Trump replaces US intelligence chief Dan Coats

Trump replaces US intelligence chief Dan Coats

this was the moment that it would appear most angered president Trump flanked by his fellow intelligence chiefs dan coats presents the annual worldwide threat assessment to the Senate Intelligence Committee and essentially says that the basis for the president's enthusiastic endorsement of North Korea and good intentions is not just flawed but wrong we currently assess that North Korea will seek to retain its WMD capabilities and is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival in response the president angrily tweeted that intelligence should go back to school then an oval office meeting with the intelligence chiefs followed by this version of events and they said that they were totally misquoted and they were totally it was taken out of context so what I do is I'd suggest that you call them they said it was fake news so which frankly didn't surprise me this was not the first time they'd been disagreement the Director of National Intelligence repeatedly denying the president's view that there was doubt about the level of Russian involvement in u.s. politics and on at least one occasion visibly surprised at news coming from the White House we have some breaking news the White House has announced on Twitter that Vladimir Putin is coming to the White House in the fall dan coates was the last national security figure left from the very first Trump cabinet and even though he had no intelligence background he'd earned bipartisan respect in Congress with many messages of support in recent weeks DNI dan coates is a good friend former Senate colleague and leader of integrity who's always served our country well said senator Susan Collins I served on the Joint Economic Committee with Dan Coates as representative Don Beyer he was widely respected and trusted by everyone on both sides as a man of integrity but Trump doesn't want integrity he wants people who tell him what he wants to hear and Intel leaders who will agree that two plus two equals five it's unlikely that Dan coats will read to children with his wife at another White House Easter Egg Roll it was a boy it was a girl and enjoy disagreement with no consequence do you like the story Mike Anna al Jazeera Washington

28 thoughts on “Trump replaces US intelligence chief Dan Coats

  1. The North Koreans aren't gonna give up their WMDs & why should they ? You're only an idiot if you gave up something like that

  2. Trump keeps firing and replacing his White House staff, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump accidentally fired himself.

  3. When the USA give up their nuclear weapons…it’s obvious every country will do the same…decency leads by example 👊🏿👊🏿👊🏿

  4. People wonder why anyone would want to work for the trump administration. But when men like C resigned, you understand why they did, not work for trump but to protect the interest of the US as long as they could.

  5. The GOP needs to grow some guts and stand up and get rid of Trump once and for all for the good of America

  6. trumptard is an authoritarian, child brain, bully who gets upsets and feels intimidated by those who disagree with him or criticize him…….and he is the president of the usa….most fitting

  7. Trump gets off the phone with Erdogan…….
    "We're pulling out of Syria, ISIS are defeated".
    LOL Trump is an a-hole on foreign policy
    and a jackass in general.

  8. Trump on foreign policy over Russian election interference…NOT…Elephant in the room…Israel…electionguard

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