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  1. I'm sure you have other things on your plate, but I'd love to hear your take on the current spate of abortion laws in the US.

  2. Very prescient as we head into the 2020 elections in the US. Especially when the capital ā€˜Pā€™ Republicans usurp the very processes of representative democracy while the small case ā€˜pā€™ Democrats whine about what radio station to listen to as the car heads over the cliff. Democrats need to wake up and be willing to die for their beliefs; because the Republicans sure as Hell are willing to co-opt others into dying for theirs. Thought provoking stuff, thanks.

  3. Seems to be an issue in how you describe liberals. Proponents of the welfare state and of free college and healthcare are often under the unbrella term of liberal. It may seem pedantic to the left but distinguishing between progressive liberals and "classical liberals" becomes important when making the point on hypocrisy for example.

  4. If "Team Conservative" can never be convinced to become leftists because of their identity (2:40), then how can they "decide" to stop being your enemy (7:08)? Off the top of my head, I can think of several other groups who would be quite angry if you suggested that they should suppress their identity in order to conform to your ideals. Just sayin'.

  5. Rule of Law to redress these differences. But, folk arent acting in good faith and resort to looking for then next work around, aided by a press dying in the internet age, The Fifth Estate.

  6. I don't define myself in opposition to anybody who is rich and powerful, I define myself in opposition to anybody who is oppressive, deceptive, selfish, and/or pretentious. I'm fine with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, I'm not fine with Jeff Bezos or Donald Trump.

  7. at 6:54 in the video, somewhere between 5:50pm and 5:55pm (the time i began writing this comment) i paused the video, walked out of my room and into the lounge where my mum was, and said "I think I want to take Politics instead of Psychology"

  8. Explain to me again how we are all the same you well educated, self involved Disney character

  9. So, what if there's a group that is trying to extinguish yours? You people don't have a game plan and you know it. That's why we whites are currently facing extinction and yes, the Jews still are winning the race game because they've convinced you morons to forfeit your identity while viciously defending and advancing their own. You can sit on your moral feel-good high horse all you want, but no other race shares your point of view and they ALL see YOU as their enemy and are actively encouraged to do this. You people (white liberals) are a mix of insane and retarded that is totally unhealthy. AND they do have a point in seeing you as their enemy, because they are not liberal and you want to force the entire world to be liberal, they value their identity and you want to take it away from them because you fear conflict, while only creating more conflict with your utopian liberal aspirations.

    Equality has never existed and can only exist if we all agree to have nothing and never gain anything.

  10. On he slim chance of you reading this:

    I love your videos, but as someone who lived part of their life behind the Iron Curtain, I must disagree with you on one point. It might be the theory, but as the "leftism" was put to praxis here, it was not possible to "give up" being the "enemy of the people". Not only former bourgeoise people vere persecuted, but also their children and grandchildren. Not as much as Jews were under Nazis, but having acces to higher education cut off or being reduced to doing menial jobs because your grandfahter used to own a small factory or because your uncle emigrated to USA is not exactly fair and proper either.

    When the left came to power, it all became about holding onto that power, and not actually using it to benefit people. In the end they were no better than the right is now. Which leads me to conclude we are fucked. Because at the core most people are selfish and short-sighted and stupid and ill-informed and inflexible in their views. Liberalism fails because of that, and so does communism. Some sort of democratic socialism trying to strike a balance with elements of both can work for short periods of time, but it is unstable and will always eventualy unbalance towards one side, leading to disaster and eventually collapse, as it did for the right in the 30's and the left in the 90's. Now we are sliding towards the collapse on the right again.

    I summed it thus: Communism can only work with perfectly round people, whilst liberalism (libertarianism) can only work in perfect vacuum.

  11. Ollie, the Marxist Communist parties and movement also created & create this Friend vs. Enemy dichotomy in their politics and ideology. This is not limited to Fascists or Trump. Ollie, isn't YOUR whole YouTube channel dedicated to supporting Friends and calling out/shaming Enemies? Please, Ollie, be fair. Please, Ollie, do what a Philosopher should do.

    UPDATE: Ollie, I watched the rest of this video, and I heard the distinction you make between the Friend vs. Enemy ideology of the Left and the Friend vs. Enemy ideology of the Right.

    You point out that a Rich and/or Powerful person can go from being an Enemy of the Left to being a Friend of the Left by giving his/her Riches and/or Power to the Left, whereas there's nothing an Enemy of the Right can do to become a Friend of the Right except ceasing to exist.

    So, Ollie, I guess that's the mission of your YouTube channel, to turn all your Enemies (the Rich, the Powerful) into your Friends by having them turn all their Riches and Power over to You and others on the Left.

    Ollie, according to your theory of life, I guess Lenin and Stalin made more Friends than just about anyone in world history. The last Czar and his wife and children must have become really great friends of Lenin and Stalin!

  12. Ollie, Jewish people were not the only or main enemy of the Nazis. Hitler's speeches contain many more condemnations of Marxists and Marxism than of Jews and supposed Jewish ideas. Jewish people were hated by the Nazis mainly because they were seen as the principal driver of the Marxist movement.

  13. Ollie, why are you treating the committed, unrepentant lifelong Nazi Philosopher, Carl Schmitt, as a respectable person?

  14. Marx and MLK Jr. are not that different from each other (that's a liberal lie). MLK Jr. had very leftist economic politics (see Poor People's Campaign) before he died. This made him very unpopular – he was a radical – but America doesn't want you to know this.

  15. Regarding the "British identity", let's also not forget that literally everything about being "British" is a mosaic of remnants left behind by historical invaders. England in particular has virtually no "native" cultures or people remaining, except for the odd Scott or Welsh person who happens to live here. Everything from our culture, genes, and particularly our language is built from invasion.

  16. how can you feel okay making your name literally "Philosophy Tube" while being a biased ledt political channel? "Philosophy Tube" smh

  17. I do not believe in Moderates. To me that usually means either they have not thought about it, or that they think they are in the 'correct' demographic. Moderates are nothing more than those who have either not found something to be zealous about, or who do not want to admit their zeal.

  18. I am new to this channel, and only now looking at random older episodes…. But I feel comfortable stating- after only watching 5 seconds of this vid- never shave your facial hair again. Just,… no.

  19. neoliberals and right-libertarians are now describing themselves as "Classical Liberals" (seems they recently read a few books and like to pretend they are true to what went before, rather than a deviation). Even the Koch Bros no longer call themselves Libertarian, now preferring the new tag. But both are not, and never were 'Centrist' – that's just a lie to make it possible to label the Left as 'extreme'. They are socially Liberal, but fiscally well to the right of centre, and well to the right of the original classical liberals like Smith or Ricardo.

  20. If I had money I'd give you money, even though I don't watch your stuff all that often. Alas, I made the unforgivable mistake of pursuing a PhD in philosophy rather than continuing onward in my Neuroscientific pursuits, and will therefore be bound to financial destitution until the oceans overtake all living things and bring about a mighty race of dolphin-philosophers who will rule in greatness forevermore.

  21. People who don't know better: Free healthcare and education?! That doesn't work!

    Guess I don't live in a country.

  22. I love this chanel and I identify as independant within politics, isn't it kind of sadly ironic how many American people will base their american vote over how this man who is not american explains it to us? Just thinking out loud here not looking for a huge debate.

  23. I am a member of the human race. One of 7 billion. Any injustice to any of the seven billion is an injustice to me. There is a bible verse that I didn't know off the top of my head because I'm an atheist and drinking "whatever you do to the least of us you do on to me." Drunk atheist being a better Christian than professed Christians

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