Trump says Kaepernick should play ‘if he’s good enough’

Trump says Kaepernick should play ‘if he’s good enough’

-In your view, Mr.
President, should Colin Kaepernick get an
opportunity to play in the NFL? -Only if he’s good enough.
-Is that it? -Yeah, if he’s good enough.
Yeah, I’m not — Why would he play —
If he’s good enough. And I think
if he was good enough — I know the owners.
I know Bob Kraft. I know so many of the owners. If he’s good enough,
they’d sign him. So if he’s good enough —
I know these people — they would sign him
in a heartbeat. They will do anything
they can to win games. So I’d like to see it. Frankly, I’d love to see
Kaepernick come in if he’s good enough. But I don’t want to see him
come in because somebody thinks
it’s a good PR move. If he’s good enough, he will be

92 thoughts on “Trump says Kaepernick should play ‘if he’s good enough’

  1. LOL – Everybody knows that Kapo is a nuisance law-suit waiting to happen. Perhaps Kapo can offer to work for the money the NFL paid him to go away on his last nuisance law-suit

  2. Ah yes. The king of blacklists and NDAs telling someone who is blacklisted they should do something if good enough. I hope he didn't aggravate his bone spurs saying this.

  3. Can I just say….who cares? Who really cares if he plays anywhere? We had 4 mass shootings in the US IN ONE WEEK….we have bigger issues in this country.

  4. For anyone that doesn’t know, Chance The Rapper is funding a project for the after-math of mass shootings. Going towards resources for survivors and family/friends of victims. “ChanceProject”
    Cash app: $massrecoveryproject

  5. Far Leftists and Far Rightists both commit acts of terrorism
    Trump: Makes a joke about Kaepernick
    Media: Wow this is a pressing issue we should give coverage to.

  6. He had 1 good season. For kap to do ANYTHING on the field he has to have an offense built completely around him and his style. He’s a trash QB but no one wants to say it. I bet Cam Newton could take a knee and keep his job because he’s not a trash second stringer at best.

  7. trump is a racist,  5 time draft dodging, lying grafter.  He thinks that he controls the news cycle because media keeps putting a mic in front of him which allows him to spew crap from his rectum shaped mouth… just reinforces this reality tv presidency.

  8. I don’t get why people think this is bad??? Why should kaep get an unfair chance to be on a team just because he complained about the national anthem? But I guess none of our opinions on this matter in the end because NFL teams are privately owned.

  9. That's the thing, he know's Kaepernick is trash at playing football and that's a well known fact to people that aren't racist ignants…

  10. Everyone knows he's not good enough and and just got paid by Nike to be a sell out, he's going down in history as a loser

  11. That's funny Trump said that. Going by his words he should have run against Obama when he was doing the birther stuff.

  12. Nobody's going to talk about how this smashes the narrative that Trump talks negatively about anyone who doesn't like him.

  13. Careful Donny, you'll start chasing away your base. You know, the racist lazy white folks that will take time to put down their box-o-wine and carton of cigarettes to tell you what a traitor you are to your race. Better tow the line. All you've got left are the racist with machine guns.

  14. “I know Bob Kraft.” Isn’t that the guy who got caught in a brothel after his team won the Super Bowl…? Good to know Trump is good buddies with that guy!

  15. Arab dressing up like an African raised by a white family, never had a hard life, skated thru life on his athletics, earns millions is telling us all how racist and evil we are….. … thanks.

  16. He would play if he was good enough the problem is he was average at best and you can't be average, defy your employer for even a worthwhile political statement and expect to start… Get good before making a stink like you did Kap. Panthers brought on your boy but not you… Cuz you're average…

  17. Kinda true and kinda not. He is better than some of the back up QBs in the NFL but the NFL is like any other business. Risk vs reward. Some may not like to hear this but reality is there would be backlash for any team that hired Colin Kaepernick. Therefore the potential reward needs to be higher. He would probably need to be a starting caliber player in order for a team to overcome the backlash from a money stand point. I really don't think he is that good.

  18. I agree! Why in the hell would anyone hire him? He's nothing but a distraction that can't throw. Just runs like a sissy and he can't even do that right.

  19. He's not a good QB this is why he made a pr move like starting up the kneeling thing. Gotta hustle that brand.

  20. Trump 20/20… with that said Colin K took the Niners to the Superbowl & if not mistaken Nfc championship yr prior. Bruh aint trash.


  22. Trumps orange spray tan is literally dripping off his face in the heat. He will have to do a respray mid day so he doesn’t look pale 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. I love to see it if he's good enough so if he's good enough he should play if he's good enough because if he's good enough he should do it if he's good enough I don't know how to end this sentence

  24. Personally I believe that the reason he won’t be hired is because of the “go woke get broke” thing happening to many companies.

    Example: EA, Battlefield V. They went woke and introduced all sorts of mechanics to please a community that the fans have no relationship with whatsoever. At around the preorder time, their preorder rates were embarrassingly low, not to mention the drop in their stocks.

    Rooster Teeth. After firing Vic Mignogna over sexual allegations (all of which are pointing to be false. Not confirmed false, just pointing to being false), the company has lost tons of subscribers from YT and they have increased the price of their “First Membership” by about 60%-200% to make up for lost revenue. Moreover, after releasing a shirt including Adam Taurus (a character from RWBY) the community got extremely outraged and demanded that the shirt be taken down due to Adam’s actions throughout the series. And RT did exactly that.

    So I believe people won’t hire Kap because of the PR. These companies did that and look where they are now.

    Also for those commenting this thread, this is a discussion not an argument. I will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine. (Which is something that this society needs to learn).

  25. We the people say we hate Kaepernick but maybe trump is correct. Let the Butt hole come back to football so we can all see how mediocore of a player he really is. So then when the team does cut him, no one will have anything to scream about. Then the butt hole can go play american football overseas. There are some places where they do play american football, or he can learn to play soccer.

  26. That’s just it…… he sucks …… side arm , in accurate, can’t run anymore they play contain and he’s forced to pass. Also hair ball thought he was great , wrong hair ball also overrated. Sorry😭 .

  27. Its sort of ironic that Trump is allowed to have an extensive, provocative, edgy, if not offensive opinion on the matter of who should and should not play in the NFL and what they should and should not do during the anthem, but the players should "shut up and play" as per Fox and MUCHO other Republican and conservative sources.

  28. It amazes me that ppl still think he was complaining about the national anthem.. makes a lot of sense though.. sheep. baaah

  29. The IQ of this guy and how he can only muster up simple words, lool. Hope he drops dead in 5 years. His father must be turning sideways in his grave from cringe.

  30. How the fk NFL players are president's business? Why is it on news? Ask him what color his underwear then.

  31. The world needs to watch this video. Trump just proved that he's not a racist… well he's proves it everyday but you dumb brainwashed ignants can't se it….

  32. Whoa, whoa, whoa, now. I don't disagree with the wacky president. But there are other players who are complete trash and are backups in the league. Colin can't be a backup? Cody Kesslar, Blaine Gabbert, Nate Sudefield, Brock Osweiler, Mike Glennon, Chad Henne, Trevor Siemian, Brett Hundley, Tom Savage. You mean to tell me that these dudes are better than Kap? I am so glad Jay Cutler and Sam Bradford are out of the league. They came in and stole money. I am jealous because I feel like I could have played just as bad and stole money too.

  33. The problem with Kap is, every time the ball is snapped to him. He'll take a knee. You can't win like that… 😄

  34. First it was get those son of bitches off the field now its if he good enough somebody is looking for bkack votes

  35. in case any one forgot
    the 49 er's were 1-15 with kaperdick his last season
    and the fans would boycott which ever team was foolish enough

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