Trump Jr.: There’s no accountability on the left

Trump Jr.: There’s no accountability on the left

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  1. I was surprised the vote was so close in Kentucky since Bevin had messed up on some really hot issues.
    I think it is amazing he nearly won, you mess with medicare, pensions, teachers union, you will have some upset people.
    We need to call/write all our reps and tell them to kick shifty out.

  2. Why doesn't FOX push for impeachment and back Pence? Fox would still have a friend in the Office and the Republicans would have a better chance on winning the next election.

  3. I hope there are at least a handful of people out there who are SANE enough to see this and be sick to their stomachs for what is happening to Conservatives.
    And America.
    This saint of a man tells all, and do you think anyone in America cares?
    Not unless they are one of the Conservatives that either 1) already feels the flame of religious and political persecution that are coming or else 2) HAVE SEEN THIS COMING FOR OVER A DECADE!!
    More than anything I hope there are at least a handful, or I don't care, JUST ONE OTHER BLESSED PERSON WHO IS WILLING TO DO SOMETHING TO SAVE DEMOCRACY!
    Right now I'm feeling pretty alone…

  4. Commander and chief using diplomacy is his business and feelings, opinions, and no understanding of something is not grounds for any impeachment

  5. This is literally the funniest thing I've seen all day. The level of hypocrisy is hilarious. I mean who in the history of planet Earth takes less accountability for their actions then Fredo's Daddy.? I mean didn't the divider in Chief make the slogan " the buck stops with everybody" famous during the government shutdown last January?
    Anytime the trust fund baby's daddy is asked about any decision he makes he always starts talking about people who used to be president or people who were almost president.

    YET, TRUMP-PENCE 2020!!!!

  7. Word is the incumbent Kentucky governor wasn't well liked, and the contest was still a squeaker. 2020 doesn't bode well for the DNC.

  8. Does this bozo ever stop to breathe? He's just talking constantly. He never shuts up for a half a second.
    Sounds like a lot of whining to me.

  9. No kidding. It's Feminism that won't be "accountable". They can't wait to guillotine every patriot male on the planet. Look at my mother who had my genitals mutilated at 3 yrs old, scarring me for life, emotionally, physically and neurologically. She can't even say I'm sorry when half my life was gone before I keyed in to the PTSD that represents 42 yrs of my life. Women are Sick in their minds and Will NEVER be LEADERS. Read the Bible… There's a reason for the past and now we see the reason Emerge. What are We going to do about it this time? MEN!!! The end of Our World is Nigh. She wants everything from You and can't see that she has NOTHING but You.

  10. After graduating from Penn in 2000, Trump moved to Aspen, Colorado, where he hunted, fished, skied, lived in a truck, and worked as a bartender for a year, before returning to join the Trump Organization in New York. Trump has supervised building projects, which included 40 Wall Street, Trump International Hotel and Tower, and Trump Park Avenue, In 2006 he helped launch Trump Mortgage; the company collapsed in less than a year.  In 2010 he became a spokesperson for Cambridge Who's Who, a public relations firm that had received hundreds of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. He appeared as a guest adviser and judge on many episodes of his father's reality television show The Apprentice, from season 5 in 2006 to his father's last season in 2015.

  11. President'Trump had the Right too find out who is Spying on him And who is Selling out AMERICA ..Biden OBAMA and Hillary and Adam Schiff Tom Steyer Maxine Nancy Schumer Nadler Bernie

  12. Don Jr. is a powerful speaker.
    Trump is the best President ever.
    Save our children and their future.
    May God continue to protect and bless Trump & Patriots fighting to free US from evil and slavery.
    We give God all the glory, honor and praise.

  13. That is the question I have been asking for 3 years now. All this BS from the left, What are you going to do about it? When do we finally get to hit back? What ever happen to equality?

  14. If the Left is not accountable then they are not a valid political party, they are the enemy of the state and should all be place under arrest for conspiracy and treason.

  15. Every citizen votes for our President. Not so for members of Congress. Only voters in their state vote them into power. This creates power struggle in Congress and we need to find a way to resolve this so one party does not leave the other with no voice in our government and Congress is total control of the balance of power which is the responsibly of the Supreme Court which has become corrupted by politics instead of enforcing our Constitution.

  16. Same idiot who said the Russian dirt meeting was about adoption is now saying he made no new deals in 3 years? Trumpists keeps gobbling up Trump BS.

  17. amiliar Swedish fake news media attacks D.J Trump, elected by his people. Sweden is the world's most taxed people. And we are brainwashed, so sad

  18. okay… i get it, It's a class warfare thing, with the plotting, scheming CB Elites, trying to stop the Trump Rule of Law Train, from reaching it's intended destination.
    So, what's the rest of the Dems excuse!? They think they're all Elites!?
    Boy, there are a huge lot of them, that are in for a rude awakening!!
    Do you have to be involved in Heinous crimes to Humanity, to be included in the Superior Elites category!?
    If that's the case, I'd rather be whatever they hate! And, proud of it!!
    At least, those of us down here, still have our Souls!!
    ~God Bless America, Our President Donald Trump and family, and All Honest Freedom Loving Patriots Around the World!!~

  19. Republicans can't ask questions…Hmmm. Just muddy the waters for the so called ignorant republican voters…Trump and his team are just good at this…

    WE LOVE HIM!!!!!

  21. I dont understand the system i guess if someone at my work cause disruptions or breaks the rules they lose their job! Or fired. In washington you can do and say whatever you want be listed as a criminal then and continue to work and get press as hou keep doing more against your work contract , co-workers, guidelines, congress, country, this canget much worse but you get the picture its a staged soap opera that you pay top dollars for. Yet they want you to believe their hands are tied till you demand “justice” which im sure cant come do to the Bill of Right or Constitution are done away with or changed. Which seems ok with those in power yet the people dont get a fair shake. Or arent going to be the voice that rewrites them because “they just dont understand politics” SUPER

  22. If anyone thinks the Biden investigation is about getting Joe in Hungary; you have all missed the bigger picture. The State Department in 2015 or 2016, offered to throw the Biden’s under the bus as long as they left the State Department out of the probe. The State Department is hiding their involvement. If anyone with political power picks this up, I hope they are strong enough to go research it.

  23. I just went on Wikipedia to see how old Don Jr is and I see this:

    "As of May 2019, Trump Jr. is under investigation by the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, with Ivanka and Eric Trump, for their role in their father's inauguration."

    Oh, the corruption! Lock 'em up! lol

  24. Baghdadi was a religious scholar. He was, as is commanded, emulating and living according to the ways of Muhommed. Look it up.

  25. Donald Trump single handedly brought manhaten back….few remember what times square was in the 70's. It was like a demilitarized zone. Crime was rampant,,,but for those who are nostalgic need not worry..AOC and deblasio are gonna make new york shitty again

  26. The so called media that they are talking about is not news media it is the Propaganda arm/ mockingbird speaker for the Democrats. And it is main stream not just a blurp or two. Propaganda is a very strong aspect of any dictatorship or other oppressive type government. I would not vote Democrat when it appears the believe in this type of practices to operate government. The man they are up against, our duly elected President Trump will defeat them along with all their support. They know this man stands for his word and his promises to the American people!

  27. The term "Christian Democrat" is an oxymoron. Time for Bible believers to abandon the Democratic Party. The Democrats need to do what evil they are doing. If you are a Democrat, know that your Party is changing. That’s not the Party your father knew. It is a Party of evil. It is the Demon-cratic Party. If you are a Christian Democrat, get out of the Democratic Party right now. It is a Party headed and led by Satan himself. There is an evil that is in that Party. We need to understand that it is a godless Party.

  28. Hunter Biden is nothing but a crackhead slackey, just look at him. Speak the truth Don Jr. we hear you!

  29. You know how Trump jokes about Trump 20/20 for 2028 and so on it could be possible it would just be a different Trump possibly Junior

  30. There may be no accountability on the left, but there is no ACTION on the right. We sit back and let the left drag our President through the mud. How about if 500,000 unarmed conservatives surround the Capitol and run those rapscallions out of the building and on out of town. In the meantime, let conservatives just shut the hell up. Whining and complaining doesn't help anyone.


  32. It's time Schiff is brought up on charges based on the Sedition Act of 1918. He's the "Poster Boy" why this "Act" was necessary in the first place.

  33. Why is all of the coverage ignoring the fact that if not for a Libertarian splitting the Republican vote, Bevin would have won by over 20,000 votes.
    Trump had Bevin set up for a big win and it was only Bevins stupidity and arrogance in facing off with the Libertarians that cost him the election.

  34. What are you going to do about it FOX?!!!!!!!!!!! How about not just running with your so called fair and balanced bull and going along with the set narrative by fake news for starters!!!! Start calling fake news out with facts!!!

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