Trump is uncannily truthful and has a strong sense of right & wrong

Trump is uncannily truthful and has a strong sense of right & wrong

Student: Early on in the
discussion, you mentioned Bernie Sanders making
a claim about Norway. I just want to let you know
that I do support President Trump, but he also is prone to wild claims that don’t have much foundation. The question that I have is: what makes him different from
politicians on the other side who we aren’t supporting because they’re doing the same thing? D’Souza: This is a
very interesting question because I think that… I’ve been trying to think
about the singularity of Trump, the uniqueness of Trump. I say this as someone
who has lived through a half dozen presidents,
Republican and Democratic. I became a conservative in the Reagan era, so I’m often comparing Trump and Reagan. Compared to the vast
slew of political leaders that we have had, Trump is, I would say, in the retail sense,
a massive bullshitter… [Audience laughter] D’Souza: …but, in the wholesale
sense, incredibly dependable. Most politicians are the opposite. For retail, they’ve got a focus group. They’ll never say anything that
is out of bounds. They just won’t. That’s why Trump sounds like nobody else. Their comments
are always vetted. They would never dream of talking about Biden being pulled out of a trash can. [Audience laughter] D’Souza: They never would. None of them would. No other Republican would talk like that. Trump has this uncanny truthfulness in the sense that what
he campaigned on, he does. What he says he’s going to do, he does. He’s actually more
reliable on those things, and, even though he operates in a fly-by-night way, he has a strong instinct
of what’s right and wrong. In fact, just look at my own case. It’s very interesting because this is what happened: Ted Cruz is the one
who went to Donald Trump and said, “I think
Dinesh was shafted. You’ve pardoned some other guys. You should consider
pardoning Dinesh D’Souza.” This is Trump’s reaction: “Done.” Just like that. It took 30 days for that to happen with legal reviews and other things, but here’s my point: for Trump, there’s no calculation involved. It’s not like Trump said,
“Dinesh is an Indian American. What will this do to the
Indian American vote? Will Indian American doctors
start giving me money if I pardon Dinesh?” [Audience laughter] D’Souza: None of this nonsense. It’s that Trump knows my case. He’s heard about it. He knows I made a movie about Obama,
and, five weeks later, the FBI came banging on my door. He’s got the picture. “Done.” He might be wrong to do it, but what I’m saying is, what’s driving him is a visceral sense of,
“This is how it should be.” You have this peculiar figure. I was thinking the other day about the fact that Trump has
all these weaknesses, human weaknesses, but his human weaknesses, strangely, are also political strengths. For example, with the
possible exception of Obama, I have never seen a greater egotist. Trump is a massive egotist. He’s almost in Obama’s league. Student: You haven’t
seen me on a good day. [Audience laughter] D’Souza: I’m going to
put you in third place because these guys are
in a league of their own. Trump is being
attacked on every platform every second of every day. He’s being attacked not
just by the opposition, but he’s also being
attacked by his own party, people like Romney and
McCain and Meghan McCain. He’s attacked at the
Emmys and the Oscars. Every late night show is
about him, blasting him. Think about it. An ordinary person would just shrivel up and
go into the fetal position. That’s what Romney would do
if he were in Trump’s place. Trump’s immense egotism is itself a wall. It’s a wall that allows
Trump to forge forward.

100 thoughts on “Trump is uncannily truthful and has a strong sense of right & wrong

  1. Why the love affair with trump. I voted for him but he's far from perfect, and if he keeps pushimg to take our rights away i don't think he will have to worry about a second term.

  2. Very insightful Dinesh. Couldn’t agree more. No one but Trump could endure the constant attacks. That’s why we love him. He is winning for us!

  3. Narcissism is in essence a defense of the psyche, and as such, it's not in, and of itself, determental. Which is why all great people exhibit it in above average quantity.

    I would speculate that most politicians have a form of covert narcissism, which, may very well be much more dangerous. Trump, on the other hand, wears his like a suit.

  4. Trump’s been sitting on the sidelines of politics for so many years. He’s probably been thinking to himself over that time; what the hell are these guys doing?! I would have done it so different! And doing this and that would be much better for the country.

    He’s just built up a vision of how to do things over the years and he’s pressing on with it. I don’t think it’s so much about ego.

  5. Great excerpt Dinesh.
    I'd love to see you engage in speaking tours on a broader range of topics.
    I've watched all of your racism/fascism talks and they are fantastic, but I know you've got the knowledge, wit and intelligence to broach many other difficult conversations as well.
    Maybe I'm just not aware of your other lecture topics?

  6. Ted Cruz scammed us all when he tried to act like he cared first for America. If he did, he would put aside his spite for Trump. I dont trust Ted while I highly trust Trump

  7. Trump is how NYers once where, they spoke their mind and didn’t give a crap if you liked it or not.
    Today’s NYers are a bunch of soy boy latte drinking wimps.
    So most liberals or democrats and RINOS can’t wrap their small minds around him.

  8. Most people don't hate trump for political reasons as much as they hate him for moral ones. He is not a perfect person. But the idea that the White House is under someone who cares less for political correctness gives some establishments sleepless nights

  9. Trump is a man of RESULTS – PERIOD! Politicians talk, talk, talk, and don’t give a DAMN whether they actually accomplish anything or not – if the voting public is not wise enough to understand the vast distinction between those two approaches to governance, we’re screwed, anyway……………

  10. You are awesome, please keep doing what you do! How about another movie that exposes all of the lefts hypocrisies and some top leaders backgrounds. All they throw at Trump lets see how Not so Squeaky clean they are!! I would help you on that and even invest!

  11. Well, he's also got the remnant church in his corner and HE KNOWD IT. There's nothing more secure than knowing that you are one of God's anointed.

  12. Trump has a sneering hatred of ever losing at anything similar to Michael Jordan. That's not to say Trump will go down as the greatest president or that MJ ever did anything as important as awakening the collective conscious of what the Chinese government has been doing the last 20 years

  13. No. His defining characteristic is a deep sense of fairness… a child he rebels against the slightest hint of unfairness..

  14. Just imagine how many time the Clinton foundation would have double in size from backdoor deals by now….The true Russian colluder….

  15. Like Mr. Huckabee said, President Trump is like that doctor with no bedside manners. He tells you what you need to do to get things fixed. You're offended, you're angry, you come up with 10 reasons why he's crazy…and then you realize he's the only one telling you the TRUTH.

  16. A reasonable assessment of Trump I think and I have little issues with Trump as a leader for his country, I sincerely with we had a conservative government with a leader similar to Trump.

  17. Great analysis Dinesh I love how you can take complex issues and and boil them down so even a fifth grader can understand I appreciate everything that you do and everything that you've done for the people at large and standing for what's right and being honest about it thank you

  18. The best thing about Pres. Trump is Like any N.Y. businessman, he'd put an arm on your shoulder and say 'Let's talk'. Bill & Killary would just send She-demon J.Reno, or Enrico Holderon with M60's and flamethrower APC's to visit U. (see Waco or Ruby Ridge). And Barry would send some Chi-town Gang-bangers to drive by. (Dems don't take no s*** from white RACISTS !) Or a drone w. a hellfire is cheaper.

  19. You're so correct, Dinesh. And, somehow it makes you laugh! Forgive, me, because these Media people are in fact so void off imagination, or humor. They are so uptight about their jobs, they are willing to be scripted any which way, thereby become fair game. Now if Bob Hope had been around now, or George Burn and Jonny Carson, it would have been a fair challenge. Actually fun, instead off all this vitrol smear stuff. But,we don't have much Vaudeville talent any more, but Trump himself. Is brilliant at timing. Unscripted. So the others are fustrated and stuck, because it's not, whatever it is, in their prepared, and poorly factual checks, unmacth. And becomes predictable bizarre.🇩🇰🇺🇸🌬️💫

  20. Trump is the right President at the right time. Nobody can come close to his level of moxie. Anyone else would have caved in to the constant bombardment of attacks amd lies.

  21. Dinesh is more of a patriot than most of democrats. We love Dinesh for his true and solid educated answeres. He has did so much research. Thank you so much sir. Keep up the good work. I woke up in 2016 mostly because of Dinesh.

  22. THANK GOD for our GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! #GodBlessPOTUSTrump #GodBlessFLOTUSMelania #GodBlessAmerica #Trump2020 #KAG2020 #JobsNotMobs #HugsNotThugs #VOTEDEMSOUT2020 #VoteRED2020 #WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever

  23. I've met Trump a few times, absolutely random too…and he's a great guy…was extremely nice & he knows exactly what he says & does…

  24. Trump is so unbelievably strong to continue to march forwards towards America's goals with both republicans and democrats attacking him 24/7. He is the only politician that isn't looking for self benefit by his political choices. Trump in 2020!

  25. Sounds are just sounds! Trump has been spouting for three years, but look at what is happening NOW, Dinesh! Trump has done us great economically, no doubt. But on almost all other fronts, he's is failing us! 5G, unless you love it! GMO's, unless you love them! Killing babies, he won't stop it! Israel, sucks up to them! Sorry Dinesh, Trump lost my 2020 vote!
    The swamp had him for lunch, and he stayed!

  26. Your absolutely right, I would rather have a President that doesn't always speak well but does good, rather than a President that speaks well and does bad.

  27. I want Dinesh to do new appearances. I'd love to see more live Q & A's from Dinesh. It seems like all the videos on him are older. He is brilliant and wise.

  28. What makes Trump invincible politically, is that he doesn't want a career in politics. Every other politician is a moral-bankrupt leech who is terrified of the world outside their safe-space cacoon and therefore their need "not to offend" is greater than the imperative to be "righteous and just".

  29. Trump is an Israel firster, which makes him a traitor to America, and Dinesh D'Souza is like a pea in a pod with him. It almost amazes me that there are so many people who fall for their bullshit. I say 'Almost' because I live in America and I see how most of the people living here are being brainwashed to believe anything they're told to believe.

  30. Donald Trump is the true “Teflon Don”, he thrives in chaos and fights like no other politician I have ever witnessed in my life. This is his time in history, let it be great for our nation.

  31. Dinesh, you are a most sensible person. Please teach the Democrats and a bunch of Republicans, the benefits of the 7 Steps to Problem Solving. I know it is possibly easier to climb Mt. Everest yearly.

  32. Dinesh D’Souza came from Portuguese colony in south India he is catholic by faith
    He is so smart and intelligent he is great 👍 for America, USA 🇺🇸 need him

  33. Think of this for a minute: Trump can be a massive bullshitter because he is so truthful. I do this technique with my children.

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