Trump Sends National Guard to the Border, Attacks Amazon: A Closer Look

Trump Sends National Guard to the Border, Attacks Amazon: A Closer Look

-The Trump administration
announced a plan today to send the National Guard
to the border. Meanwhile, Trump has kept up
his attacks on Amazon. For more on this it’s time for
“A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] This has been a week
with Trump indulging his various obsessions
and one of those obsessions remains our border
with Mexico. He’s been fuming
about a caravan of immigrants headed here through Mexico
and claiming that the border is essentially
a lawless territory. -Hopefully Congress
will get their act together and get in and create
some very powerful laws, like Mexico has
and like Canada has and like almost
all countries have. We don’t have laws,
we have catch and release. You catch and then
you immediately release. It’s like we have no border, because we had
Obama make changes, President Obama made changes that basically created
no border. It’s called catch and release. -That’s right.
It’s called catch and release. Or as Trump used to call it,
marriage. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Whistles ] -Whoo! -[ As Trump] I don’t know
how to tell you this, but it’s time for release. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ]
In reality, under Trump, Immigration
and Customs Enforcement has massively ramped up
the tensions of undocumented immigrants,
in may cases tearing apart families
and deporting people who have lived here for decades. But this week, Trump called for
yet another aggressive step, he wants the military
to guard the border. -We are going to be doing
some things — I’ve been speaking with
General Mattis — we’re going to be doing things
militarilety until we can have a wall
and proper security, we’re gonna be guarding
our border with the military. We are preparing
for the military to secure our border between
Mexico and the United States. We have a meeting on it
in a little while with General Mattis. -Oh, great another thing for
General Mattis’ to-do list. He’s already planning
your dumb military parade, now you want him to
guard the border. Why don’t you just
combine the two and have the parade
along the Mexican boarder? Have you ever? I mean, think about it. Have you ever tried to cross
the street during a parade? [ Laughter ] Immigrants would walk up
to the border and be like, “Aw, man, this is today?” [ Laughter ] “Oh, bagpipes.
Let’s get out of here.” Also, could we go back to this
part of the clip for a second? -I’ve been speaking with
General Mattis, we’re going to be doing things
militarilety. -What? [ Laughter ] Was that a word
or did your teeth try to escape your mouth again? Trump is less articulate
than a 7-year-old in the back of his mom’s sedan
after dental surgery. [ Laughter ] [ Imitates being under
anesthesia ] Is this real life? [ Normal voice ] Now today the
Trump administration announced a plan to send National Guard
troops to the border. And lately,
Trump has been obsessed with this idea
of militarizing the border. An idea he floated last week, when he said the U.S.-Mexico
border should be just as fortified as the border
between North and South Korea. -Look at Korea,
we have a border at Korea. We have a wall of soldiers. We don’t get paid very much
for this, do we? We have — You look at that,
nobody comes through. But our own border,
we don’t take care of it. Look, North and South Korea. Thirty-two thousand soldiers. They’re finest equipment,
barbed wire all over the pla– We protect that whole thing,
nobody comes through, but our country,
we don’t do. Things are changing, folks. -I’m sorry.
What is this? [ Laughter ] I think he he wants to [bleep]
the border. [ As Trump]
Have you seen the border? Oh, she is 34 — 24 — 34 Oh, it’s a beautiful border. [ Cheers and applause ] Beautiful.
We’ve got to guard it. You’ve got to gu–
You need the military to guard it because people
want to [bleep] it. [ Laughter ] Get away. [ Normal voice ] While Trump
fixates on the border and mumbles half-baked ideas about sending
the military there, he’s also been nursing
another obsession, his growing anger toward Amazon. Now, as you might recall,
it wasn’t so long ago that the republicans were
against the presidents intervening in the economy. Like when they relentlessly
bashed President Obama for favoring certain companies
over others. And picking winners
and losers on everything from green energy to financial
reform to the stimulus. -We do not believe we should be
governed by our betters. That elites in Washington should
make all those big decisions. That they should be picking
winners and losers. -The federal government
should not be picking winners and losers
in the marketplace. -It is not government’s role to
pick the winners and losers. -When we talk about Washington
picking winners and losers, look no further than Dodd-Frank. -We have got to
get this government and this administration out of
picking winners and losers, because all they pick
are losers. -I had a friend who said
you don’t just pick the winners and losers,
you pick the losers. -Oh, my God. Mitt Romney is almost as bad
at landing a zinger as Trump is at saying
the word “militarily.” [ Laughter ] Romney would be terrible
at “Snaps.” [ As Romney ] Your mother is so
fat that her doctor is a bit concerned
about her cholesterol. Rightly so, I might add. [ Normal voice ] Of course,
it turned out that just four years later
republicans elected a guy whose favorite two words
in the English language are winner and loser. -Governor Pence,
just come here for a second. This guy is a winner. What a group of losers we have. The great Bobby Knight. He had the last undefeated
season in college basketball, he’s a winner. They’re declaring Marco Rubio
the big loser of the night, which is true. Jack Nicklaus, who endorsed me,
I love Jack. I love Jack. His record’s unbelievable. He won it four times,
top ten 18 tim– I mean, this guy is a win-ner. These people are losers. I said Bill Crystal is a loser. Bill Crystal’s a loser. Johnny Damon was a champ,
he was a winner. We have a bunch of babies
running our country, folks. We have a bunch of losers. They’re losers.
They’re babies. -Only Donald Trump could
equate babies with losers. [ As Trump ]
Babies, they’re losers. They don’t own any real estate. They’re all virgins. [ Normal voice ] And now Trump
has apparently found a new loser to attack —
Amazon. The tech behemoth
owned by Jeff Bezos. Bezos also owns
the Washington Post, which has done
a lot of hard-hitting reporting on Trump and that has
apparently irked the president, who has been tweeting
obsessively about the company. -Trump versus the tech titan. According to Vanity Fair’s
sources close to the president say he is
“discussing a way to escalate his twitter attacks
on Amazon to further damage the company.” -You write and I’m gonna quote
for everybody here, “He’s off the hook on this.” According to sources
that you spoke with. -Yeah.
-“It’s war. He gets obsessed with something, and now he’s obsessed with
Bezos… Trump is like,
how can I F with him?” -How can you F with him? I don’t know,
do the same thing you did to the rest of the country
and run for president of Amazon. [ Laughter ] That’s Trump’s only. [ Cheers and applause ] That’s Trump’s only motivation
is f-ing with people. If he weren’t the president,
he’d be breaking into people’s houses and leaving
loose LEGOs on the stairs. For weeks, now, Trump has
repeatedly bashed Amazon for supposedly cheating the
Post Office out of lost revenue, which is not true. The Post Office says
they actually make money delivering Amazon’s packages. Trump’s behavior is that
of a petulant autocrat compulsively attacking his
enemies by lying about them. But here’s the thing,
despite his rhetoric, his own government
is actually helping Amazon. For one thing,
Amazon benefited greatly from those massive tax cuts
Trump pushed through last year. And on top of that,
the New Republic reported that under Trump’s watch
Amazon secured a change to federal procurement laws
“that will allow the Defense Department to
purchase all commercial items on the Amazon marketplace.” I’m sorry,
but it’s not exactly reassuring that the Pentagon
is working with a company that already has
it’s own army of drones and a leader who looks like
the ruthless jazz instructor from “Whiplash”. [ Laughter ] And let’s not forget, this is also the company
that makes the Amazon Echo. A product which,
according to several real videos posted last month,
has started creepily laughing for no reason at all. -Amazon Echo users
are reporting that Alexa has been letting out
a spontaneous and rather creepy laugh. Completely unprompted,
imagine that. Some are even saying
that they’ll hear random chuckles
coming out of their Alexa in the dark long after
they’ve gone to bed. Now, just to give you an idea
of what this sounds like, take a listen. -[ Alexa laughs ] [ Alexa laughs ] -So, either the singularity
has already happened and artificially intelligent
robots have become self aware, or Alexa just found out
that Donald Trump is president. [ Laughter ] That’s probably
how Trump’s Alexa responds to him
whenever he talks to it. -We’re gonna be doing things
militarilety. -[ Alexa laughs ] [ Laughter ] -For years. For years republicans
spun a wild fantasy about an imperial president
interfering in the free marketplace by
picking winners and losers, and now they’ve got
a president who is actually doing that
and their silence is deafening. Trump is a wannabe autocrat who
thinks he can rule unilaterally. Whether it’s on the border,
economically, or… -Militarilety. -This has been
“A Closer Look”. [ Cheers and applause ]

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