm glad someone addressed it. Trump rallies are in fact "hate groups".
    DJT has done a damage to the country, that will take a long time to heall!

  11. Years ago, when greed was declared good, most agreed with the sentiment not realizing things would be taken from them. Now, many of those same impoverished people want to be told who to hate because they lack the critical thinking skills to figure it out. The right, a group who identify as God fearing, have gone from greed is good, to hate is good. When the Bible talks about the religious saying we are with you, and God saying, I don't know you, I can't help but think this is what it's talking about.

  12. How strange. From a person living on the other side of the Pacific it appears equally that the reason Trump was successful was because he defended the forgotten against the sustained cruelty of both the moneyed and righteous elites. You appear to see cruelty in what he says, but not the cruelty you inflicted to divide the downtrodden and forgotten from the rich and the cunning in the first instance. He might have exploited the latter, but he did not create the new version of the grapes of wrath that fed it.

    We hate and resent most in others the reflection of our own evil. You seem blind to your own cruelty and use your resentment to justify being even more cruel to others. I see no insight or compassion here, just more hypocrisy and hate. Has the great American experiment failed so comprehensively that you are not for the people any more? Are you all really only for yourselves, your advantage and a misplaced sense of moral privilege? Where are you going with all of this? You should be a beacon, not an out of control wildfire. Get your act together America (on both sides).

  13. Only a Trump supporting NPC could watch an intelligent breakdown of Trump's fallacies and come up with nothing other than 'ORANGE MAN BAD!'

  14. This is very typical and predictable. You, and many US voters, just don’t get why Trump was elected. The endless ridicule—cruel ridicule—of entire regions of the country, as well as people of certain beliefs, coupled with the dismantling of jobs and social structure, has resulted in an election of someone you cannot fathom. But he wasn’t elected for his social skills, polish or winning personality. It was to clean out the corruption and elitism and globalism that is ruining the lives of so many citizens. His supporters do not “hate” people. They love and respect our traditions, the Constitution and our borders. Yes, they ridicule those who break our laws and enter the country illegally. They ridicule those who feign the Constitution. And it will continue until balance and lawfulness is restored. Feelings will be hurt; get over it. You’ve dished it out for decades so prepare to experience it being returned.

  15. Trump cares nothing for his supporters. They will never accept this, not even if he came out and told them. They are completely brainwashed.

  16. The country should just split at this point. There are 2 massive cultures diametrically opposed with eachother, with your average Joe's unwilling to talk to eachother.

  17. He is at 48%. It so tiring keeping up with the fake new’s lies and line by line disproving the lies. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  18. The world ask how germans could elect Hitler, now same world is asking how Trump could be elected, despite knowing history. Hitler had Goebbels, Trump has Fox

  19. Clinton was right: Trump and his supporters are deplorable. Remember when everyone was shocked that she said something "offensive?" She was only stating the obvious.

    They killed seven-year old Jakelin Caal Maquin, and they don't even care.

  20. This video illuminates signs belonging to the banality of evil beginnings. But, thankfully, it'll all be over in 2 years and a step backwards will give way to two steps forward.

  21. … 0:48 … really ? … 1:00 …. how do guys like that get into college in the first place ?
    … GPA ? He passed the Lsat ? Really ?

  22. haha buttboy soyboy.wussy cry baby. every example you called out has detail that tells a different story. Trump wasn't mocking the reporter's disability you dummy. he's done that to many others that he disagrees with. Not presidential behavior in my opinion, but he wasn't imitating the guy.

  23. Ok, clear.. sociopaths are found in power all over the world. Now to construct a way that saves this 'democracy ' from suffering more of these fruitcakes

  24. amazing that this wimp even has a job since he is not a Real Journalist and simply trying to get hits. what a joke. obama was a much bigger liar and started to lose his base from day 1. obama was the biggest divider & chief of all time. Fact Check; Trump's ratings are NOT at an all time low except in the idiots mouth. look & listen to this wimp, Pathetic

  25. Trump become PRESIDENT to be about to be cruel and remain above the law

    The President should not be above the law but more subject to it than anyone else because he is THE example

  26. It's like Trump leads a cruelty cult. He invents & interprets a fantasy reality that his cult followers will support no matter what. They would run off a cliff if he said so. It's exactly like a cult.

  27. wow this comment section is SHOCKINGLY not a cesspool of MAGA idiots, incel losers, Russian trolls, and other worthless peasants who rob the earth of its valuable oxygen

    They've single-handedly ruined every other comment section on YouTube

  28. I think it's not about cruelty, although sadism is an important part of the mechanism (or strategy if you like): He's encouraging the sentiment of us vs. them, because he himself feels encircled and persecuted by enemies, projecting his distrust to them, whoever they are. In feeding this sentiment to them, his supporters feel like they belong to a privileged group, an elite in itself, hating all other perceived elites, and his supporters encourage him to go even lower which sooner or later makes cruelty unavoidable. This is the core of Trumpism (just a new name for fascism, I think).

  29. It is a waste of time and energy to focus on one person, such as, Trump. Rather focus on SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION, attack the system that promoted him, that promotes EUGENICS. Attack policies. Attack the publishing industry that has allowed whites to steal from blacks and call their ideas their own. Definitely show these people no respect while they live, or when they lie in their deathbeds. Attack their policies rather. Then you will be attacking their followers too. For they had opportunity to war against eugenics ("racism") while they were alive. Never forgive them – their place is in the lake of fire. All these catholics who eat communion bread and call it his flesh, or drink wine and call it his blood, love lies rather than truth. And all these noncatholics who fail to honour Mary, the mother of jesus, are damned. Say these things and you may save many.

    ….. That said, the key to deciphering communion is the commandment : Render unto cesar those things that are cesar's, and unto God those things that are God's…. the baking, making of bread and wine, is of man… Einstein's poem : Energy equals mass times the velocity of light squared…. trust in that which you cannot see… so that you might be partakers of that one bread, and of that cup in that room in that day, known as the last supper before the crucifixion… did he not eat again, after the ressurection ? A radio, visible, of man, of cesar, no ? But what one hears, might it not be of Him?
    Writing is visible. But when you read, you are actually contemplating the invisible, are you not ? Reading can lead to thoughts and feelings, concerning things being described but not photographed. Likewise, an illustration may correspond to something real, (such as a battle fought) or not. Trust in things you cannot see. But the rituals and rites of man, how like hazing rituals of fraternities and militaries, designed to promote an "irrational attitude of submission towards authority" ?

    Yes, I know, that is Chomsky's phraseology, but I call it, "sampling lyrics", taking what another artist does, and making it uniquely yours.

  30. Thank you for saying this, and so clearly & eloquently. It is deeply disturbing that some people just take pleasure in the suffering of others. You describe what is unexplainable. What is missing in or what happened to these people? How is it that so many Trump supporters claim to be Christians?

  31. It's not just Trump. Rightwingers wherever, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, always find very convincing arguments what could be done to make someone else's lifes more miserable. That alone is enough to please a lot of frustrated, angry and anxious people, without ever having to give one single idea what to do to make anyone's life even slightly better.
    Then anyone else, who is trying to come up with plans to help someone, anyone, can easily be shouted down with cynicism and distrust.
    Promises to help people will inevitably fall short somewhere, promises to hurt can be upheld so easily.

  32. all politics is the politics of cruelty. look at the utter lies, about migrants, about Ford lying, about millionaire sports stars and their virtue signaling, etc. its like the coastal media elites live in their cocoon of ideology.
    i wonder, which groups have more cultural, political, media, educational, social, etc. capital? the average inner America rust belt trump supporter….or…..the very groups the Atlantic panders to in this video? the ones high up above the pecking order in the "woke" intersectional orthodoxy.
    so do trump supporters love cruelty? yes of course, because when you are basically told your whole life that by virtue of your birth, your gender, your race, your religion, your political beliefs, etc. that you deserve death, or at the very least you should be eternally shamed as some abstract oppressive force, the cause of all past and present woes, both real and imagined…cruelty feels good, getting one up on the enemy feels good.
    when a blue check jurno can ruin your life with one tweet, it feels good when Trump bashes the media, its as simple as that. and to claim that somehow trump supports are exceptionally cruel is to be blind to all politics throughout human history.
    and to claim that trump supports have this unique oppressive power all of a sudden…well, that just shows the total ignorance of the left to their own vicegrip control over most social, cultural and political institutions.

  33. What happened to the Atlantic? It once had well reasoned articles with compelling opinions. "Trump Thrives on Cruelty"? Beyond being a childlike view of ones' political opponents, it seems to only exist to pander to those who already agree with an opinion. Is that what journalism has sunk to these days? Hate clicks that agree with your point of view? Trump nor his supporters are cruel nor sociopaths, how do I know? Because many of his positions that are decried now by the democrats are positions they held not 10 years ago, so either the democrats are as cruel as Trump, or you're all just people who have different priorities and methods to solve issues they think will work best. Though ironically considering the vitriol that is being spewed towards the right of the aisle here perhaps both sides are just cruel.

  34. Trump is definitely more blatant with his lack of shame at being a jerk more often than not, and deserves the critique he gets for it. However, the whole bit about giving his supporters a target to rally against, be it illegal immigrants, etc., is pretty common political strategy right now, as even most Democratic politicians have been solely running on the premise of being against Trump and everything they perceive conservatives stand for, etc., for quite a while now. Basically, this video might have had a few good individual points, but the overall narrative and most of the support was just quite bad propaganda.

  35. This is so comical. The democrats thrive on cruelty – they increase the minimum wage which effectively reduces a persons income – they provide never ending welfare which sends people into depression – they raise taxes which effectively hurts everyone – they added more and more regulations to businesses which typically force businesses to struggle which in turn also causes businesses to lay people off or shut down entirely. They also publish propaganda videos like this to con people.

  36. Trumps supporters are all willfully ignorant trash. Hurrrr Trump really meant this not that, durrrr dis is propaganda cuse I no like dis. Just look at the comments from these people, its either some idiotic ad hominem about the journalist in the video
    or alternative facts garbage they got off Breitbart.

  37. Adam Server is a complete Donald Trump hater. All his opinion pieces are hit after hit against our president.

    This guy is the absolute worst. The worst.

  38. The president is not cruel you are cruel CNN or MSNBC or Soros has you out here putting out these lies fake news tell CNN or MSNBC to change the batteries in their crystal ball because that's where they get their news

  39. Just waiting to see what your Democratic party has in store for you you going to be begging people like our President Donald Trump for help

  40. Adam Serwer doesn’t know the first thing about politics. Gym class probably wasn’t very fun for Adam- Which may be why he constantly refers to Trump as a bully

  41. imagine if fox propaganda network was never allowed to call itself "news" leading to millions of brainwashed conservatives who consistently vote against the country, their own friends and their family.

  42. Trump right or wrong should be given an objective analysis not biased tripe like what this guy writes! This is what it's killing me with the whole liberal thing, there is no objectivity and no journalistic ethics going on. Trump is not all good of course but he is not all bad either.

  43. I subscribed today to The Atlantic because I thought they were an unbiased source of info, but I see they are not (So much hate and biased info) – UNSUBSCRIBING now. The lady did not bring forth truth against the Supreme Court. Obama built the cells for illegal immigrants who broke the law. I am a MX American – I am voting for Trump 2020… unfortunately, we that are for America get bullied/beaten by people/ANTIFA and that is sad. You have no freedom if your silenced. THE ATLANTIC, why can’t you be better than this and separate yourself from biased reporting – report the truth, come’on.

  44. I've read Mr. Serwer's article …he's right. trump is a soulless creature, a sadist that thrives on the cruelty he inflicts upon those he does not like. trump is an oppresor, unfit to sit in the WH; even more disturbing is that his base loves his viciousness. There is a mentally deranged man, with almost every personality disorder in the DSM, pretending to be king of America; his base is composed of the most feeble and wretched examples of humanity…monsters.

  45. Cruel people generally are cowards. Their fears drive them to inflict suffering on others before, as they fear, those others may hurt them

  46. Fake news about Trump mocking a disabled reporter. He has made that gesture multiple times to make fun of people, including himself. Blasey Ford is deserving of mockery as well.

  47. Is this guy the whiter version of Don Lemon? The whiter bald version? I was just watching CNN on August 19th and they had a side by side, I'm telling you these are the same!

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